Thursday, 7 November 2013

Gorse Hall Investigation 2013 - Paranormal Activity?

For more on the Gorse Hall mystery click here.


Anonymous said...

No Ghost,No George,No Man in Black,No Orbs,No Missiles Thrown well what do expect on a windy,damp night !!
George was probably sat in the snug in the Stalybridge Pub chucking beer glasses around for fun.

Tamesider said...

There are some weirdos about.

SerpentSlayer said...

Yes, but we do have feelings you know!

Anonymous said...

Tameside Council promoting and maintaining high standards of conduct by Councillors
The chair of the Standards Committee is Ms Valerie Bracken. The other members of the committee are:
Mrs Jacqueline Barnes Mr David Berry
Town Councillor Valerie Carter, Mossley Town Council Representative (nominated substitute Town Councillor Anthony Milne)
Councillors Joe Kitchen, Jackie Lane, Susan Quinn and Michael Smith
Councillor John Bell (nominated substitute Councillor Doreen Dickinson)
7A. Information which is subject to any
Obligation of confidentiality.
Applies to Standards Committee only.
7B.Information which relates in any way to matters concerning national security
Applies to Standards Committee only.
7C. The deliberations of a Standards Committee or of a sub-committee of a Standards Committee, established under the provisions of Part 3 of the Local Government Act 2000, in reaching any finding on a matter referred under the provisions of Section 60(2) or (3), 64(2), 70(4) or (5) or 72(2) of that Act.
Applies to Standards Committee only.
Conclusion decided.
So the suggested non impartial group with Labour dominated members sew your complaints up,and do not have to release their findings. Tails you lose,Heads you lose.
(Joseph Stalin methods live on in 2013)

Won`t get fooled again said...

We know it's a Mafia but fools vote for them every time, with a bit of corruption thrown in there for good measure.

Anonymous said...

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

Anonymous said...

Another week for a local MP
Another example of him being a hypocrite and his obvious contempt for Tamesider`s,as he is found to have put an expenses claim in for his own fuel bill which comes out of YOUR POCKET in the latest expenses scandal exposed. Then within days has the audacity to question the Department of Health as to its fuel costs.

Andrew Gwynne: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how much his
Department and each of its non-departmental bodies spent on their energy costs.

MPs claim thousands for energy bills on second homes
Andrew Gwynne (Lab) – Denton and Reddish - £305.23

You get yourself a local Pirate when you vote Labour.

Anonymous said...

And thug!

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Reynolds: May we have a statement on the plans for a
trans-Pennine transport feasibility study, which the Chief Secretary to
the Treasury announced in June? That will directly affect the
Longdendale area of my constituency, which is heavily congested. I first
wrote to the Department for Transport at the end of June to follow up on
that welcome announcement and have contacted the Department three

This bleating MP believes
his constituents should have NO TRAFFIC CONGESTION AT ALL.whereas the rest of the folk along the M67 route to the M60 have miles of queuing traffic every morning and night.
Did Gwynne stand up and state his constituents suffer more from traffic congestion than any seen where Reynolds represents No he wouldn't because he has an inbuilt contempt for the 47,000 folk who have vast volumes of traffic to put up with daily.

Tory attacks Farage over immigration stance said...

Did anyone watch the Question Time debate on BBC1 last night? The Ukip boss was on the panel and was attacked by a disgusting pro open borders Tory MP. It was an unbelievable charade dressed up as a serious debate. She was rolling out all the usual guff about diversity being our strength etc. A complete joke!

John Vann said...

Longdendalers are exepmpt from such things as traffic congestion, didn't you know. And if a massive chunk of our most important rural heritage, beauty and serenity has to be decimated then that's just tough s**t.

Anonymous said...

Anna Soubry and her leftie -Tory ilk, UKIP's best weapon.

Anonymous said...

Since (presumably) the Longdendale by-pass would be built in Longdendale, then it's rural Longdendale that will suffer and presumably therefore it's not really anybody's business other than 'Longdendalers'.

Unless that is Dentonians have been granted even more special status which not only empowers them to dictate to all & sundry for miles around on their roads in their towns, but also exactly how they are to manage their local rural landscape.

Next thing you know there'll be a Denton petition about Manchester's second runway diverting a few too many Canada Geese over their way dumping toxic levels of poo over local kindergartens and MacMillan cancer care homes.

John Vann said...

It's everyone's business who cares about and uses our borough's few remaining genuinely wild, sizeable areas of rural space. No-one, however arrogant, OWNS Longdendale.

Anonymous said...

"No-one, however arrogant, OWNS Longdendale."

Try telling that to the people of Denton *cough*

John Vann said...

'It's not really anyone's business other than Longdendalers.' Now THAT'S arrogant.