Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Charity begins at home?

Throughout Tameside people are receiving their council tax bills, which the council claimed would not be increased this year. While this claim is, strictly speaking,  accurate it does not mean that some residents are not paying more than last year.

First of all there is a 1.99% rise in the cost of policing. This is beyond the control of the council and so no comment will be made. The same cannot be said of the next occurrence, the increase in the cost of tax for empty property. The 25% single person rebate for empty property has been abolished. (It was abolished last year in a quiet manner, so this year is the second year people have to pay more for having empty property.)

But this year sees additional letters going out threatening action against fraudulent claims of single occupancy. It is cheaper to have a house occupied by one person rather than have it empty.

Except in the case of a RSL (Registered Social Landlord) which is also a charity. THEY can have property empty for six months and still have nothing to pay.

The council has not considered methods of checking whether RSL's are genuinely charities. They are apparently trusted.


Anonymous said...

Amazing that TC avoids mentioning any names connected with TMBC or its satellite organisations.
It leaves thoughts that TC is now a sanitized blog site reluctant/scared
of naming those who rule our daily lives.
UK press does not limit naming individuals if concern is substantiated.
Human Rights Article 11 states
"Everyone has the right to freedom of expression.This shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and import information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers".
So is TC now avoiding anything where "names are quoted" of those who rule the roost in Tameside.
TC provided a facility where substantiated data and details exposed who was "our of order"
Will this posting be overstepped with another subject quickly.

Tameside Citizen said...

Sorry anonymous @09:29. You have lost me. Whose name do you wish to know? You are not trying to stampede this blog into lashing out without careful research are you? Enticing us into wild accusations and risking legal action which will close the blog?

Now let's see if I have this right. I don't repeat the names of Tameside's great and good (and not-so-good) and I am scared. Roy West repeats the names and he is obsessed.

Anonymous said...

Your blog TC seems to usurp the Human Rights which was pointed out,if accurate information is available it should be allowed on the site.
Lashing out without careful research
is a an ottt comment,as is wild accusations.
Legal actions which will close this blog site is yet another scare implemented if facts are given to TC.
Careful research is the objective by most posters and now your own suggested careful research is another example of denying the freedom of expression considering we have no knowledge of who you are and what objectives you have.
Many local politicians have been involved in dubious,devious and organised duplicity which became news on TC almost every week and now as I recall no local politicians are now named as undemocratic,devious or blatantly
destroying the rights of Tameside individuals.
I do not understand your references in the last sentence simply because the TC blog was the last remaining exposure of TMBC seeing the Tameside Radio,Reporter,Advertiser are in the hands of TMBC through backdoor

Anonymous said...

If someone with the financial means of owning empty properties cannot afford the council tax on them, then he / she can sell them. It's that simple. Property landlords are the very last people worthy of our sympathy in hard times.

Anonymous said...

The governement should introduce strict AFFORDABLE rent controls. Having a roof over your head is a necessity and the parasitic, greedy, scum type landlords need keeping well in line when setting rents.