Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Osama Bin Laden Spotted In Denton

I was driving through Denton this afternoon and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I caught a glimpse of Osama Bin Laden out of the corner of my eye so I had to stop for a better look. This did tickle me and young Osama even agreed to pose for a picture. It is obviously a mask but it is very realistic (click on image to see in greater detail). I could imagine some Über PC school teacher having kittens over this. The harmless fun of blacking up is now seriously frowned upon in PC Land (formerly known as Britain) so God only knows what the PC Brigade would make of a white schoolboy making himself look like a revered Islamic hero.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he was celebrating the fact that the mosque has been rejected with a good pisstake.

The Professionals said...

It was probably bought for Halloween. Imagine seeing that when riding the ghost train.

Bill said...

It's only a matter of time

what does this guy do to earn £50,000 a year said...

John Taylor ‏@JohnWagTaylor 10h

Anyone viewing Britain on the fiddle 9 pm Wednesdays BBC1all sorts of fiddles benefits cheats all say the same...



Anonymous said...

You should all recognise we are all living in one gigantic conspiracy to keep the british in even tighter controls.
Whatever your politics the advisory groups to both main party`s are growing at an increasing pace to advise on much tighter controls.
The influx of immigrants and protection they are offered is just a part of diluting the effectiveness
of how the natural born british people were once
capable and eager to take Governments on.
That capability and desire
has been killed off by fear tactics implemented.
Labour were the originators of this diluting policy through immigration in order to remain in power and it worked for years.
The anti immigration groups were crushed and the next target is UKIP
as we approach the next elections and there will be one almighty organised
objective to discredit this new alternative whilst using the spooks and all media sources to get into the lives of UKIP members and use every tactic to discredit every UKIP member.
The bonds you have with Labour and Tory for all your family generations have to be broken otherwise we will go even further back into the middle ages serfs, made to control every element of your lives.
Watch out for other groups based abroad who are already on our ladder and want to share our domination.

Anonymous said...

All you need to be is a foreigner with a dislike for someone, then you can play the race card against them.
Then you can add on to that what you wish.
The foreigner has power over the Englishman and woman.
We are slaves in our own land now.

Anonymous said...

"I regular monitor the Tameside citizen and other blogs that Roy West is known to visit"
Mr Ivan Wright new charter housing tenancy enforcer.

John Vann said...

@ Anonymous 09:58, true. All they've got to do is SAY someone made a remark and they PERCEIVED it was racist.
Lunatics, traitors and internationalists with hidden agndas are now making our LAWS. That's how bad things are.

Anonymous said...

It would seem TC was right, the islamisation of Stalybridge has been put into check, at least for the time being.

Front page of today's Advertiser - council chiefs reject plan on basis of parking space (the lack thereof) and potential congestion about the site.

Bill said...

Alf Garnett said...

I think west needs baning off this blog

Roy West Corruption Slayer said...

Roy is a good man, a virtuous man and a champion of the people. I say West stays.

BBC paedophile Ring TV Licence said...

Roy West talks about BBC paedophile Ring TV Licence

Alf Garnett said...

im paying for his internet and probably yours so i say he needs baning

SerpentSlayer said...

It's a good job we have upstanding posters like you Alf to expose Roy as a pest. He seems to be coasting off the endless leafleting, political campaigning and exposure of Councillors expenses and using it as an excuse to defend himself against unwarranted attacks by people who can't spell but feel the need to type rubbish nonetheless.

His exposure of collusion between local authorities and so-called charities and exposing the persecution he is faced with is really getting in the way of reading Alf's inarticulate and unfocussed grumbles and I hope TC clamps down soon.