Thursday, 20 November 2014

British Gas behind "behaviour change project" centred on "Smart meters". Agenda 21 anyone?

The Guardian newspaper informs us that "The Futures Company" on behalf of British Gas has been running the "British Gas smart meter challenge ", described as a "behaviour change project". See here:-LINK

The project seems to simply involve a group of 14 families using modern meters to monitor exactly how much energy is used by the various gadgets in the homes of the volunteers. How much they waste and how much can be saved is also an important issue.

There are however a few points which puzzled me. The most obvious one is why should a gas producer be worried about electricity consumption or wastage? Gas and electricity are produced separately and differently, right?? Well, yes, but anything which smacks of energy awareness, behaviour change or trying to get people to accept that  increases in energy costs are best dealt with by the consumer changing their  'wrong ' attitudes is a cause for alarm and suspicion.  It smacks of the globalist nightmare sketched out in Agenda 21.

And smart meters have a policing function. They monitor utilities usage and thus give an idea of how many people live in a house. Ideal for the snooper policing the council tax or the local enforcers who want to know where we live.

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