Monday, 13 January 2014

Denton: Elderly woman hides in house for days after mugging

Police have released an image of a battered elderly victim after she was set upon by a gang of four muggers.

The 79-year-old victim was so scared by her ordeal that she remained housebound for a number of days and didn't even report it to police for fear of the robbers finding her.

Her ordeal began after she had visited Tesco on Mancunian Way, Haughton Green. She believes this at around 11am in the first few days of 2014, but she cannot narrow-it down any further due to the time that has elapsed.

As she walked down this road she was approached by four men, one of which asked her for a cigarette. She said she didn't have any so they asked her for money. They then rifled through the victims pockets before punching her a number of times to her head, knocking her to her knees. While on her knees they continued to punch her before running off onto the playing fields at the rear of Mancunian Road. Nothing was stolen. The victim suffered extensive bruising but managed to walk home, where she stayed for five days, fearful of a repeat attack.

When her daughter visited her on the fifth day she saw the horrific bruises and posted a picture of them on Facebook, appealing for help in catching her attackers. Read more: GMP

What kind of cowardly vermin would do this to an elderly lady? They truly deserve flogging if caught but in reality very little would happen if they were ever to be brought before a court. Tameside Citizen


Alf Garnett said...

cowardly cunts

Suffer and Die said...

They should be fed feet first into an industrial mincer slowly, with drugs used to keep them conscious as long as possible.

tonydj said...

Where were the police? CCTV?

Probably watching Roy West. Or looking after a New Charter estate.

SerpentSlayer said...

Flogging is too good they should be flayed, salted and quartered, publically and on a cold morning before being left in a gibbet as a warning to all the vermin who think its okay to attack our elders.
I would be happy to do all of it, perhaps a role I can take in the post-ZOG England.

Bill said...

Brave aren't they? The only thing to deter lowlife scum like these are harsh punishments such as a public flogging followed by 10 years HARD labour.

Anonymous said...

Council staff claim £3.4m compensation for incidents involving fish pies, trampolines and banana skins
The region’s 10 local authorities have faced a landslide of claims from employees since the late 90s, when solicitors began to work on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Salford, Manchester, Tameside and Stockport councils did not respond to the M.E.N’s request.

How Tameside MBC regularly avoids giving responses to the Manchester Evening News continues in confirming that its run by bent,devious individuals who are paid Executives by YOU.and are prepared always too treat Tameside people with utter contempt
Why doesn't the MEN make requests under the FOI legislation and ask their questions which if not answered the FOI Complaints Commissioner in this area will certainly make TMBC sit up.

Anonymous said...

Will TMBC send a genuine sympathetic
health visitor to this lady,and a bunch of flowers would not go amiss,seeing how much TMBC throw away.
I fail to see genuine Police Officers in Denton,or Police Cars,OR
Community Officers.
Where do they all hide answers ? on an A4 sheet please.
Tempted to say could Taylors House be a tea break refuge,night and day.

Mad Nation said...

Don't mention Germany or Germans for God's sake. You might find the Tactical Aid Group storming your gaff at 2am. They've obviously got nothing better to do.
The words f***ing and pathetic spring to ming

Sikh and ye shall find said...

There is speculation that 'British' Sikhs may never vote Conservative again, after documents released under the 30 year rule contain the incendiary but as yet unproven claim, that in 1984 an SAS expert, sent by Margaret Thatcher's government, might have assisted the Indian government in planning the raid on the Sikh's holiest temple shrine of Amritsar.
There are 800,000 Sikhs in Britain and their vote holds the democratic sway in certain London and Leicester marginal parliamentary constituencies.
The main parties will be sweating over what to do as they court (i.e. grovel for) the votes.
Good to know our elected representatives have got their priorities, and Britain's interests to the forefront and aren't pandering to minority communities over incidents that happened abroad decades ago isn't it.
This is a textbook example of why there's no chance of any of the Lib/Lab/Con parties doing ANYTHING meaningful about immigration

Anonymous said...

Stuff the immigration for a bit,you will not influence whatever happens even voting ukip will not change what is already happening in the uk.
1 in 10 children now born in the uk
are muslim and this constant digging historical facts and hammering away at what you keep looking for is simply non effective rhetoric.
This old lady badly beaten finds few posters,so that indicates an obsession with just immigrants.
Yes I watched the Street Tv programme but as many Brits as Romanians are thicko scum bags living for cigs and drink and drugs so try tackling TMBC now its coming up to voting day and get useful at something worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

They're OUR scum and need dealing with.
Importing scum from around the world, with their backward, violent, alien attitudes and in many cases more serious threats in terms of crime and social destruction etc is a separate issue that could be stopped by getting back control of our borders.
The first step is to make people aware by repetition of, what are by now, the undisputed appalling facts on mass immigration. The second step is to vote for the least s**t option on May 22nd, that's UKIP. A massive vote for them will destabilise the rotten political status quo that has been deliberately destroying Britain for decades.

Recession? We're exempt. Why? We just are. said...

Two Mega ZZZzzzz letters from Labour councillors in this week's Advertiser about, guess what: 'the cuts'. Change the bleeding record.

The best cuts would be about 50 of the 57 councillors, all on STARTING allowances of £11,000, that woud save an absolute minimum of £550,000, in reality a LOT more.