Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Rotherham, it was known about but who cares about the white working class?

What can be said about the Rotherham affair? This is a non-party political blog but it must be admitted that the British National Party said this was happening but were ignored.

I am of the opinion that these child victims were of scant interest to the authorities because they were working class as much as because they were white and their abusers were non-white. Indeed it is this anti-working class bias which shows itself repeatedly in the attitude of the authorities as much as a PC motivated fear of being seen as anti-Asian. Remember the Harold Shipman affair? It was only when a former Lady Mayoress died and her solicitor daughter complained that the local Plod took the complaints seriously. When a close associate of mine was nursing his dying mother a couple of years ago he noticed that the patronising and superior attitude of Tameside "carers" and officials ceased when they saw his two graduation photographs (he has two degrees) and they realised he was not a "pleb".

The authorities can take action when they want. As I write this I am looking at a document called a "Child abduction warning notice" under section 2 of the Child Abduction Act 2002. It is a threatening notice produced by GMP. It basically warns the person on whom it is served to have no contact with a named child on pain of a seven year prison sentence . It does not mention that it is only on the express authority of the DPP (now the CPS) that a prosecution will be undertaken, evidently the notice is designed to intimidate the working class who have no access to friendly solicitors!

So there we have it. The authorities have let the community down, so who can the community rely on?   


Reimer said...

Saying that the authorities have let us commoners down is a bit like saying Shipman let down a few of his patients.

I take your point about the good doctor's fatal mistake in messing with someone "respectable" - IIRC it wasn't until he turned to petty fraud (amending the poor lady's will?) that the alarms really went off. If he hadn't tried to mess with the sacred inviolability of property & money he could've been a fitness-assessment consultant to IDS or ship's doctor aboard a Saga cruise-liner by now.

NF Manchester 1970s said...

Is it any wonder? The truth of the matter is that we live in an ethno-masochistic society where the white natives would sooner turn a blind eye to their own young girls being abused in this way than be labelled a 'racist'. And who do I blame? Well just about everyone, since 99% have been (and still are) utterly indifferent to the transformation our country has undergone. Those young girls are paying the price of what the older generations have inflicted on them, the legacy of several decades of short sighted complacency and selfishness. And to think a cross in the right box back in the 1970s would have solved all this.

Anonymous said...

Be carefull TC you'll get accused of having warped political views, if you stand up for the "white working class"

Anonymous said...

Imagine the contrast in dedication between the police here and in Rotherham.
50 police officers sent to Roy West's (BNP Candidate) House since 2008.
Two CID officers sent round on election day 2008 to check his birth certificate.
Two inspectors sent round on election night 2011 to check if he was in the house.
Stopped by police when he was posting leaflets during the election in 2011.

enoch powell multiculturism said...

He Was Right!

What are you going to do about it Whitey? said...

All White individuals and groups need to stand up and DEFEND THE RACE before it's destroyed.

Anonymous said...

@11:03 yes sounds VERY stressful times for Roy West and his family.
But consider the most sinister event throughout the whole turmoil OF the arrests, police interviews, snatches.
The police told him to attend Ashton police station on the 15th Jan 2013 at 1300 hours or face arrest.
The interview took place at Ashton police station, and it was straight out of George Orwell's 1984.
Roy West was asked by the police officer giving the interview, to give his interpretation of Enoch Powell's rivers of blood speech of 1968.
I wonder what Enoch Powell would have made of that police interview, now that his name and speeches are to become hate crimes.
The police officer that interviewed Roy West looks upon Powell's speeches has hate speeches.
That interview will be on record and documented at Ashton police station.

Anonymous said...

re roy west. car thieves, muggers, muslim child sex groomers, don't get as much police attention.
He must have upset some important people.

Yellow and Blue said...

Hassling West (who did next to nothing) and his ilk - good for your career.
Hassling Pakistani gangs who systematically brutalise thousands of White children - bad for your career.

