Sunday, 7 September 2014

First light bulbs, then vacuum cleaners next hair driers. The growing list of "Verbotenen Gegenstände"*

Many of you will have heard by now that the EU has banned importation of vacuum cleaners of more than 1600 Watts  power. In 2017 the limit will be reduced to 900 watts. Hair driers will similarly face a limit on power and face being declared illegal.

Now just imagine that we could travel back in time 10 years. Just suppose that in 2004 someone, me, had said that within a decade it would be illegal to sell or supply a certain kind of bulb, or hair drier or vacuum cleaner? What would be my fate? Sectioned? Ridiculed? Laughing stock of  Tameside? Probably all. Yet here we are in 2014 being told we are no longer allowed to use a particular type of cleaner because of.......I don't know why! Green issues? Cost?  A potential shortage of power? 

According to the European Commission, the new rules will help combat climate change and reduce energy costs by saving 19 terawatt-hours every year by 2020. That amounts to the electricity produced by more than four nuclear power plants for 5.5 million households.

Climate change? Not that old chestnut again. Do people still believe that? The climate of the earth is changing because of vacuum cleaners. Sorry, that won't wash. 

More worrying is the fact that due to the closure of old power stations due to age there is a potential shortfall in energy supply with associated possibility of power cuts and power rationing.

Now why worry about winter if there is "Global Warming"? Sorry I forgot, it is now "climate change". With fracking, the Russian control of gas to the EU, and now the shortfall of power generation in Britain it appears that there is more to this EU policy than just "The EU being the EU".

And if there is no hidden agenda, no conspiracy, what is there? We are being ordered around on a matter we had no chance to vote on by people who never mentioned it in their manifestos at the Euro election for reasons that have not been explained fully.

That's Dictatorship.

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*Forbidden items


Alf Garnett said...
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Cull ASAP said...

Get rid of hair dryers due to their high power consumption, whilst simultaneously filling up Europe with tens of millions of Third World immigrants creating a massive increase in electricity demand.
It's almost as if our leaders have a hidden agenda or something isn't it...

Tameside's Victorian Islamic Past said...

This should annoy some of this blogs disgruntled former Tameside Griffinites.

Anonymous said...

@08/09/2014 00:41 we know that John but you are supporter of Zionist oppression of Muslims.

Anonymous said...

And take it from me there's no Griffinites in the then was BNP.

tonydj said...

@...Islamic Past
I see in a photograph the Islamic Mayor is described as "Bro Robert Raschid Stanley". Was he also a Freemason?

Anonymous said...

# Tameside's Victorian Past, There are 'quite a lot' more Muslims now than then, in Britain,Europe and globally. Jesus.

SerpentSlayer said...

It doesn't bother me that we had a few converts, our whole island was assailed by Christianity for 1500 years and it's only wore off in the last few years.
All slave religions are an insult to humanity, and those who adopt foreign ones willingly are perhaps worse. Either way it means bending your knee and absolving yourself of the need to make decisions for yourself or understand morality for yourself.
I could go off on a long rant about how these religions grow strong is related to the way we so willingly embraced agriculture and civilisation over a more vital existence but I'll save it for the blog.

The Seer's Tower said...

Keep fighting never give in, let them take you down shouting always stick with it right to the end whatever the cost maybe.