Saturday, 9 August 2014

BBC refuse to show Demonstrations against Israeli killings in Gaza. Censorship in the UK again.

Have you seen any reports on the BBC about Israeli killings in Gaza? No? Neither have I! Speaks volumes does it not? The TV station which colluded in helping the Provisional IRA and Provisional Sinn Fein to avoid Government reporting restrictions in the name of "Freedom " now refuses to cover the demonstrations in UK cities against the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Such is the influence of Zionism in the UK.

For a better quality of reporting on Gaza, the ukraine and the political world in general...including the UK...see "Russia today" on Television or here:- Russia Today

Local connections;- Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish is a former member of The Labour Friends of Israel and was it's Chairman  from 2007 until 2010

Jonathan Reynolds, MP for Stalybridge and Hyde is Vice Chair of Labour Friends of Israel.

James Purnell, former MP, was chairman of LFI


No Prisoners said...

Correct but I hate both sides. The Israelis have just got A LOT more pull (and money).

SerpentSlayer said...

I dislike one side and despise the other. On an individual level I can get on people from the Arab side, they aren't Aryans and dont share our values, but they are at least human. As for the other side, I would say the humanity is chipped away from birth with lies about being the chosen people of a fictional all powerful god. They get lies about who they are, what's been done to them and who by all their life. They get told to only trust other Jews and that everyone else are mere 'goyim' to be used for their own personal and tribal interests. The deaths of 'goyim' (cattle) mean nothing to them and any retaliation for their murdering, swindling and theft is to be used as an excuse for further evil.

The Wisdom of Warsi said...

How dare the Tories listen to the wishes of native Brits.