Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Channel Four to broadcast comedy set in the Irish Famine.

There is a sizeable Irish community in Tameside,  indeed TC has traced 4 of his 16 Great -Great Grandparents to Ireland. As Al Murray might say, the relationship between our two countries has not always been happy. It was therefore with horrified incredulity that I learned of Channel Four's plan to broadcast a COMEDY series set in the time of  the 1840's famine.

Where does one start? There is so much to comment on. It could be argued that it is a matter of free speech. But I would like to see the comedy script writers do a comedy on the life of the prophet Mohammed, or the holocaust. Not that I wish to offend other communities. I am merely highlighting the moral bankruptcy of the script writers. Presumably this series is being made to make a profit. So it should certainly be boycotted (little Irish historical joke for you). Perhaps the products which are advertised during the commercial breaks could be boycotted too.

Research has shown that the famine, caused by the failure of the potato crop, was made worse by the government policy of non-intervention, leaving the peasants to starve or seek a better life overseas. this was a tragedy, not a source of humour.

If you feel strongly about this matter there are more details, including an on line petition here and also here .

As a believer in free speech I am hesitant about calling for a ban. But I am reminded of the story of an English traveler who saw the brutal punishment of a Prussian soldier. Walking away he declared  "You may do in your army as you see fit, but I don't have to watch!"


Dresden was a war crime and Arthur Harris a war criminal said...

Couldn't argue with your standpoint on this one TC. The Potato Famine was a terrible event and certainly not an event to be trivialised by comedy.

Reimer said...

Tragedy + Passing Time = Potential Comedy (as long as you're the right, ahem, affiliation)