Thursday, 16 January 2014

Tameside Citizen 2007 - 2014

I think many regular readers (or is it viewers?) of and contributors to this site will agree that it has become somewhat stale recently and therefore after considerable thought I have decided to hang up my mouse and keyboard and quit blogging.

I must admit that since starting this blog in back in 2007 I have learned a lot about the 'other' side of the borough of Tameside. Prior to starting this blog I was all too aware that we were a nation in decline and sinking fast but I had no idea of how far the rot of cronyism and outright corruption had permeated.

I was aware that the local mass distribution free newspaper was too close for comfort to the local Labour Party and that this newspaper was very selective in the stories it ran and the letters it published so I decided to set up this blog to give those who were being censored a voice.

Not long after setting up this blog a young and extremely courageous Conservative who I will only refer to as 'L' made me aware of the existence of The Tameside Labour Mafia. At first I thought this was just a disparaging name used to describe political rivals, but later I was to discover that there was indeed a Labour Mafia operating within the borough of Tameside. This theory was positively proven beyond doubt when I along with a colleague were privileged to be invited into the home of a former (old school) Labour councillor and Lord Mayor. The information presented to us was so breathtaking in nature that had it not come first hand from a person in the know I would never have believed it. The former mayor explained that Labour can pull 300 postal votes from thin air if need be and as proof of this he pointed us in the direction of a particular old folks home in Hyde with unbelievable peculiar voting patterns. Unfortunately due to family connections and fear of repercussions the former mayor would not make these allegations on the record however we did present a copy of the electoral register featuring the mystery voting patterns to the Electoral Commission but no action was taken.

As already stated this blog has become stale and stagnant of late, but nowhere near as stagnant as the political scene in Tameside. The total dominance of the Labour Party in this borough is a problem that needs to be addressed but however hard people or rival parties try, none come close to breaking the Labour stranglehold. If this situation continues apathy amongst the electorate will only grow which will then lead to a feeling of further disenfranchisement which then will lead to?

I have had the honour of making the acquaintance of some first class people through this blog. Having already mentioned the 'Courageous Conservative' there are others worthy of mention but I inevitability will forget some so this list is far from exhaustive. Recent arrivals such as Bill and Curmudgeon and of course not forgetting Carl Simmons have all added their unique input to the Tameside blogosphere. Then there are the regular contributors such as the learned Tony DJ, the Serpent Slayer with his incredible sharp wit, wit so sharp that many miss the message contained within. Then there's Reimer with his forthright views on all matters relating to crime and retribution and let's not forget Alf Garnett. Alf Garnett suffered a tragedy that every parent fears yet despite this he carries on. Alf also struggles to express himself with the written word. He is not thick - far from it but he is dyslexic and he ought to be admired for making the effort to contribute to debate despite his dyslexia.

Then there's J Hall. J Hall is a colossus when it comes to defending the rights of silent majority from the machinations of the powerful and corrupt. People such as J Hall are the unsung heroes who stop tyrants in their tracks. J Hall along with other selfless campaigners saved us from the abominable bypass and the nightmare of Kingswater. Thank you for all you have done Mr Hall.

And lastly but not least, how could I conclude without mentioning Tameside's equivalent of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn yes the indomitable Roy West. The trials and tribulations of Roy West have become legendary as far as this blog is concerned and the harassment and persecution this man, and as a consequence his family have have suffered is one of the great local scandals of our time. The courage shown by Roy West in the face of vindictive and vicious persecution should be an example for us all. The tormentors of Roy West know he is an easy target who will take their bait each and every time and therefore that makes their actions all the more despicable, but fear not Roy West - justice will prevail in the end.

So all that remains now is for me to say my final farewell and inform you that just as Dr Who regenerates so does Tameside Citizen. The old TC is gone, but a new TC will rise from his ashes. I have no idea what the editorial policy of the new TC will be or what changes the new TC will bring to this blog but I do sincerely wish him all the best in his new position as Tameside Citizen. From the moment this post appears I will have relinquished all control of this blog and the associated email address. I will have no access to emails or comments pertaining to this site from now on. I am sure I will look in every now and then to see how things are going and in time I may even submit the occasional guest article. I would urge all regular TC contributors to support the new administrator of this site and I wish you all, all the best for the future. So signing off for the final time I will not depart with a farewell but more of an au revoir. Tameside Citizen


Bill said...

It's sad to see you go TC, I am sure certain parties will be relieved at the news. Hopefully your successor will carry on the fight.

PS You have my email address, can you contact me re the walk?

Anonymous said...

TC has been a focal point for any Tamesider who wished to expose the disgusting nepotism,deceptions,and devious manipulations carried out by TMBC over a period of years.
The requirements of Tameside people was for genuine,principled,
trustworthy and educated people to act as Councillors,whereas we have the most greed ridden and deplorable cartel of any administration possible.
I have for many years been involved in senior management roles in UK National Companies and thank God I never encountered such
unfit for purpose individuals who
administrate Tameside from Ashton.
I voted Labour for over 30 years trusting decency would be offered to all strands of Tameside people,and then some basic inquiries into the manner in which TMBC was run became an ongoing shock concerning the extent of the protection racket that allowed those elected (with minorities) compared with the mass numbers of all Tameside residents too have a free for all amongst themselves because their disgusting methods of power control methods had "infiltrated"into the Media in all its forms,and other expected democratic and required upstanding organisations
such as Health,Planning,Police,
Housing,and Standards of Conduct.
No such qualities now exist however and until the Tameside folk take their blinkers off and realise who at TMBC they are making very wealthy off the backs of working class people then change will not come easily.
My own exposures will continue to be substantiated and placed in the hands of increasing groups who have direct access to top investigative groups where truth will be offered not only to Tameside people but across the Country where the fight for honest democracy is growing.
I express my deepest thanks to the TC Editor for his diligence,his objective comments,his totally trustworthy stance,and his outstanding abilities to allow the truth too be expressed,and although his decision is unfortunate I know he will have dug extremely deep into his past and present thoughts and recognised the value of what he has provided will never be forgotten.
My regards too the many posters who have declared their objections in the way in which they could,and they have my genuine respect.
John Hall

Alf Garnett said...

what a sad day good look pal and thanks for putin up with me

SerpentSlayer said...

Off into the hills TC?
I must say its come as a shock as I have not noticed any decline in the blog at all, a blip perhaps but they happen all the time.
I'm fascinated by the change and can't help but wondering who will be in charge. You have always been a mystery, even to the regulars here, but we are now aware of plenty of great people who wish to expose the Tameside mafia, and I look forward to seeing the new TC at work.
TC has stopped writing, long scribble TC!

Juggernaut said...

Thanks for all the work you've done TC.
You're right about the local political mafia and thanks to an electorate that in large part is either fundmentally (and increasingly) inferior or apathetic, essential political change in Tameside will come at about the same pace as that glacier you're stood on, if at all.
The fight goes on.

tonydj said...

Good luck in your future career TC. Between the two of us and the handful of good regular posters we gave the local establishment something to think about.