Tuesday, 29 July 2014

They would like you to forget this.

 67 years ago tonight (29/07/2014)  the British Authorities in Palestine made the chilling discovery photographed here. It shows the hanged bodies of two British Sergeants, Clifford Martin and Mervyn Paice. A few moments later they were ripped apart by a booby-trap bomb as the British officer trying to recover the bodies detonated a booby-trap bomb.

The two Soldiers were hanged and then strung up on the orders of Menachem Begin, a very unpleasant example of an Israeli Jewish leader (a type of life-form not particularly attractive at the best of times.) This was in retaliation for the hanging of Jewish terrorists by the British authorities. This squeemish behaviour towards executing terrorists did not long survive any time in a position of power, the Israelis showing an almost Stalinist dedication to their cause.

At a time when the Arabs are vocally condemned and face an uphill struggle for recognition we make no apologises for these articles.


sanctions against Russia but not Israel, why? said...

The majority of people in occupied Palestine might be Muslim but they do not deserve the slaughter being inflicted upon them by the Zionist terror regime.

Mixed Race said...

The preferred option in the north, i.e. the bombing of Syria by the western powers and the destruction of Assad's regime a few months ago didn't come off. So now it's Gaza.

Obama's not got much to say on the issue has he.

Remember the traitors said...

It seems like Ebola is on the way to Britain, yet another one of the gifts of the diversity we have had imposed upon us.

Safe House said...

It is also known that Mossad agent Michael Harari led the creation and direction of assassination teams, although some may not have always been under government responsibility. Author Simon Reeve explains that Mossad teams – whose squad names are letters of the Hebrew alphabet – consist of:

...fifteen people divided into five squads: "Aleph", two trained killers; "Bet", two guards who shadow the Alephs; "Het", two agents who establish cover for the rest of the team by renting hotel rooms, apartments, cars, and so on; "Ayin", comprising between six and eight agents who form the backbone of operations, shadowing targets and establishing an escape route for the Aleph and Bet squads; and "Qoph", two agents specializing in communications.