Friday, 25 July 2014

Solidarity with the Christians of Iraq.

The extremist Muslim group Isis are expelling Christians from the town of Mosul. They are marking the houses with the Arabic letter "N" for "Nazerene". As a sign of solidarity with the Christians of Mosul I urge you all to display this letter, as a lapel badge, a window poster, a car bumper sticker, or any way you can think of.


SerpentSlayer said...

The christian mindset is fascinatingly hebraic in some ways. They adopt the victim mentality as a badge of honour, I imagine its something to do with having an unwilling sacrificial lamb as a god.
Attests to the universalism too.

For me the main lesson of the experience of non-Muslims at the hands of these wahabi fanatics is never to let them beat you in battle. If they ever try to take England by force I expect all of us to give no quarter, for we shall receive none at all.

Anonymous said...

From what I've seen of the English they'll happily allow the likes of ISIS or whatever to storm Downing Street. The number of young English girls being systematically groomed and raped by Muslim men the length and breadth of the land is certainly a lesson to the more enlightened amongst us.

Should the day ever arrive when dear old Blighty's falling to the black flag, I for one won't be lifting a finger. I'll be out of here and will leave naïve and deluded souls like serpentslayer to form their little one man armies. The English would be more likely to side with the enemy they have already allowed in.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 15:58, you've done exactly what the hidden manipulators want and given up.
Many of the self obsessed, ignorant, apathetic dross that make up a substantial proportion of the modern British people have indeed failed to defend, understand, learn about, value and appreciate their identity and heritage and many will, with their descendants, go to the wall.
Millions of others however have not succumbed and a determined, ruthless hardcore of REAL Britons can achieve anything.
We may have to partially retreat, reorganise, galvanise and educate before the fightback begins but one thing is absolutely certain, we must NEVER surrender. Those advocating such a course simply permeate the cancers of despair and defeatism.

Be Real said...

@ Anonymous 2251

Millions?? Did you just pluck that figure out of thin air? You sound like a spokesman from Western Spring. One thing's for sure, Britain in its current form should be allowed to go to the wall. I tell youngsters to leave the country if they want to start a family somewhere on the globe that has a safe future. Why should the younger generations be made to pay the price of the multicultural disaster the generations of the 20th century have caused? They'll all be dead & gone when it all hits the fan. Australia, Canada and even parts of South America all look better options to me. Europe's finished, get over it.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 02:20, Being mock condescending and scornful of those who haven't given up is self-delusion to cover your patent discomfiture that you have.
Keep it to yourself and live with it or fight, spreading defeatism achieves nothing and aids the enemy.

Alf Garnett said...
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Anonymous said...

Defeatism does achieve something - it doesn't commit people to futile schemes that achieve nothing. What you really mean by 'defeatism' is anyone who doesn't happen to agree with your own policy and path.

Repeat after me: Islam is a religion of peace and tolerence said...

The vicar of the only Anglican church in Iraq has warned the end for Christians in the country appears “very near” as he appealed for help after a deadline set by Islamic militants to convert or be killed expired.

Canon Andrew White, dubbed "the bishop of Baghdad" for his work at St George's church in the capital, spoke after the ultimatum handed to Christians in the northern city of Mosul by the Islamic State of Iraq Levant (Isis) to convert, pay a tax or be put to death passed last week.

For those Christians who did not comply with the decree by 19 July, Isis warned that "there is nothing to give them but the sword.” Many have since fled their homes and Rev. Andrew-White told BBC Radio 4 Today desperate Christians were trapped in the desert or on the streets with nowhere to go.

"Things are so desperate, our people are disappearing," he said. "We have had people massacred, their heads chopped off.

"Are we seeing the end of Christianity? We are committed come what may, we will keep going to the end, but it looks as though the end could be very near."

No McPherson Report here. Move along now, nothing to see here, on you go now said...

Manslaughter on our streets

It is with deep regret that I have to report that a man who was assaulted on Friday 18th of July in Barnsley has died.

The 24 year old, a Nigel Evans, was attacked on Sunderland Terrace, near the town centre and police were called at 5.50pm. The man was taken to hospital but has sadly died of his injuries.

