Thursday, 7 August 2014

All women shortlist for Ashton's next M.P.

 As predicted by this Blog in June of this year the Labour party in Ashton will choose it's next MP from a Women only short-list. If it had been announced that the MP would be chosen from an all-Male list the uproar would have been heard the length of Britain, but all female......hardly a sound.

How this discriminatory act is justified is beyond the understanding of this writer. The Muslim community with it's conservative (with a small 'c') outlook on women's position in society will no doubt have some reservations. Indeed it is interesting to note that by having a 'women only' short list it has guaranteed that no Muslim will appear on the short list. An interesting thought.

So there it is, sexism is rampant in the local Labour party and no one cares. Perhaps the voters should rebel by voting for some other party. As it is, such is the overwhelming Labour majority in Ashton, that the selection process for the candidate will be the real contest for the MP and not the ballot next year.

For the record, the short list is;-
Angela Rayner;    Stockport Unison Branch Secretary
Jean Stretton;       Oldham councillor
Julie Reid             Manchester councillor (Gorton South)
Catherine Hynes  Trafford Councillor (Urmston)
Victoria Desmond  Civil Servant (who lists Cllrs Bill Fairfoull and John wag Taylor (sic) as Facebook friends
Ann Courtney       Labour activist in Rochdale


Monstrous regiment said...

They don't want equality, they want things fixed to their advantage.

Anonymous said...

No and I don't care either. The only people being discriminated against here are local wannabe male Labour MPs. When they're on the receiving end of their own perverse and twisted ideology then that's a cause for celebration as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 23:32, like the d**kheads stood outside Labour clubs smoking in the pouring rain who'll still vote Labour next time.
In other European countries, Portugal, Germany etc, exemptions for small/owner operated bars etc were sought and granted.
In 'Look how pro-EU we are sir' Britain the main parties - ESPECIALLY New Labour - slavishly followed EU diktats.

Anonymous said...

It's just a disgrace that, be it a man or woman, the district will be 'represented,' (sic), by someone who has no affinity or connection with the area

Bring back sanity said...

As an occasional pipe and cigar smoker (I never touch cigarettes), I bought some good old St. Bruno recently for the first time in several years and was shocked at the packaging. On one side a mini bilboard covered half the packet telling me that smoking seriously harms me and others around me. Pretty much wrong on both counts actually, since I rarely smoke and only ever do so in private. On the opposite side was an ultra graphic pictorial warning.

This is patronising beyond belief, nanny state gone mad. What they never mention is that any illness smoking causes, old age itself will eventually bring on something similar incl. that thing called death. What's the point in living to be 100 if you're going to be bored ****less? And more to the point - how much does old age cost the state?

The latest madcap proposal is banning smoking in cars, as if our police haven't got enough on their plate. As Jeremy Clarkson once said... health & safety is the cancer of modern Britain.

SerpentSlayer said...

Remember it's "all for your own safety"

Disclaimer- By safety we mean we will fuck you up if you try and spoil the stiffies we get from telling you what to do and using black-clad mercenaries to force you to comply.

Reimer said...

"as if our police haven't got enough on their plate"

Indeed, what with their having to monitor the entire UK's electronic communications for signs of possible breaches of Davos's peace AND keep on track their complete transformation into a futuristic version of the old Czechoslovak plod, it's no wonder the poor dears haven't the energy to intervene when the wogs riot.

Anonymous said...

This is about getting Angela Rayner in Post. She owns an Audi Convertable and is well off and not a carer. She is best friends with Andy Burham and Andrew G , Mp of Denton.This is a UNISON stitch up deal.

Anonymous said...

This is not about Women but Angela Rayner. Friends with Andy Burham and Andrew G , Mp of Denton. Dont be fooled. Its a deal with UNISON.