Thursday, 10 July 2014

on the anniversary of 7/7 in 2005 , a little reminder.

We are constantly told that the Security Services (MI5) opened an office in Manchester in response to the 7th July 2005 bombing. But in their news  office some one blundered. The announcement was made BEFORE  7th July. Before the bombing which the news said was the reason for the opening of the Manchester office.  here

As Connie Sachs would have said "Chronology George, chronology."

So, if not on account of 7/7, why?


Multiculturalism? No thanks. said...

The government has just passed more emergency spying legislation to allow the security services to spy on phones, internet communication etc.
They're worried that failing to spot the 'wrong type' of terrorist, (probably Muslim) incident could ignite the spark that blows to smithereens the fake 'social cohesion' in New Britain, because they know, if that happens, anything might follow.

SerpentSlayer said...

I think they have their eye on other security threats, i.e the fact that a large part of the population now know that the entire political elite are nothing more than predatory criminals sucking the corpse of this nation dry.
It's the health service they are after next, no doubt to be sold to ATOS who have the blood of the disabled and elderly on their hands. The last will be the police and military who will likely be sold at bargain prices to g4s (notice how no matter how much wrong they do, they still get contracts?)
The whole rotten lot are heading towards the gallows and they've begun to feel it.

Galloway Put in His Place said...

I'm surprised there haven't been more attacks since 7/7. I think Muslims are waking up to the fact that dear ol' Blighty will one day be theirs in full. Which btw might not be such a bad thing, since at least it will put all the lefties and pc Tories in their place. In Saudi Arabia, at least you can leave your front door open at night and your car door unlocked.

Real Life, our reality said...

TC The tale of two police priorities.

"Just off the boat" comments invokes immediate police response with two days of report.

Savage and brutal assault on young girl on her 24th birthday on the 26/6/2014, takes the police two weeks to take her witness statement and the police ask her to come to the police station.
Police arrived at the scene of the brutal assault showing very little interest at first.


Anonymous said...

@12:23 police arrived at the scene of the savage assault, and believe me it was savage the damage to the victims eye was bad.
The police didn't give a flying f*** about the assault victim, she was smashed in the face by a 15 stone man.
Now, if it had been a name calling incident well the police would cordoned of the whole area.
The police priorities, call outs are for name calling not for victimes of serious crime.

Dhimmi and Dhimmier said...

Sir Peter Fahy, uber politically correct Chief Constable of Greater Manchester, has waded into the latest storm in a teacup row, about 16 year old Muslim twin girls running off to Syria to be jihadi brides for ISIS, by saying, 'There's a strong possibility they have gone out there following the concept of "jihadi brides", which is not recognised by the Koran.'
Nice to know one of Britain's most senior policemen has got nothing better to do AND is so well versed on the Koran.

Anonymous said...

Good point SS. This article on Butler-Sloss and the rest of the gang is worth a read.

Looks like another of those non-racial 'unprovoked' attacks said...

Remind me why Roy was sent to jail, oh yes, he said a non offensive word in an online video. That certainly deserved jail time whereas battering someone senseless with a metal baseball bat obviously does not. Welcome to Madhouse Britain!

Two brothers who attacked a complete stranger with a metal baseball bat have been spared custody.

Lee Bradley suffered a badly bruised eye when he was set upon while walking through Wellington after a night out with his girlfriend last October.

Yesterday 20-year-old Mohsin Salim, 20, of Crescent Road, Hadley, was given 11 months' detention at a youth offenders institute, suspended for 18 months.

He was also ordered by Shrewsbury Crown Court to complete 100 hours' unpaid work and pay £1,500 compensation to Mr Bradley.

He had admitted at an earlier hearing assault occasioning actual bodily harm and the possession of an offensive weapon.

Muhammad Salim, 17, of Crescent Road, admitted the assault at an earlier hearing.

He was given a 12 month supervision order a three month electronic night time curfew and ordered to carry out 10 days of community reparation and go to a weekened attendance centre.

Mr Recorder Adrian Jack said it had been an entirely unprovoked attack on a complete stranger which had caused injuries that could still be seen a month later.

Miss Elizabeth Power for Muhammad, said her client had a bright future ahead of him which would be ruined if he was given a custodial sentence.

Gertcha said...

Old school FAST running out of TIME!
Old school London no turning back now!

Anonymous said...

The rejection of Christianity as the background cultural theme music from say, the 60s onwards, as opposed to an active belief by a majority, and the erosion of democracy and freedom of speech, are happening in roughly the same half century, with the first proceeding the second. Although being contemporary is far being from a proof of causality, the linkage is clear, if not totally direct.