A 20 year old man known as Magomeds Hizijevs has been arrested and appeared before Barnlsey Magistrates court on Monday morning. He has been charged with manslaughter and has been remanded in custody to appear at Sheffield Crown Court on Monday the 4th August.

A local said "the underlying tensions have finally come to an ugly conclusion. Arguments and fights are happening all the time but its either not reported or is simply brushed under the carpet. Maybe now after this tragic out come the Police will finally crack down on the gangs that roam Barnsley threatening, assaulting and now killing people"

Anonymous said...

@ Be Real, are you bigging up Uruguay? A country where the indigenous population were eradicated by Spanish and other European settlers? Get real.

Hail Saddam said...

The situation in Iraq is a timely reminder of how stable the country was with Saddam in power and how free its people were. The West should've allowed him to take Kuwait, and then sought to contain him there. He would've represented no serious further threat to any of his neighbours.
Yes - challenge his authority as an iron fist dictator and whole villages risked being routed. But that I'm afraid is the mentality of the region, and subsequently events have shown that his kind are probably the lesser of all evils for such peoples.

A dictator with a sense of humour who was often seen laughing and liked Christian Dior sunglasses, John Wayne movies and Cuban cigars hardly strikes me as bad for a region like the Middle East. Compared to a load of po-faced Islamist nutters he looks like a Guardian Angel for his nation's people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 18:38, Defeatism commits people to nothing except despair and surrender.
YOU haven't got a 'policy' or 'path' you've just given up.

Hammer Horror said...

I see the new Thor Marvel comic strip is to turn the God of Thunder into a woman.
Judging by the spineless ('tolerant' and 'inclusive' in New-speak), feminised attitude of many modern Scandinavian men (especially Swedes) when it comes to defending their nation and identity from the massive and exponentially growing influx of foreigners, this may be apposite.

'Islamization of Europe a good thing' said...

As concerns grow over the increasing number of Muslims in Europe, it appears not everyone is bothered by the issue, including an Israeli rabbi who even welcomes the phenomenon.

Rabbi Baruch Efrati, a yeshiva head and community rabbi in the West Bank settlement of Efrat, believes that the Islamization of Europe is actually a good thing.

Rabbi Efrati was asked to discuss the issue by an oriental studies student, who inquired on Judaism's stand toward the process Europe has been going through in recent years.

Efrati wrote in response that the Islamization of Europe was better than a Christian Europe for ethical and theological reasons – as a punishment against Christians for persecuting the Jews and the fact that Christianity, as opposed to Islam, is considered "idolatry" from a halachic point of view.

"Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years were in exile there," the rabbi explained as the ethical reason for favoring Muslims, quoting shocking descriptions from the Rishonim literature (written by leading rabbis who lived during the 11th to 15th centuries) about pogroms and mass murders committed by Christians against Jews.

"We will never forgive Europe's Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly… Not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity…

"A now, Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won't be able to atone for.",7340,L-4299673,00.html

Anonymous said...

Israel and many of that Rabbis fellow Jews might not consider it a good thing. If Muslims take Europe then that mean Israel having fewer of its traditional allies. I wouldn't fancy its long term chances with the Middle East, North Africa AND Europe as well being Muslim. Talk about thick.

Make Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson gay lovers, fans urge BBC said...

Fans? Which fans are these then?

More homosexual militancy. No doubt the degenerate filth at the BBC will jump at this golden opportunity.

Where will all this madness end? That's what I want to know. Who is going to stop it?

SerpentSlayer said...

If it's a case of the bbc caving into the demands of perverts, then BBC I demand that the girl who plays Lauren Branning and the girl who plays Whitney, get naked and wrestle at least one an episode?
Perhaps you can make that barmaid from Corrie jump up and down on a trampoline for me?
I somehow doubt they will cave in to the demands of normal blokes, it's only twisted freaks they cave in to, or employ for that matter!

"The Strange Affair of The Non-Sodomites." said...

Holmes does regularly say: "Fancy some strong shag my dear chap?" Meaning, shall we share a pipe of tobacco together my friend.
Fine as a joke, but the degenerate mafia put these things out to chip away at traditional standards of decency and normality.