Thursday, 20 November 2014

"Northern Voices" has excellent article on getting a dentist in Tameside.

We came across this article on "Northern voices" and recommend you read it, We are not in the business of reproducing other's work and passing it off as our own. Credit where credit is due, and in these days of attacks on the standard of living and social services it is a case of "Them" v "Us".



Anonymous said...

I've been on my NHS dentist's list in Tameside for over 40 years. My 'regular' check ups have been changed to nearly a year instead of 6 months. When I asked why the dentist said it was pressure of patient numbers.
This can only have been caused by population increase which in turn is caused by mass uncontrolled immigration.
The British people had better wake up very soon or, in a very few years they will be forcibly awoken into a waking nightmare.

Anonymous said...

As long as people just off a f***ing boat get free dental and free everything else I'm happy.