We are paying a very high price here, as greater control will alter everything, and that can simply not be accepted. If I cannot live anymore in a culturally Christian country I want to live in a free, democratic one, where the best ideas, including faiths, can respectfully battle it out in the market place of ideas. Without freedom, life could get very bleak, innovation and energy will drain away, and society will stultify, ultimately. I ask myself what did my father and grandfather risk their lives fighting for, in two world wars, if not for their families to live in freedom ?

Simplifying, because of unlimited, undiscriminating, immigration imposed on us by the political centre and left, we find ourselves harbouring those who hate us, our systems of governance and other faiths, not just the indigenous one, Christianity. These incompetent politicians, who are about to betray our national political heritage, freedom of speech, argue that the answer is more control of over 60 million of us. Down the drain goes a 1000 year struggle for self-expression, free speech, freedom of faith and political beliefs - all utterly appalling, and totally unacceptable ! There is nothing conservative about this pretend Conservative Party.

Forcing myself to be positive, this can only serve to define Ukip even more distinctly as a contrast to the craven, destroyers of our nation and its democracy, which rests upon freedom of speech and faith. As a Christian I do not expect an utopia, far from it, but one does expect a reasonable degree of competence and prescience. But the establishment parties have utterly failed to nurture this country, and are instead actively undermining some of its greatest achievements. This cultural vandalism must be resisted

On this day July 14th: Britain's real holocaust said...

1967-Abortion was legalized in Britain and thus began a real holocaust, that up to date has claimed the lives of over 7 million unborn Anglo Saxon infants.

Church of England General Synod approves female bishops said...

WATCH (Women and the Church) threw in their lot with the Inclusive Church movement a number of years ago, on a 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' basis. (I'll leave uninformed readers to guess what Inclusive Church is in favour of!).From what I remember, only two of the women in WATCH resigned over this, which gives a clue to what the rest of them think about openly gay ordinations - which will be next on the agenda, as surely as night follows day.

Invertebrate Nation said...

Cameron's supposed cabinet of meritocracy (partial Etonocracy but at least some genuine brains in there) has been abandoned and replaced by a bitchocracy, identical in principle with Blairs (Cooper, Harman, Jowell, Jackie Smith etc etc ), i.e. a lot of massively over promoted women, put in place to gain votes. An utterly unprincipled bunch who continually spout about equality but in reality want, and are delighted to have, the deck rigged in their favour.
Expect more such tactics from desperate Dave who's now sussed he won't get the immigrant vote and is too gutless to try and get the British vote by tackling the one issue guaranteed to win him the election easily, immigration. But for that, he'd need a spine and some principles.

Best School in Britain... the primary where only one in five pupils have English as a first language said...

An 'inspirational’ school in Moss Side has been named one of the best in Britain.

St Mary’s CofE Primary is in the heart of inner city Manchester and has opened its doors to students from around the world.

And teachers and pupils are now celebrating after the school was named ‘Primary of the Year’ at a national teaching awards ceremony.

Aye aye, another 'unprovoked' non racial attack. said...

A thug knocked out two teenagers as they waited for a taxi in Manchester city centre.

The attacker walked up to the lads and asked 'Do you want to go?' before punching them both in the head.

The victims, aged 18 and 19, both lost consciousness after the blows, police said. One of them is now awaiting surgery for a broken jaw.

The thug then chased another of their friends down the street. All three were waiting for a taxi when they were attacked.

It took place on Southmill Street, a backstreet running from outside BrewDog bar to Albert Square, at about 3.45am on Sunday morning.

The offender is described as mixed race, 5ft 11, of medium build and between 25 and 30 years old. He had a shaved head and was wearing a grey jumper and dark blue trousers.

Det Con Tim Greenwood said: “This man approached a group of young men minding their own business and launched a violent and unprovoked assault.

"Two men were injured, one very seriously, and a third would have been attacked also had he had the chance.

Evil disguised as harmony said...

@ Best School in Britain, the award was for improvement, not attainment, i.e. starting from zero English and achieving basic English

The real significance of the massive and rapid ongoing and accelerating changes in school demography, is that, on its current course it will mean annihilation of the British indigenous people from their land.
Some are facilitating this out of fear of unrest, some because they actively want to destroy the British and some because it's 'moral' or 'ethical'. That's right, destroying and replacing a country's indigenous population is 'moral'.

SerpentSlayer said...

Are lads soft these days? It's rarely happened to me but when someone says something like that, you hit them first. That kind of dick head is the reason I keep loose change in my pockets.