Friday, 22 August 2014

Here's a mystery. When was Councillor Idu Miah born?

Just when was Cllr Idu Miah born? Why does he use, or appear to use TWO birthdays on official forms, depending on when they were filled in and who they were intended for?

Let me take you, the reader, through the maze which is Cllr Miah's filing system.

The documents lodged with Companies House give the birthday of "Idu Miah" , Company Secretary of Tameside Racial Equality Council  Ltd as being 10/05/1958.

The documents lodged with the Charity Commisioners give no birthday for the Trustees of Tameside Racial Equality, including "Idu Miah". Both sets of documents give the registered office as 183 Manchester Road Mossley, the sub-post office owned by COUNCILLOR Idu Miah. The trustees report gives the Racial Equality's Chair,Secretary and Chief Executive as being COUNCILLOR Idu Miah. The Charity Commisioners' web site report that "Idu Miah" is a Trustee of OIC Educational \trust, which runs a new \Islamic \college in Oldham. The Facebook entry for the college showed a number of the trustees including COUNCILLOR Idu Miah. We have borne in mind that "Idu Miah" and "Cllr Idu Miah" could have been two different people but this possibility has been ruled out by comparing the documents submitted to Companies House with those submitted to The Charity Commisioners. These show that "Idu Miah" and "Cllr Idu Miah" were "both" holding the same position of Company Secretary of Tameside Racial Equality Council. They also showed that the "Idu Miah" of TREC was the "Cllr Idu Miah" of Oldham islamic College.

 So according to the information available about the Racial Equality Council Cllr Idu Miah was born on the 10/05/1958.

Things now get a little clearer. Documents held by Companies House show that a director of \Tameside Citizens Advice Bureau is COUNCILLOR Idu Miah born on 10/02/1965. Not just one but several other documents show an "Idu Miah " with the birthday 10/05/1958

So there are the facts. The complexity of the documents is admitted and I commend those readers who have waded through the evidence with me! What they mean is open to various interpretations but this blog will ask The Councillor to explain the anomaly as soon as possible. Otherwise a question may be asked at the next council meeting


We Are the Lambeth Boys 1959 (HD Full Documentary) said...

Sorry TC Off Subject But Do You Find This Documentary Interesting?

Anonymous said...

Old English/Irish don't you ever forget that brothers

Anonymous said...

Only TRUTH never changes,as for LIES???

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Pray For Blood said...

Yet the deadheads STILL 'vote Labour'.
Mind you voting for any main party now is patent lunacy, look at what they've done (no not allowed to happen, this was planned) to Britain.

Longbow said...

Remember Crécy, this day in 1346.

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Anonymous said...

Can anybody let me whats going on with ex Tameside labour cllr Idu Miah? lots of people saying he's been a bad boy.