Thursday, 12 February 2015

Research to be carried out on adding mind control substances to drinking water.

In June last year The Royal College of Psychiatry announced that a study would be carried out in Scotland on the relationship between high levels of lithium in an area's drinking water supply and a low suicide rate. Research in America and Japan had discovered that areas with a high natural level of lithium also had a lower suicide rate than other areas. Lithium is used as a standard treatment for Bi polar disorder.

Professor Allan Young, Professor of Mood Disorders at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, London, was reported last year as saying " ‘We are now  embarking on urgent research to establish the impact of taking low levels of lithium as medication, as well as adding lithium to the water supply in much the same way as fluoride is added to prevent tooth decay.’ (Our emphasis)

A mood changing drug to be added to our drinking water? Sounds sinister to me.

More information comes from Dr Daniel Smith, Reader of Mental Health at the Institute of Health & Wellbeing at the University of Glasgow. He said "Previous studies have not always taken different variables such as poverty and unemployment into account when making this comparison, In Scotland, we have ideal conditions in which to carry out this research.  A single organisation, Scottish Water is able to measure levels of lithium by postcode and we can make use of the excellent routine data which is available from sources  such as the Scottish Health Survey and from the Information Services Division of NHS Scotland."

Of course, this may be all genuine. But there is something disturbing about drugs which change moods being added to water. A way of drugging areas of high unemployment to keep the population docile? And who is paying for this research??
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tonydj said...

Amazing. I wonder why we have heard nothing of this suggestion in the mainstream media?

A failure to communicate said...

Get your mind right tonydj and don't sass the captain.