Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Boycott Workfare Leaflets Distributed In Ashton Under Lyne

It is difficult to argue against much of what is written in this four sided leaflet (click on each image to enlarge). It is undeniable that the Workfare scheme has been been a boon for certain employers and the illustration on side three which depicts the Workfare people going into the grinder ready to be consumed by a cheap labour Capitalist pretty sums many peoples thoughts on what Workfare is all about.

The employment and wealth divide divisions now emerging in this country can only be described as shocking.

I know a bright and energetic young man who recently finished two years of studying at Stockport College and now upon entering the job market he cannot find any meaningful employment. For all his endeavor he has found nothing but exploitative low paid call centre and door to door canvassing type work. This young man is one of millions in the same no hope position and from the way I see it Workfare adds to the problem rather than remedying it.

In my day to day life I get to all manner of different places varying in nature from immigrant ghettos to the genteel districts of Cheshire and everywhere else in between. My observations are mirrored by reports such as this and this and there is absolutely no denying that the gulf between the haves and have-nots is now wider than at any time in living memory.

If you take trip up to Hale Barnes this evening I guarantee you will find no evidence of recession, credit crunch, economic downturn or any of the other words used to describe the current state of the financial hardship being experienced by many in the north of the UK.

If you do go to Hale or Alderley Edge take a look at the people. Then think of how they compare to the average person you see around Ashton or Hyde. Forget the Barbour jackets and Hunters boots of the Cheshire Set compared to Asda Smart Price attire of the less fortunate. Looking at material things such as those will easily give the game away but what is more shocking is the physical appearance of the privileged compared to the less fortunate. The seemingly never ending years of financial uncertainty and hardship are taking a physical toll on the less fortunate and it is their weary and worried looking faces compared to the rosy happy faces of the privileged which is to me the starkest reminder of all.

The tragedy is, the poor and downtrodden once had a champion in the form of the Labour Party. One of my greatest gripes with the Labour Party is their total and utter betrayal of those who relied on them the most - the indigenous working class. To the eternal shame of the criminals, spivs and traitors who now masquerade in the colours of the Labour Party the poverty gap reached its greatest point since the war during their disastrous years in office (1997 -2010). The damage these bestial creatures inflicted upon this country and in particular the very people who relied on them most - the poor, we will probably never recover from. As the Bollinger is flowing in the boardrooms of blue chip corporations as they celebrate record profits just remember that it is due to Labour's wilful policy of bloating the workforce through immigration to such vast levels that opportunistic employers can now nail down millions of people in low paid zero hours contract jobs simply because they can, and they can because Labour gifted them an endless supply of cheap exploitable labour which has created a dog eat dog labour market where desperate people are falling over each other to take what ever meagre offerings are thrown in their direction.  


Anonymous said...

And STILL the cretins vote Labour. Interesting how there's been a massive increase in the number of low paid WORKING people pushed under the official poverty line but only a tiny increase in those on benefits pushed under. The coalition government's recent policy of stopping anyone on benefits from receiving more than £26,000 in benefits was the most popular government policy in history with a public approval raring of 75%. Buoyed by this there are now rumours the Tory element of the coalition will push for it to be lowered to £20,000. no argument from me.
As for Workfare, if you work you should be paid a decent wage for the job. Anything else is exploitation pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Matthew 13:17
For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.

Labour made inequality worse said...

The 450-page report by the Government's National Equality Panel represents a damning verdict on Labour's 13 years in office and Tony Blair's pledge on poverty in 1996.

The study says that inequality in income has reached the highest level since records began in 1961, and probably since the end of the Second World War. It also concludes that inequality in Britain is among the worst in the developed world, with the highest rate of poverty in western Europe.

It says 'deep seated and systematic differences' remain between the life chances of different social classes and groups. People's class and origins 'shape their life chances from cradle to grave'.

The report says there is 'widespread ignorance of the scale of inequality' and warns that many people will find its conclusions 'shocking'.

Just what you now come to expect of Labour hypocrites said...

Police have searched the home of disgraced former Co-operative Bank chairman Paul Flowers.

