Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Secret war on the disabled in Tameside‏

First of all where to start on this article, we must begin with real life stories in this secret war against the disabled and vulnerable in our community.

A man known as Taffy, he was a drinker in Ashton and Stalybridge served his nation in the army. Taffy was blind and had a guide dog he also had liver cancer. He was called into the job centre for an interview. Taffy told me all about what was asked of him which I could not believe. Taffy is no longer with us he died not so long after being hounded by the job centre.

Another recent persecution of the disabled comes to mind of a man in Dukinfield that walks around with an oxygen tank on his back because he can't breath without it has been told he's fit for work, and yes believe it or not, a man that's been given a year to live has been told he's fit for work.

A number of suicides in Tameside have been hushed up, these were people killing themselves after coming out of Tameside mental hospital to hear the news from the job centre saying they were fit to work.

The Coalition government have declared war on the vulnerable in our society. In their eagerness to get the work shy back to work, they have caught in their nets the most vulnerable in our society. With more savage cuts to follow, we will see the tragedy unfold with more suicides homelessness and poverty.

The coalition cuts are savage and will only result in personal hardship for many family's. 

We are subject to oppression and hardship from two front. The coalition government and the rancid Labour Mafia, gravy train riders on Tameside council. 

All this can only stop when people realise the power that exists in their own hands to change things. Don't vote like sheep and be led by the nose by politicians that care only about the gravy train and their bloated bank accounts.

Someone told me the other day "you don't know what poverty is mate we lived in the 30's and 40's". I understand that the hardship back then was far worse to live with but you can't ignore the crimes of the traitorous politicians that rule over us now.

One other matter under discussion how come, that all the immigrants especially the Polish in Ashton know where to go for the free food handouts? Why do we have a situation where British folk live in poverty and new comers go straight to theses places for free food handouts? If you want more of the same just keep on voting for the same old bunch of greedy self centred politicians.

The above article is from a Tameside resident who feels very strongly about welfare cuts which are having a heavy impact on some of the most vulnerable people in society. Tameside Citizen


Expect nowt from some people and that is precisely what you'll get said...

People with conditions with a diagnostic cause shouldn't be treated like this.
The scum parasites however should be MADE to work.
There are of course people in grey areas, like 'depression' (only in the west) and the self inflicted 'ill' such as p***heads.

Those who've given up shouldn't be propped up by those who haven't.

SerpentSlayer said...

The whole benefits system has gone from over generous to punitive to all but the most undeserving (the massive families of the workshy who prospered under Labour)
We swing from one extreme to the next, the ordinary person always losing out. All the while prices increase and the wealthy prosper. Its almost as if they want a revolution.

Anonymous said...

Screw the system for all you can get out of it I say. Working class wages in Cameron's Britain certainly won't put a decent roof over your family's head that you can one day call your own. Slog your guts out to line the pockets of some greedy landlord and retire in an Islamic Britain aged 70 with a pension worth naff all in a nation utterly wrecked??

No thanks, only an idiot would entertain that and there are plenty of them around. Our society, our country, the whole -ing system is -ed, and why anyone growing up today should do anything other than look after no.1is anyone's guess. And if in some cases that means benefits then neither I (nor anyone else) is qualified to start pointing the holier than thou finger.

Ukip 2014 said...

It's only right that cripples work if they are able to. For far too long we have been drained financially by paying benefits to people who could work but who choose not to.

Cameron's Jobcentre Plus said...

Cameron and Osbourne like to be hard and uncompromising on the vulnerable. I suppose when your born with a silver spoon in your gob and have only ever known wealth and privilege, the shock to discover some of the serfs dare to avoid destitution by signing on.

tonydj said...

Check THIS out:=

If the establishment are so upset about an inflatable rat (!!?) then it's time we got one! If some of the local persecutors got personal visits like this they might be reluctant to carry on with their foul deeds! I recall New Charter got VERY upset about their senior managers' details appearing on the internet.

"We are bound only by the limits of our own imagination."

Anonymous said...

Yes good point tonydj I seem to remember that was the case, where the Judge slammed new charter for wasting his time.
Having to read through all the posts on this blog.
New charter went to court and produced hundreds of posts printed off from this blog.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe the wicked intentions of Alan Kibble (new charter enforcer) trying to put me in the frame for that crowbar attack on a new charter office.
But when he came round to the house hammering on the door like that, I knew what kind of man he was.
Bully boy tactics.

Out of the past said...

Didn't he used to be a copper?

Pray For Blood said...

@ Anonymous 23:29, Things may come to a head long before that as the indigenous population wakes up to the reality of their impending destruction. Survival is instinctive and when a people is confronted with oblivion anything can happen.
There ARE an increasing number of greedy exploitative employers. The problem is the workers aren't respected for their sweat under 'New Capitalism' i.e. globalisation, they're just seen as a mass of units to be exploited for ever greater profit by pigs in human form.
You're right that, at the current rate of immigration, plus immigrant birth rates (especially Muslims who are increasing massively faster than any other group) plus ongoing Islamification there appears to be very little for the indigenous British to look forward to.
It isn't too late for the British to take their destiny in their own hands but if drastic action isn't taken it very soon will be.

Anonymous said...

"It isn't too late for the British to take their destiny in their own hands but if drastic action isn't taken it very soon will be."

Yes it is. But unfortunately many in denial will still be parroting that year after decade after decade.

Pray For Blood said...

Anonymous, 20:04: Translation: I've given up because it's easier and it's annoying that others haven't.

Anonymous said...

Out of the past said...
Didn't he used to be a copper?

Somewhat more than just a copper pal,but now another protector pawn in the TMBC spread of tentacles.
They have numerous sycophantic well paid pawns dotted around Tameside ready to pounce on behalf of their masters.
The use of the word Masters
would be better described as "sleazy corrupt crap heads".

SerpentSlayer said...

Two comrades killed in Hellas. The communists have potentially kicked up a storm that they will not be able to weather. Should our comrades in Greece not hold their fire, the Communists will be obliterated.
Personally I am itching for it, with control of the legislature of European Nations, we are powerless to act legally against the reds in any meaningful way. Open war puts things in the favour of European Nationalists, by definition we are braver, keener minded and more physically able than our opponents, and this time they dont have unlimited manpower.

Click here to see GD leader detained by secret police with identical weapons said...

Was it Communists responsible or the Greek secret police? The assassins used a Greek manufactured variant of the HK MP5. Only the state has access to these weapons.

Anonymous said...

@UK2014 .... You wrote "it's only right that cripples work". Firstly, kindly refer to them as Disabled. Secondly, most disabled people DO want to work yet they are discriminated against for being disabled. Those with mental health issues are deliberately being targeted by work-place bullies who think it's "fun" to pick on the vulnerable and those with physical disabilities are often ostracized and being bullied too (such as calling them all cripples)! There is too much Apathy (indifferent to the suffering of others) and not enough compassion being shown to our most vulnerable in society. What makes me so sad is reading comments from those who would rather troll the internet and make disparaging and cruel remarks, rather than become educated and look at the bigger picture. If you want to point the finger and blame the disabled for being disabled, the poor for being poor, the sick for being sick and the unemployed for being unemployed without knowing their personal battles, it says a lot about your own character.