Thursday, 6 February 2014

Ashton Market voted "Best in Britain"

Ten years after being gutted in a disastrous fire Ashton market has won a competition organised by the National Association British Market Authorities (NABMA). The market received the most votes nationwide in the category of most favourite market.

I remember the old market as a youngster, toy stalls and a paper and magazine stall carrying the latest American 'Super Hero' Comics. These days I look for one of the few off-licences that sells Polish cherry vodka and a stall nearby that sells the best meat \(especially  pork) pies I know of. Congratulations to the staff and workers of the market hall and market ground.


Ashton Market 1990 said...

Some interesting footage I stumbled on of the indoor market before the fire nearly a quarter of a century ago. There are notably fewer morons and deadlegs than what we're used to seeing locally these days. There's an interesting book been written on Ashton market called 'To Market To Market'. The site goes back to medieval times.

Anonymous said...

Voted by whom ?
Lets have specific clarification when it comes down to TMBC information released.

Bury Market in its entirety has it national awards displayed as Best in Britain.

So what is the truth with the Tameside Market outside being a dying shambles not fit for purpose
similar to Hyde Market and the closure of Denton Market.

Don't believe the hype said...

As we have see today with William Roache (Ken Barlow of Coronation Street) and Jim Davidson. these cases do not always stand up to scrutiny. I still believe all these very old cases involving very old celebrities are mostly a smoke screen.

The authorities are just trying to balance the picture. They are arresting a few high profile old bottom pinchers in order to take the heat off immigrant gang rapists.

With the help of the media they are trying to make the claim that some old celebrity put his hand up a girl's skirt in 1963 (or spanked a schoolboy in 1960 if you believe what they say about Cyril Smith) is just as bad as getting half a dozen girls hooked on drugs and passing they around between 30 men a night. And they are succeeding

Its all about news management.

SerpentSlayer said...

Excellent stalls, run by genuine local people. I wish they had rebuilt the market building back to it's original style but instead we have a cheap, giant portacabin built into the frame of the old building.
Despite the third rate architecture it's still a place I like to visit with pretty much everything you need on sale. Well done to all the traders in Ashton Market.

Tommy Robinson Battered said...

EDL leader gets a good pasting in prison. Paedophiles get more protection in this warped country than patriots.

Anonymous said...

MEN HEADLINES Ashton Market rises from the Ashes to be named best in the country. What bloody liars inhabit TMBC they have no credibility because Bury Market is nationally known for its awards as the best. Sitting at desks and setting up lies is the favorite scam used by TMBC

No person. No problem. said...

Muslim gangs inside prison and out need dealing with before the situation gets totally out of control. Harsh measures are required.

Not AUL bad said...

Ashton 1990 still LOOKED like an English town.

Curmudgeon said...

For the full story take a look at: