Thursday, 21 August 2014

Oppose Fracking....Oppose war? What are we not being told about fracking? It's military importance?

Do you want to understand how fracking will affect us? I do. The government won't tell us though.  A recent report on the subject has been so redacted (ie censored) as to be virtually useless. The report tells us that fracking will have three major effects on the areas where it occurs, on services, property prices and an un-named third area censored out. This could be referring to the growing belief that fracking is a con-trick on a par with the "dot-com" trick which made millions for those in the know at the expense of ordinary folk. Tim Morgan, a former head of research at Tullet Prebon has said as much. So has "Russia Today". The initial high production level of fracking will soon run out and be reduced to a fraction of that which we need for long term viability. 

So what use is something that has such a short "Shelf life"? How about the fueling of a Blitzkreig campaign against Russia? This time starting in the Ukraine?

(Fact:: Russia and China have signed an agreement to trade with each other in domestic currency and not the dollar, including trade in oil) This could spread to the rest of the BRICS countries (Brazil Russia India China and South Africa) Faced with economic defeat the USA could try for the military solution using the Ukraine as a Casus Belli. (Excuse). And don't forget the  boycott of EU food produce by the Russians, assuming you have heard of it in the first place! BBC silent again!

The undoubted fact that there is something about fracking that the government wants to be kept quiet, while admitting that property prices will be adversely affected indicates the seriousness of the situation. 

I urge all readersof this blog to watch Russia Today....while we are still allowed to!

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Anonymous said...

Polish fracking has died a death, apparently due to technical problems related to recovery of gas.
On the other hand fracking has given the US economy a massive boost.
The issue of shale gas as a whole, its potential and impact etc, is a grey area due to the lack of knowledge and experience re exploration and extraction.