Friday, 1 November 2013

Interesting Artwork

I am surprised this somewhat raunchy image on a tattoo shop in the centre of Hyde has not attracted complaints from members of The Community or at least from liberal do-gooders expressing outrage on their behalf. In the past members of The Community have taken grave offence at such public displays of nudity and in some cases they have resorted to criminal acts in an effort to have offending images removed from public display.

The image itself is skilfully painted and it is definitely interesting to look at. I am sure everyone who looks at it has their own thoughts as to what the message is. My interpretation is of what some parents might secretly think when their angelic daughter introduces them to her new boyfriend of whom they disprove. She is the pure angel and he is the devil about to seduce her. If you want to see the image in greater detail click on the picture to enlarge and let us know what you make of it?


Anonymous said...

Send Don Jolley round with a brick.
No-0ne would question a Vicar.

Civil War Looming In Greece said...

Two Golden Dawn members killed in drive-by shooting outside Athens office

Third member of far-right Greek party severely injured in what police call 'terrorist attack'

Crisis-plagued Greece was thrown into further turmoil on Friday after two members of the far-right Golden Dawn party were shot dead in what police called a "terrorist attack" outside one of the organisation's offices in Athens.

Two men, described as a 20 and 23-year-old, died instantly in the drive-by shooting, according to a statement released by the extremist group.

"Two helmeted terrorists on a motorbike stopped in front of Golden Dawn's offices in [the northern Athens suburb of] Neo Iraklio while the office was open and a lot of people were [gathered around] its entrance," said the party.

"The co-rider got off [the bike] and in cold blood executed two young men at a distance of about half a metre. Before leaving the terrorists fired again … they literally emptied their weapons [of bullets] on top of them."

A third Golden Dawn member, identified as a 29-year-old father of one, was fighting for his life in an Athens hospital after being severely injured in the hail of gunfire.

"His situation is very critical," the country's health minister Adonis Georgiadis told Skai TV.

Anonymous said...

The Israeli Government Air Force are attacking other Middle East Countries and are angry that the USA are leaking the information.

More requests to bomb Iran.
Will we see the LFI members at Ringway with their Israeli flag waving as they set off to do battle alongside Israeli military.
Looks like its hotting up but not in the UK media.

Anonymous said...

Vicar said at Trevors funeral yesterday "you can't say anything these days without upsetting someone"

Anonymous said...

Paranoid visitors

We didn't start the fire said...

Why bother what a few kids in Greece do. Shi*s been happening all around all the time, spending too much time on line means you can read too much about stuff nobody gives a damn,

SerpentSlayer said...

Its meaningless of course, just like how people go on about that Serbian fellow shooting an archduke hundred years ago. All meaningless trivia that can't affect our little bubble in anyway.

Anonymous said...

@ We didn't start the fire, great contribution to the debate.

M Branson said...

Very intricate artwork indeed and I've stood at the bus stop opposite and admired it a few times whilst waiting for the next 330 (which sometimes gives me plenty of time to do so before its arrival!). A lot of tattoos seem to be of people with wings on. I've never thought to interpret it before, so I'm with your interpretation!

Speaking of shops, just over in Glossop is a campaign to stop the historic and charming shop unit that until recently was Finlay McKinlay's pharmacy - there for decades, all original features, a part of Glossop's heritage (I think it's listed?) - from becoming another faceless bookies. They've already ripped out and sold much of the interior on eBay!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the input M Branson. I will sign now.