Saturday, 5 October 2013

My Time In Prison by Roy West

A number of people have asked me to write an article about my experience in prison so here is a small insight. More will follow in due course.

Standing in the dock, my solicitor whispered he's called up G4S. It was then that I knew my fate was a prison sentence.

I stood in the dock while my solicitor pleaded for responsible judgement in my case.

A police officer that visits my house at the drop of a hat was sat in court not giving evidence, which prompted my solicitor to ask for conformation as to the cost of having him sat there all day.

The journey to the prison was not a fearful one, nor was I afraid of anything. My sole thought was deep worry for the person/s left behind at home. I told her to be strong in heart and keep the faith of our fathers.

My first night was spent in a single cell with the night sound of others shouting and banging on their cell doors.

Next day was induction including the rules to obey and a run-down of the the punishments for not doing so. Which later I found curious as most of the rules were broken by seasoned insiders. But anyhow, we listened and filled out and signed forms.

I remember the officer giving the induction had a poppy and a flag on his tie.

After the first night we moved of the wing to another, I shared a cell with a seasoned insider a man that broke a policeman's nose.

We were locked 19 hours a day, on weekends it varied by a few hours here and there.

It was a very strange place to be considering I have never been in prison before in my life time, I was in the company of people talking about drugs, stabbing people, hurting people in a brutal ways.

All this time listening to the brutal world of seasoned insiders, I kept my focus on my loved ones on the outside. I kept in contact by phone on the wing, but you had to judge the time because the phones could be taken up by other cons.

We were locked up 19 hours a day, however you had an hour exercise and 45 minutes use of the gym if you wanted it.

I had three cell mates during my seven week incarceration, however there was only one that I felt at ease sharing with.

One thing I can say, that, I was known for being in the BNP, prison officers asked me if I was the Roy West in the papers. Insiders were coming in my cell with the newspaper articles about me.

There's not really much more to say except that my sole thoughts were constantly for Pauline, Mark, Carly and Mandy.

I would say this in my humble opinion, prison does not work only for lifers killers and so on.

It's a life time choice for most of them in there people commit crimes at Christmas just to get in prison and get a bed and food.

I leave it to the people to decided if they think I should have been sent to prison. My stint behind bars was at a cost to the tax payer of over £7,000. Was this money well spent? Was the world a safer place while Roy West was behind bars? Was the jailing of Roy west politically motivated? You decide!


day of the rope said...

There's no denying that his jailing was political and the little borstal boy thug come councillor was deeply involved right from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

There are others more deserving of jail. Like men who stub out cigarettes on the faces of young students.

"One who knows"

Alf Garnett said...

It should of been the nut house they put you in and left you there ?

Anonymous said...

Alf Garnett is trying to wind you up Roy. Don't take the bait and he will get bored and go away.

Alf Garnett said...

Im not trying to wind roy up pal its my opinion and its based by watching the actions of a very strange individual. I mean just look at this post,is he,s name Roy West or Ronnie Briggs in my opinion he needs to write a book and name it The Life and Times of a Loon.
This blog is like the nodding dog club and if you don,t nod and wag your tail along with everyone else they delete your post.

Chakrabarti wants more immigration not less said...


Density (pop./mi²)
England 1054
India 989
Japan 873
Pakistan 598
Germany 583
Italy 513
China 365
France 303

Worcestershire said...

Chakrabarti should stand for election if she wants to persistently 'gob off' in the national media. Personally I wish she'd 'f**k off'.

feck off said...

Another unelected, unrepresentative, know-it-all telling us what's what.

Shove-off and stop patronising us, Ms Chakrabati.

You: appointed, promoted beyond your abilities and with no idea of what ordinary people think of you and those like you, are part of the problem, not part of any solution.

Roll-on the day, and it WILL come, when we British and we English begin to repair the damage to our country done by the madness you and your ilk represent

An island off Europe, but not Britain said...

Being in the EU means we cannot stop the mass influx of the Romanian and Bulgarian hordes on January 1st.
The fact that England's population density is virtually the highest in the world and 350% higher than France for example, means WE ARE FULL, and a EURO 'one size fits all' immigration law does not suit US.
I don't agree with all UKIP's policies but they are absolutely correct in saying we need to pull out of the EU NOW. We cannot afford to wait four years for another referendum. With another worthless 'cast-iron' Cameron guarantee it would probably never take place anyway.
As for Chakrabarti she's got one of the worst cases of Slap Deficiency Syndrome I've ever seen.

