Sunday, 2 February 2014

One in nine schools nationaly have a minority of English speaking pupils. Six are in Tameside.

One school in nine now has a majority of pupils whose first language is not English.
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Six of these schools are in Tameside, according to Department of Education figures.
They are:-
This column makes no comment on this matter, but I would have thought that it would have been worthy of comment in the local newspapers.

Hmmm could this also have something to do with the new homes being built in Tameside.


Anonymous said...

St Joseph's my old primary school is listed. When I was a pupil there it was 100% British. Now not only is it minority British but English is not spoken by the majority of pupils. The traitors and criminals responsible for imposing this should hang. It is treason plain and simple.

Irene said...

What a bloody outrage. Who is responsible for allowing this to happen TC?

Anonymous said...

*yawn* The British people have asked for it, so let 'em have it. Personally I don't give a monkey's so long as it's not on my doorstep. The best place in England to escape diversity is the far north in Cumbria and the north east which remain relatively homogenous.

This sort of headline is normally an excuse for the anti-white kosher civic nationalist Tory press to once again single out European migrants as a convenient soft target. Would you send your kids to a Muslim school if all the Muslim pupils spoke English??

British Britain has joined the scrapheap of history, and anyone with an ounce of sense shouldn't mourn its passing. The Blair years were a litmus test for the native British, a test they failed. They were too indifferent and too complacent for my liking when their country was being given away. Time for those of us who once called ourselves British nationalists to move on.

Race. To the finish. said...

All primary schools you notice. The lower down the age demographic the worse it gets (that's 'worse' for those who give a toss about preserving our identity).
Failure to CELEBRATE your destruction as a people will soon be a criminal offence on our current catastrophic course.
Those really responsible aren't the greedy criminals and traitors in power, but the increasingly worthless, spineless and inferior British people who have repeatedly put them there through the ballot box, or worse the human plankton who can't be bothered to vote or even take the faintest interest in events of the greatest possible significance.
Also the crucial dumbing down of the general British populace has been a singular success of the evil ones who planned and implemented it.

These pupils will all be able to vote in twelve years or less (maybe even less if the franchise is given to 16 year olds,) and of course these proportions are nothing next to many and rapidly increasing other parts of Britain where there a NO native English speakers. The plan of course is for democracy to be used as the weapon that destroys us as a people.

Alf Garnett said...

How can St Joseph`s be 1000% British ? This is England dont you know ? England UK

UKIP v BNP Youtube. Farage have you got something to hide? said...

UKIP and BNP handbags at five paces during Wythenshawe by-election. shame on the Ukip thugs.

Mirror: Workers suffer worst fall in wages since records began said...

Workers have suffered the steepest drop in spending power since records began, official government figures have confirmed.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said that unless things changed workers could experience the first ever decade of falling wages.

Real pay grew by 2.9% in the 1970s and 1980s, 1.5% in the 1990s, 1.2% in the 2000s and by minus 2.2% since the first quarter of 2010, says the ONS.

The report, which weighed average weekly wages against rising prices, blamed the squeeze on workers’ hours being cut and the growing number employed in services industries such as catering.

Ms O’Grady added: “Over the last four years British workers have suffered an unprecedented real wage squeeze.

"Even more worryingly, average pay rises have got weaker in every decade since the 1980s.

“We need radical economic reform to give hard-working people the pay rises they deserve.”

If you want to see 'democracy' in action try putting a comment on the Mirror website sugesting that there is the teeniest tiny small possibility that wages are being outstripped by inflation because the labour market is bloated by millions of imported foreign workers which has led to a situation where bosses do not have to raise wages because there is an endless supply of imported workers prepared to work for very low wages and then see if it gets published.

Defence of The Realm said...

@ Anonymous 17:15, Cumbria etc are just a bit further down the hit list.
The only hope for these still relatively British areas is that they see what, on our current course, will be the total destruction of a massive proportion of the rest of Britain as a recognisble entity, wake up in time and have the backbone, guts, resolve and unity to do whatever is necessary for our survival.

Least worst option said...

A mass vote for UKIP IS a possibility in May and WOULD significantly worry and destabilise the establishment parties.
A mass vote for the BNP is a virtual impossibility.

Fear Is The Key said...

260,000 extra primary school places required.
All the previous concern about class sizes from a few years back is now a forbidden subject.

The truth is the establishment parties have lost all control of our national borders.
Vote UKIP if you want to scare the mainstream into acting.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder what It's like to cook school meals for such a demographic!
nightmare doesn't even come close.

non racist realist said...

It is good news that we have another baby boom. We have an ageing population and these children will one day become tax payers.

Facebook Threat Leads To Jail: Link said...

This newspaper actually give this guys full address including door number. The bought press hacks are a particularly vile breed of traitor.

