Friday, 8 November 2013

Aircraft Wrecks of Kinder Remembrance Day Walk 10 Nov 2013

Click here for more info. If you are tempted to go on this walk/pilgrimage you will have to be physically fit as it over nine miles long and much of it is up hill over boggy terrain.

I filmed the video above last June and while this particular wreck is on Bleaklow and the Rembrance Sunday walk is on Kinder, you can expect to encounter a similar kind of terrain and landscape should you wish to participate.

On the subject of war and our glorious dead, a TC reader set me this link to an article in the Independent by Robert Fisk. Fisk writes about something that I am sure many of us think about at this time of year and that is the hypocrites and totally unworthy who adorn themselves with poppies. Fisk cannot be faulted when he states that many of the people he talks of would not know the difference between the Dardanelles and the Somme. How true is that? On a personal note I must comment on how my TV screen was recently polluted by footage of the odious Harriet Harman and yes, she too was wearing a poppy. Now if that is not an affront to our war patriotic fallen I don't know what is!


Bill said...

Fisk is correct when he states that the poppy has become a fashion accessory. The hypocritical politicians who send our youth to be cannon fodder in distant lands wouldn't have the balls to lead the front line. If they had to there would be no more conflicts - guaranteed.

They cannot even equip the servicemen and women properly but can find billions for foreign aid to donate to countries that don't need it and in some cases don't even want it.

If I was younger would I fight for this ....hole of a country, not a chance.

Anonymous said...

I would not die for these rancid traitorous, politicians.
I wear a poppy, but I don't give to the people standing in Ashton asking for help for heroes.

Anonymous said...

I was in Ashton the other week a guy comes up to me waving a tin in my face "help the heroes mate"
"no thanks I don't agree with politicians wars"
"their fighting for you mate"
"are you fucking kidding me mate,
"why do you have to stand in the pissing rain begging for British soldiers"
"well mate"
"look go a beg the rancid politicians that send them to pointless wars for the new world order"
"well their fighting for you mate for freedom"
"I've got nothing against Muslims in the middle east"
"well I think you should support our troops over their"
"but why I've told you I told support politicians wars"

Anonymous said...

I have grown to detest this help for heroes nonsense.
Giving money to wars that have nothing to do with us.
These are politicians wars, if you want to help people give support to the poor Palestinians subjected to vile living conditions.
Bulldozed out of their homes by Andrew Gwynne's Zionist friends.
To be a Palestinian it means to live lower than a dog.
You've really no idea have you? you vote Labour friends of Israel with no concern for the people of the West Bank.

The enemy within said...

If you were in the army in the 70s and 80s you'd have been sent to areas like Northern Ireland to defend the Union and British interests.
What the F**K are we doing in S**tganistan etc. Senior British soldiers on TV talking about the 'education of wimmin' and 'Nayshunbuilding' thousands of miles away in backwards hellholes. Who cares? What's the point anyway with the exponential Islamification of our homeland.
These lands and their internal affairs have got nothing to do with us. Troops at home would do a far better job of keeping us safe, but the government is in the process of miniaturising the armed forces and in the meantime wants to keep a significant number abroad in case of military opposition to the establishment's ongoing project to destroy our nation and its identity.
If an international force was sent into THIS country to oppress, destroy and interfere in our way of life I'D kill as many of them as I could get my hands on.

Anonymous said...

Because of the state of Britain today, all these wars are bullshit politicians wars.
All this help for heroes is bullshit cover to pay for new world order wars.
Come Christmas people will be more concerned with money and food, not wars for oil and profit.
Oh you sad bastards.

SerpentSlayer said...

Well the army are sent to fight wars with nothing to do with us and get prosecuted for doing it if today is anything to go by.
On top of it, mass lay offs and an attempt to boost the TA, which was originally meant as a militia, by stating that once more join it, more regulars will be laid off.
They couldnt try and treat the military much worse and the military just take it, presumably because the Generals, Admirals and Commodores are kept well fed.

See you in Hell said...

I just think, you all deserve what you get, what's coming.
You've closed your eyes for years, allowed things to happen.
English means football, good piss up soaps TV shows.
Take the 201 bus to Manchester see the future.

Umbongo Umbongo, Dey drink it in de Congo said...

Take your multilingual phrasebook (not the one with English you won't need it) if you're going on the 201 Congo Express.

Bill said...

Here is another view about remembrance day and wearing a poppy.

"Remembrance day should be about much more than the military. It should be about millions of people who die in war without wearing a uniform."

6 million Jews died in the holocaust, including 1 million children, but they are never mentioned.

Anonymous said...

They're mentioned a lot, those who died in Stalin's Holodomor however virtually never are.