Being a modern police officer and a patriot, or even a non-traitor, are now mutually incompatible.
Leave, if you've got an ounce of courage or conscience.

Anonymous said...

TC You often talk about Council Incompetence, well here's a real life story involving Tameside MBC.
A resident with servere disability needs was handing over hundreds of pounds in rent to New Charter Housing every month.
Guess what, her entitlement to housing benefit was overlooked I would say ignored.
The Council admitted that they should have been aware of the situation about her entitlement to housing benefit.
Happy ending....

Anti Paedo Demo Rotherham Watch Here said...

These lads and lasses might be rough and ready but I think they speak for the majority of us in what they have to say, especially the chap from 2.00 onwards.

Alf Garnett said...
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Anonymous said...

A council manager now in charge of children’s services in Salford has defended her role in Rotherham’s under-fire social work team.

Anonymous said...

@28/08/2014 19:29 not only the Imminence pressure and stress of all those police raids and vists to the West house. Roy's partner was still having to come to terms with the death of her father, mother, sister, on the top of that these constant police raids on her home.

Alf Garnett said...
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Anonymous said...

It's not the main parties fault it's the spineless, ignorant, self-interested British masses who keep voting for them.

Anonymous said...

eAndrew Gwynne: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many iPads
and iPhones have been purchased by (a) his Department, (b) Public Health
England and (c) each of his Department's non-departmental public bodies
since May 2010; and what the cost of such purchases has been.

This hypocrite should ask how many Billions have just been spent on Greater Manchester Council for the thousands of new IPads/IPhones they have bought for their employees.And what about the annual running costs ???

Anonymous said...

We are the last - do you understand you've become a fighting man.

Alf Garnett said...
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Anonymous said...

Alf, they wouldn't be able to do any of it if they hadn't been voted into power repeatedly for decades.
The root of the problem is the fundamental inferiority of a large proportion of the British people.

SerpentSlayer said...

Himmler believed as much they reckon but it doesn't absolve the traitors of guilt. They are part of the inferior section of our population.
I've no idea how it's come about, the English are wholly Northern European. We are a mix of the great Ingvaeonic tribes of South Scandinavia and northern Germany and the ancient Britons, Gaels and Picts that have been here for millennia.
Perhaps it is the same fate that befalls all men since the last ice age, complete capitulation to weakness. The want of comfort, wealth and the complete inability to care for anything beyond ones own self and perhaps a few close relations.
I think Tolkein was well aware of this human frailty that affects even the higher races, his works seem devoted to the idea, Smaug, the Ring, Wormtongue and Theoden, the corruption of Saruman and the malleability of the Haradrim and the Easterlings.
All of these have been exploited by the real world ringmakers and their agents.
We are all Orcs now.

Germany's changing demographics said...

Germany's population is changing. Ethnic Germans are having fewer babies. Those that do still have high birth rates are from immigrant communities. This is changing the demographic makeup of Germany. With the change comes increasingly angry debates over what the changes mean for German society and politics. Some embrace them and say that young people are necessary to pay for Germany's increasingly expensive social security system. Others say the changes are threatening German society and culture.

Anonymous said...

"Some embrace them and say that young people are necessary to pay for Germany's increasingly expensive social security system"

And how do they think the countries where they're coming from are going to survive? If those people are needed in Germany, have the Germans considered whether or not the native countries of those young workers also need them. If immigration is good for us, then presumably immigration must also be bad for the countries where they're coming from. Rather like the way we think we're entitled to steal the health workers of the third world, something even Nelson Mandela complained about. Those Poles coming to Britain have just handed on a plate the ideal excuse for Polish leaders to open up Poland for third world colonisation.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 08:47, the difference is the Poles wouldn't sit back and allow their own bloodless genocide as Britain and the west are doing. The brainwashing by the puppetmasters hasn't permeated to Eastern Europe...yet.