Thursday, 9 July 2015

Now don't forget your homework!!

Tameside residents are going to be forced to do HOMEWORK if they want to have sufficient rubbish bins to deal with their refuse. Announcing a swop over of black and green bins the council has effectively reduced the capacity of the general rubbish disposal by 40%. The scheme is aimed at saving the council £3m a year.

To qualify for an extra bin you will need to fill in a "Waste diary" to prove you are using the bins efficiently. Unless you have a household of six or more, in which case you get the bin for free. Mmmm wonder how many of these households there are? And apparently these won't be policed by the bin police. I thought that being a council tax payer was the only criteria for getting council services. Now it appears that you need to fill in a diary / report to qualify.

Some councils rummage through bins to check that residents use the right bins, dishing out fines to those who use the wrong bin. One wonders if Tameside will do this?

One can't help but ask if the council is so eager to save cash or earn money then why do they give away land for free and not sell it?


Anonymous said...

maybe that "learned" Councillor John WAG Taylor will help with his erudite knowledge .

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who finds it strange that in a time of ‘austerity’ people are complaining they have too much rubbish?
The government should employ people to check the bins of those on benefits, I suspect that it would prove a treasure trove of ‘larger cans’ ‘cigarette packets’ and ‘Xbox games’.
I am sure councillor Taylor could don his much worn ‘dayglow Donkey Jacket’ and take a lead on this, as it would provide a plethora of photo opportunities.
Yours sincerely
The New Statesman

SerpentSlayer said...

Who bins video games? If you dont want them, you trade them in, tit.