Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tameside Countryside Services

Tameside Countryside Services are currently doing some great work in the Denton/Haughton Green woods. These guys are a real credit to Tameside as they are ultra polite and they really know their stuff.

The pathway which runs through the woods from Stockport Road up to Gibraltar Lane and beyond has suffered as a result of recent heavy rain and the countryside services crew are filling in the muddy parts and shoring up the edges close to the river bank.

Tree felling is also under way. If you are in the woods and spot a tree marked with orange paint that particular tree is doomed because, as I was informed by a very helpful worker the tree is either diseased and a potential danger or it is blocking out light which is preventing other trees from thriving and therefore it faces the chop.

And what about that green tractor? Brilliant! I have always loved tractors despite never driving one. I think driving that tractor up and down Denton Woods all day would just about be my idea of the perfect job. Have you noticed how the tread pattern on tractor tyres has never changed over the years? That design of tread seems to have been around ever since I can remember.

If you ever venture into Denton Woods keep your eyes open for foxes, badgers, buzzards and shrews plus kingfishers perched by the riverbank. 


Anonymous said...

Worked for them many years ago for twelve months on a school leavers employment scheme. They were called Tame Valley Wardens then.

Nosmo King said...

I love tractors too TC. I had a collection of them but sold it.
My hobby now is inhaling cooking smells from reataurant kitchens and blowing them outside, that's right I'm an ex-tractor fan.


Traitor not tractor.

Taxpayers foot bill for crazy council benefits guide said...

A taxpayer-funded guide is asking Roma migrants to refrain from a list of shocking habits.

It says practices such as going to the toilet in the street, having sex in public, and spitting could 'upset your neighbours".

The information pack also asks migrants not to dump litter or hang out washing on a stranger's fence, while telling arrivals how best to claim benefits and interpreters for free.

It also tells new arrivals: “Your first home will probably be rented from a landlord. It will have running water and a flushing toilet. In the house, only use the flushing toilet for urinating and defecating.

“Do not urinate or defecate outside the house or in the street.

“Do not spit in the street. Spitting is dirty and spreads diseases. Doing these things is against the law, it will upset your neighbours and people will think that you and your family are dirty.”

It adds: “You may share a back yard or garden with at least one other house. Please respect the part of the back yard that belongs to your neighbour.

“Don’t go on it, don’t allow your children to go on it, don’t dump ­rubbish on it and don’t hang carpets, washing or other things on your ­neighbour’s fence without their ­permission.”

It also warns against intimidating people in the street by blocking their way or shouting – problems already raised by locals in Page Hall.

And also says: “Physical sexual relationships of any type are not allowed in public places.”

Anonymous said...

too many trees are being felled in the Dale, place is being ruined by countryside service ask a local.

SerpentSlayer said...

Back-bending for country hopping parasites, brutal oppression for natives who complain.

Anonymous said...

Aye SS, that neatly sums it up.

Food for Thought said...

"Thirty seven of Tameside’s takeaways and sandwich shops have serious failings in hygiene according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

From the ratings given following FSA inspections 37 have two stars or less, meaning the borough has more substandard takeaways and sandwich shops than Bury, Rochdale, and Wigan."

Anonymous said...

Immigration raid in Aston last night

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ashton Under Lyne (immigration raid)

Anonymous said...

We have been flooded with reports from outraged parents in Staffordshire after receiving a letter from the Head Teacher, Mrs Lynn Small, of Little Green Community School, stating that if parents refused to allow their children to attend a “multicultural workshop” their children will have a “Racial Discrimination note attached to your Child's education record, which will remain on this file throughout their school career”!

The letter goes on to say “all absences on this day will be investigated for their credibility and will only be sanctioned with a GP sick note”.

This is the unbelievable reality of the brainwashing of our children in the education system today and it is cases like this that highlight why the British National Party is needed to expose outrages like this and campaign against other peoples cultures and religions being FORCED on our society and our people.


Please take immediate action and email Mrs Small and the school at:,

Asking the head teacher to explain herself!

Please be polite in your emails and put your views over in a dignified manner.

Anonymous said...

John Taylor ‏@JohnWagTaylor 1h

Can I make it very clear to our local BNP scum that the race night event we are having tonight in the top Astley...



Satan is amongst us said...

'Multicultural' education and the sexualisation of children disguised as education are the overt manifestations of the evil degenerates who now infest the British education establishment. Don't be fooled, those who want to poitically brainwash children are Marxist, traitor scum. Those who want to 'teach' children about sex are degenerates and vile perverts with their own agenda.

Tameside Citizen said...

I don't know who keeps re-posting tweets from the Dukinfield Borstal Boy but who ever it is, do remember that he is an absolute publicity hound and by posting his tweets you are indirectly doing him a favour by bringing him the attention which he craves.

He is an extremely low calibre uninteresting individual and I for one have absolutely no interest in anything he has to say.

Anonymous said...

why is this forum being ruined by inapropriate comments? stick to the subject. The jobsworth countryside service who are ruining Haughton Dale for want of something better to do.

Mi NayMe iZ JonN said...

Incredible and a true indictment of the desperate state of disgust, disillusion and apathy that surrounds democracy in Britain, that someone like that can rise so high.

Anonymous said...

@22/11/2013 21:10 writ an article on your concerns this blog belongs to the people, not Griffin, ukip, edl, any of them it's a people's blog.

SerpentSlayer said...

This blog is a godsend for local matters, an antidote to the council and a great resource for letting us know about what's happening in the borough.
Compare that with the local newsheets, half of it is reporting on charity events and school results, things that have no bearing on life here.
I'm glad that we have this blog to air all our concerns but it does go off on a tangent pretty consistently.
I'm just glad its here, thanks TC and keep up the good work!
Also is it true you are Chinese and work for MI5?
Read a fascinating blog written by a local madman on the matter :D