Sunday, 14 June 2015

Closed due to illness.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but your favorite columnist has been "under the weather". he is recovering and "normal service will be resumed soon".


Anonymous said...

This blog needs to revert back to the original format it's become to slowed down to hold any real interest anymore.
It's an observation that all the regular contributors nolonger post on here.

When the victim is white race is never the motive according to the Ministry of Truth said...

Hope you get well soon TC. When I saw this article about an unprovoked baseball bat attack on a lone fifteen year old I just knew what ethnic background the attackers would belong to. No doubt they were really good British lads who didn't really mean any harm.

A 15-year-old boy was attacked with a baseball bat and metal bar as he walked through a park in Rochdale.

Police are appealing for witnesses following the incident which took place in Robbie’s Common, between Moss Street and Dodgson Street in Newbold.

The boy was approached by a group of four teenagers before being attacked with the baseball bat and the metal bar. The group then ran off.

Police described the offenders as Asian, aged in their mid to late teens, wearing baseball caps and glasses.

Detective Constable Sarah O’Connor said: “The victim was set upon savagely by the group who hit him around the head and body with the weapons. He suffered severe head and facial injuries and is in a lot of pain.

Curmudgeon said...

Get a life Anon, There's more to life than blogging!

If the lads been ill, he's ill!

Have you never self certified ?


Anonymous said...

@Curmudgeon all I'm saying it needs to go back to the old format. What's wrong with that free speech.

Pray For Blood said...

Watch their swaggering body language and general arrogant manner in areas they've taken. Then compare it to their exaggerated fake politeness and humility in areas they haven't.
Wake up Brits FFS.

NCB said...

Get well soon David. The way you've bravely battled Parkinson's disease all these years has been an inspiration to us all. Not many people would have been so stoic in the face of such adversity.

Race. To The Finish. said...

Went to Droylsden today. It's starting to look like down town Lagos (i.e Gorton).