Reimer said...

Hope you aren't too much the worse for your unwarranted ordeal, Roy. I hope to never have to suffer such an experience.

Best Wishes


Anonymous said...

You're jailing was definitely politically motivated Roy, you are a decent man who stands up for what you think is right, and it is right, you are not a coward unlike most of our own people in this country, which is a shame.

You are not along in your thinking, if I would spend 7 weeks in prison for standing up to the leftist bullies I would do it many times over and never give up until they get so fed up with sentencing me haha

Dukinfield And Ashton said...

When the police are not harassing members of Roy's family they keep an eye on him watching him do this (see link)

Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation said...

Just watched two back to back stories on the BBC news channel. The first expressing outrage at the fact that there are only eight professional Asian footballers in the football league and they quoted a disturbing fact that there are more Ashley's than Asians playing at a professional level. The suggestion was that negative stereotypes (racism) played a large roll in this national scandal. The closing statement was given by a black African woman who was the FA's diversity and equality officer. Next up a wondrous Hebrew manuscript discovered in Macclesfield. Cue sob stories about refugees, Nazi persecution etc.

I believe that Orwell had inside knowledge of the BBC when he penned 1984 and that his Ministry of Truth was in fact the BBC.

Reimer said...

Nobbled? And why haven't I heard before of anti-extremist group 'Quilliam'?


Click here said...

Talking of Orwell take a look at the GMP Tameside web page. It is not difficult to see what their priorities are when you discover two thirds of the whole Tameside page is devoted to reporting 'hate' crimes.

Is it a case of all victims of crime are equal but some are more equal than others?

Wikispooks The Quilliam Foundation said...

The Government regularly funds organisation which look radical but are really state tools.

Qulliam will likely be another.

They offer blandishments to radicals like Lennon and sweet talk them into a cul de sac. The victims have a good idea but things are damn unpleasant outside state approval and the feeling of being safe proves too much. Happens all the time. They convince themselves its a 'better way forward'.

Lennon will realise after a bit he's being used by the Government but by then he'll have no credibility. He certainly won't get any advancement hinted at. As with all state asset stuff like this they use you and dump you.

Well - who does fund Quilliam? The HOME OFFICE!!!!

SerpentSlayer said...

Robinson and co have betrayed their country to serve another, once a legitimate English/British government is established, they will be executed for treason.

Griffin makes some good points here said...

About the EDL betrayal.

Anonymous said...

When is the next thrilling instalment?

It's bloody kickaball, that's all said...

Why don't the BBC do a feature on the disproprtionate number of mixed race White/Afro-Caribbean professional footballers at the top level.
The fact is there's money at stake and these pros are consequently (and f**ing obviously) selected and bought on ABILITY. If race is a factor, as it clearly is in sprinting for example, so what.

I wear a Police uniform and take money to be a traitor said...

@ Clic Here 19:04, On the GMP site there's also a link to the Bangladeshi Welfare Association in Hyde. I wonder what would happen if someone set up an English Welfare Association in the Borough. I somehow doubt it would be on the GMP site and you just might get a knock on the door. But hey, we're not allowed to look after our own in our own country. The very word 'English' i.e White, gets up the nose of the Marxist, traitor, sell-out, spineless establishment.

Interference said...

35,000 members is why the EDL has suddenly developed 'problems'.

SerpentSlayer said...

The real problem with football is the all seated stands, corporate boxes, advertising, tv rights, players wages, constant buying and selling of players, the stock market, ownership of clubs by wealthy foreigners, I could go on forever.
Football has become all about wealthy elites and players, being funded by fans who are treated like cattle.
The people's game has been handed over to the elites, but naturally the commoners pay for it all. The only usefulness of football now (beyond the odd game for fitness and teambuilding by normal people maybe) is the ability to gather crowds of patriotic Englishman happy to have a scrap.
I do hope the EDL, it's own cancer removing itself, is put to good use by the remaining patriotic membership.

Old England said...

GMP recently got a 'Homo Heroes' award from the 'gay' community.
How did things get this warped?

'Nice' but incorrect said...

The world's first Malaria vaccine could be available worldwide by 2015.
This will result in yet another massive surge in the Third World population. Those who think this is a good thing can never explain why.

Anonymous said...

Sat eagerly anticipating the next thrilling instalment of Roy's rolls