West Yorkshire Police is probing him after he was filmed allegedly buying crystal meth, crack cocaine and ketamine.

The Methodist minister led the bank for three years, which lost £700million while he was apparently taking drugs and setting up sex sessions with rent boys.

In 1981 he was convicted of gross indecency after he was caught by police performing a sex act with a trucker in a public toilet - but he was forgiven by the church.

He also resigned as a Labour councillor in Bradford in 2011 after 'inappropriate but not illegal adult content' was found on a computer he used, the city council said.

Anonymous said...

So there it is, the chairman of a huge outfit like the Co-Op was a deviant of epic proportions, running wild for days at a time on crystal meth and homosexual prostitutes...and loving it.
I'm surprised, surprised that this story ever got out that is, one can only wonder what cardinal sin he committed to lose his protected status and have the media turn on him and give him the full treatment.
I suspect that there are some very nervous perverts in finance and politics this morning, all imagining themselves in Mr Flowers shoes.

Labour's 'cover-up' over Co-op bank chief said...

An independent inquiry has been ordered into how the Rev Paul Flowers was appointed chairman of a major British bank, amid allegations that the Labour Party covered up concerns about the drug-taking Methodist minister’s conduct.

David Cameron accused Ed Miliband on Wednesday of failing to disclose doubts about Mr Flowers before he was appointed to lead the Co-operative Bank, which has close links to the Labour Party.

Mr Flowers, a senior Labour figure, was a member of Mr Miliband’s business advisory group despite a string of serious allegations about his behaviour while serving as a councillor.

SerpentSlayer said...

Any man who wears a frock and gets on his knees for a circumcised Jewish man and then swallows his flesh and bodily fluids has to be a bit twisted.
The whole rotting dead man thing as an ideal should give it all away.
I view all wealthy people as deviants, cowards and softies and I am happy to be a poor man when I see the alternative.
I see my own life as too soft even and I find it hard to make it tougher, our current hard weather is helping. It is best for our race and nation if we have to fight to exist and to retake control of our nation, as will happen across the occident.
Personally I'm waiting and hardening myself, come winter I'm off to another country and a Spartan existence where I will learn to live and to end life.
The wealthy can have their pampered lives, soft skin and weak backs.

Vote UKIP said...

Good job Labour in Falkirk is as straight as a die isn't it. Thank goodness for that rogorous investigation.
The whole rotten, incestuous, corrupt, out of touch political status quo needs a clear out.

Boycott Workfare said...

Workfare is the product of years of resentment of the white Tory middle class who feel aggrieved at the perceived 'injustice' of having to sustain a welfare dependent underclass via Labour taxation policies.

Awww what a pity. The same middle class who for centuries grew filthy rich off the backs of the white British working class and subsequently endorsed every liberal / left policy so long as it didn't impact negatively on their coffers.

Whether it be cheap foreign labour or shady kosher deals the loyalties of Ozzy and Cammy and the likes will always be grounded in the base materialism of conservative capitalism and supposed libertarian 'individualism'.

Be in no doubt, the welfare state represented long overdue payback for centuries of exploitation, and no-one who is (genuinely) British should feel an ounce of shame at helping themselves wherever and whenever possible. A world revolution (which almost but didn't come) of either the communist or fascist kind would have put the idle and greedy rich to work, if they escaped losing their heads.

In the broader scheme of things, OUR country that OUR ancestors built is no longer ours and never again will be. But so long as we exercise our absolute natural birth right in residing here, work your tax right and claim what you can. Oh, and of course, this certainly should not be interpreted as advocating anything illegal.

Our new 'Britons', their Con / Lab friends and all their supporters can all worry about what's right & just whilst writing out the latest monthly cheque for a billion British pounds destined for those poor souls who haven't yet made it here to enrich us.

Anonymous said...

Labour frontbencher Jack Dromey was left red-faced after it emerged he added a Twitter link to a gay porn website to his list of ‘favourites’.
The shadow policing minister - who is married to Labour deputy leader, Harriet Harman - linked to a tweet about well-endowed
black men.
The link showed a picture of two men engaged in a sex act.

Perverts will always,past and present favour Labour.
The Filth is part of the Labour structure.

