Monday, 27 April 2015

Oh dear, those nasty newcomers have caused some unpleasantness with the local Native Americans.. We must have a town meeting on cohesion.

We are used to warnings before films on television about violence, sexual content, flashing lights and so on. But this morning I saw a new one.

"More 4" are warning that the 1965 Sam Peckinpah western "Major Dundee" with Charlton Heston, Richard Harris, James Coburn and others....Contains Racist Attitudes!

Hmmm a film about an Apache uprising in 1865 suppressed by Union troops aided by paroled Confederate  prisoners and with invading French soldiers thrown in has racist attitudes! Directed by Sam Peckinpah I would have been surprised if it had not!

History is full of racist attitudes. The world sill is. And the real problems are caused not by these attitudes but by heavy handed attempts to suppress them. particularly when only certain groups are faced with the suppression of what these groups do not consider racist, while at the same  time what they do consider racist is allowed to flourish.

The still at the top of the page showing a captive cavalryman head down over a fire was not shown in today's broadcast. An edited view made a short appearance later.

Forward yooooo!


The Dark Destroyers said...

If we get outnumbered they'll massacre every last one of us.

SerpentSlayer said...

They would have to outnumber by an enormous margin. A handful of us could turn all them combined, they would never stand and fight even a small force of English, not so long as some English stood their ground.

Separate Development said...

Baltimore is headed the same route as the lawless s**thole that is Detroit. And for precisely the same reason.
America is a racial bomb that is headed for an explosion of a force that will make Hiroshima look like a sparkler.

Anonymous said...


This is not the only area where agents of state control have been active. I bring your attention to the disgraceful perversion of justice in the case of Grenville Janner, who on numerous occasions has been investigated by the police after allegations were made the he was buggering under-age boys.

Case after case has been dropped or quietly “ shelved” in the face of cogent evidence.

Was the reason for this, that Janner a well known “Friend of Israel” , had been blackmailed by MI6 to develop contacts and report back to his masters on the workings of the Israeli state.

Is it a coincidence that at the time Israel, one of the most secretive states in the world ,was at the time of Janner's alleged abusive activities building a nuclear bomb ?

Is it also possible that the real reason for the DPP dropping the current case ,and Janner's 'instant' alzheimer's defence , is that if he ever came to open court he would spill the beans on state spying?

Yours Sincerely

The New Statesman

Anonymous said...

Lord Janner served as a company director until six days before being ruled too unwell to be tried for suspected child abuse.
Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders sparked outrage when she said his dementia meant he could not understand what would happen in a courtroom.
Yet less than a week earlier, the Labour peer was at the top of a list of company directors for his firm West Heath Road Seasons Ltd.
In official documents lodged at Companies House, he listed his occupation as: ‘Working Peer, Writer, Lecturer.’
The company, which manages Janner’s £2million home and seven other flats in his luxury north London development, had reserves of £8,350, the latest accounts show.
Janner, 86, stood down as a director of the company on April 10, six days before the chief prosecutor announced he would escape being charged with 22 child sex offences.
It follows the revelation Janner transferred ownership of his apartment to his three children in the same month his Parliamentary office was searched by police last year, and four months after a similar raid on his home.

Clearly an establishment cover up.