Anonymous said...

@ 02:15 yet certain individuals are free to spread vile allegations, that could bring violence to their victims, go unmolested by the police in Tameside.

Defence of The Realm said...

@ Non racist realist, Explain how a massive population explosion, specifically of the non-British, is 'good news' in what is already virtually the most overcrowded country in the world.
The solution to any population demographic problem is a formula that promotes a balanced number of births and deaths within that nation, not the highly destructive and divisive uncontrolled mass importation of ultra fertile, alien (and often hostile) cultures.
The Race card is now a completely overplayed and devalued hand.

Anonymous said...

It's 'good news' if you want even more Muslims in our land, as according to the last government's official figures the Islamic population of the country grew TEN TIMES faster than any other group between 2004 - 2008.

Christian said...

I am always a little suspicious of any statistic that gets bandied about like this. I learnt years ago that the primary function of statistics seems to be to conceal something rather than reveal something.

"Statistics are like a bikini; what they reveal is interesting, but what they hide is fascinating."
Oswald Mosley.

Anonymous said...

Tell us what rate the Islamic population of Britain grew by in that period then if you know better than the government's official statisticians who certainly wouldn't OVERestimate such a figure.

Nigel Farage: Ukip has done more than any other party to destroy the racist BNP said...

Luckily for the country, “in force” these days is four skinheads and a geezer with a loudhailer standing around a town centre. This was a sight I was met with when we set out on the campaign trail, heading towards the council estate where our candidate John Bickley was born and brought up. A disgruntled shout from my colleague Stuart Agnew – 6ft 2in of toughened English farming stock although rarely so much as an eyelash out of place – brought my attention to some ruffians trying to pinch his leaflets. We were then joined by a couple of frightful looking women displaying a hairstyle known as a “number 2” who desired to join in photos I was having taken for the local media with their BNP placards.

Rent-a-mobs are ten a penny these days and no match for Ukip, who persuaded a local coffee shop to assist us with a sneaky departure out the back. This was unknown to the BNP ensemble out front, who were still yelling long after we had left to continue campaigning.

Christian said...

The government's official statisticians deliberately underestimated the Islamic population growth in the UK within that period. Manipulating statistics allows them to do this. The point is that statistics can rarely, if ever, be trusted.

Anonymous said...

I think it's important that readers should know, that the police are now searching CCTV in Ashton.
To see if they can find Roy West filming in the Town on a certain day.
This is because of a video on you-tube in which clearly shows that Roy West is the victim.
Can't people see that this is real persecution?

tonydj said...

UKIP @ 1936
No, not UKIP, but the party's own leadership. Just wait until UKIP actually tries to DO something and then see how the media comes out of the woodwork to do "exposes" on UKIP members with what they consider "shady" backgrounds.

If you do well in the Euro elections then mark my words, YOUR leadership within 18 months will either do a U-turn on some of their most fundamental policies, be faced with a damaging leadership challenge or be the victim of a scandal. And behind it will be a relatively new member with no visible political background or history.

Anonymous said...

This blog needs a fresh injection of fresh articles, hard hitting to the point.

From out of nowhere said...

@ tonydj 11:12, Correct and everyone who understands what's going on in our coutry knows that the 'new member(s)' is/are already in place.

Ukip 2014 said...

Ukip will be running this country soon. Our policy of patriotism without racism is the winning formula.

Overpopulation in England said...

Raciszzzzz...Get immigration stopped and get us out of the EU. That's what will you get you votes not proving how right-on you are.

Alf Garnett said...

UKIP ha ha ha you all are part of the crap thats runing it now ? Id like to think our people have the brans to see though your spin ? But then again ? UKIP LOL could,nt run a tap

SerpentSlayer said...

The banks own Britain, don't go fooling yourselves. UKIP won't stand up to them, and any UKIP Prime Minister will be fully owned by Herr. Rothschild and co. and not a difference it will make to us.
UKIP supports globalisations, supports Israel (and therefore us fighting wars so that Greater Israel can pass from the pages of a lunatic tome and into reality) and hates the English peasantry as much as the Tories do.
They may take us out of the Communist EU, but I would not waste my spit on them, let alone a vote.

Anonymous said...

Is this the bloody childish behavior
we pay for with elected MP`s
Using a cat to create extra votes in forth coming elections tell you the
crap mentality of an increasingly wealthy political family.
If this is what this country has for representatives surely it will not be long before Big Brother,Dancing on Ice,High Diving
shows and BBC Come Dancing farces
will be thronged with idiots we have as MP`s

Least worst option said...

It's not the representatives it's the plankton who keep voting for them.
AS for UKIP'S undoubted flaws, they are still the only party capable of getting a mass protest vote that will destabilise the rotten three party status quo that is destroying Britain. That would be a start.