Bill said...

The Labour party have betrayed the very people they originally pledged to protect - the British working man. The modern Labour party at both national and local levels (and the Con/Libs) are just a bunch of self seeking, greedy individuals. They are prepared to implement policies that keep their noses in the public trough, no matter how harmful to the country and it's indigenous population.

While not disagreeing with a lot of the policies of the BNP, the EDL and Britain First, these parties have not got a hope of ever making progress in obtaining power.

UKIP are the only viable option for those of us who want rid of the Con/Lib/Lab rabble who have sold this country down the river since WW2.

In 1893, Keir Hardie and others formed the Independent Labour Party, an action that worried the Liberals, who were afraid that the Independent Labour Party might, at some point in the future, win the working-class votes that they traditionally received.
For the ILP now read UKIP.

How this area of East Manchester has declined in it's manufacturing base through the successive policies of the Con/Lib/Lab parties can be seen by the following list of companies no longer operating.

Gorton Beyer Peacock, Gorton Tank, Ferranti.

Bradford Bradford Colliery,
Richard Johnson & Nephew.

Clayton Clayton Aniline.

Newton Heath Avro,
Mather & Platt.

Droylsden Robertsons.

Hyde Gallagher's, Christy's, James North.

AUL Park Bridge Ironworks, National Gas.

Denton Oldham Batteries.

Openshaw English Steel,
Ferguson Pailin, B & S Massey,
Crossley Brothers.

All major employers in their own areas. Now all we have left are call centres and the service industry.

In the early 60's when I left school there it was a case of what trade or profession you wanted to enter, not what was available. I am glad I am at an age where earning a living is a necessity. I feel really sorry for the younger generation trying to find decent employment in this country. With the tsunami of cheap labour entering Britain or already here their prospects are virtually nil.

Anonymous said...

There's some great posts here. Bill, you could also add Kendall & Gent to that list and these are just some of the great industries in this one small part of Manchester. Think about Trafford Park with the giant Metropolitan Vickers factory and many more.

Bill said...

I am glad I am at an age where earning a living is a necessity.

Should have read isn't a necessity

Anonymous said...

No longer do members of the public seek to benefit society with their knowledge their time,their
administration abilities as previously occurred.
90% are greed ridden,no real principles,seeking to cheat the system,and without conscience.
That is based on many years of living,and those Companies who closed down I new most well plus I could add at least another 20.
One of the largest changes to civilisation was the emergence of the advertising industry who dictate what you need,how to get it,and then move onto other delights you must have otherwise you are not living.
Advertising agencies are totally deficient of consciences and if you cannot afford it they will
scape your own barrel totally by the money lending schemes or the gambling upsurge of companies.
The UK has been corrupted with no turning back and if you cannot live within your means you can always turn to drug or alcohol
Why bring children into this deplorable society when there is no-one to trust anymore and fear dominates your mind.

Anonymous said...

I agree because once upon a time you trusted Solicitors,Police,Hospitals Doctors,Neighbours and Clerics of all Religions and Politicians,
whereas you cannot afford to show any minute trust to any of these previous bed rocks of society groups I indicate.
Where can the future generations of children turn too.
More and more the end of their lives in this seething cauldron of shit we all endure.
What has been created is gigantic doses of evil and even the Churches are no longer a refuge of sanity and good deeds when molestations are exposed every week.

Abnormal, the new normal said...

Basic values, a punishment based criminal justice system and the extermination of the corrupters and all evildoers is what's required.

National Socialist British Workers Association said...

Re the Workfare leaflets, I wonder what the Tameside Unemployed Workers Association's position is on the mass importation of cheap foreign labour, because that is undoubtedly the biggest cause of the problem they claim to be addressing.

Alf Garnett said...


SerpentSlayer said...

UKIP are globalists, they are the men who in the 1980s were wholly behind Thatchers gutting of British industry.
They oppose white European immigration to Britain, but ignore the mass their world immigration that will see our country exterminated.
They can get us out of Europe, but that's our last stop. The rest of the journey we'll have to walk and hope some kind of movement comes along to take us to national salvation.