Monday, 25 May 2015

Now explain to me the useful purpose served by Rumanian gypsy beggars.

This item could also be titled  "coming soon to a park near you".

For those who are not familiar with the story hundreds, if not thousands, of Rumanian (Gypsy?) beggers have invaded London and infest the parks of the city. 

I shall not go on at length about the rights or wrongs of the matter. I shall ignore the liberal guff of the trendy pundit or the outrage of "Disgusted of Cheltenham" I shall ask only two questions.

1) What useful purpose do these creatures perform? Are they doing jobs "we" won't do? Are their taxes contributing to our pensions? (Stop laughing at the back there!) Perhaps the NHS would collapse without them?

2) Why was a situation like this not foreseen?

Now, I do not use these creatures as a stick to beat other EU or oveseas citizens, I direct my question purely at this issue.

Explain what useful purpose they perform. And if you cannot, explain why we should keep them in this land of ours


Race. To the finish. said...

The 'purpose' is part of the overall plan to destroy the indigenous population of Britain.

Race To The Bottom with Evan Davis said...

All part of the drive for inclusion and equality that will hopefully empower me to marry Gerry Adams' tortoise on the centenary of the Dublin Uprising.

Satan is amongst us. said...

After homosexual marriage, the next steps for the destroyers and their degenerate helpers is the age of consent.

SerpentSlayer said...

True, but as the Westminster regime grows ever more deranged, it becomes more despotic. Mad tyrants don't tend to sit on there thrones for a long time.
Democracy helps keep rebellion at bay, the illusion of the ruler being replaced and all, but it can only protect the oligarchy that rules over this land for so long. Eventually the changing masks will cease fooling the majority, as the growing few have already realised.

Fact: Civil War Is Coming said...

Britain First leader attacked by invaders in Luton. The volatale and extreme violent nature of these invaders will one day be witnessed by all. Pretending it will all work out well is a cowards way of not facing up to the catastrophe created by the Westminster traitors.

Diversity is a code for white genocide said...

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Tameside Citizen Blog

Anonymous said...


Far from having an ambivalent attitude toward “ Rumanian gypsy beggars” I for one welcome them.

While it goes without saying, that one dies not encounter these people on a day to day basis (security at John Lewis and Selfridges makes sure of that) , I still believe they are useful on a number of levels.

It reminds those with socialist tendency’s their place in society, by giving the simple but effective message - See this - Your next ', work for what I offer and keep your mouth shut, as there are plenty of people who will work for less.

It's also very useful to keep those with lesser intellects occupied, as they are so busy moaning and complaining about immigrants, they do not have the time or the wit to bother about working conditions – Marvelous !

Of course I never venture in to any of the former mill towns especially Ashton -Under - Lyne as they are so depressing, they look more and more like a cross between a doctors surgery and assessment centre for disability benefits.

Yours Sincerely

The New Statesman

Anonymous said...

You mean Trashton-Under-Lyne.

Anonymous said...

I understand £300 per person is the going rate for bringing 'them' - i.e. the hordes massing at our borders - in in your own car.
That's if you want to actively participate in the ongoing planned destruction of your, country, culture and race.