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Guest Article From Bill From Tameside Walks

Book 1

I recently came across 2 old books that are now available free online. The first was brought to my attention by the TC commentor 'Alf Garnett' in a recent post. It was published in 1823 and written by James Butterworth of Coldhurst, Oldham. It is entitled 'History & Description Of The Town & Parish Of Ashton under Lyne In The County of Lancaster & The Village of Dukinfield In The County Of Chester'.

The title is certainly a mouth full but it is a fascinating account of the sparsely populated hamlets in and surrounding Ashton-under-Lyne. It also indicates how many well known street names originated. If you have the time and inclination it is well worth a read if only for the details of how people lived in that and previous centuries. There are some interesting facts about Ashton-under-Lyne and how Hartshead and Audenshaw were larger districts than they are today.

The Parish of Ashton-under-Lyne was divided into 4 divisions - Ashton Town, Audenshaw, Knott Lanes and Hartshead. It was mainly cultivated land and woodlands. The division of Knott Lanes included Park Bridge, Taunton, Holts, Alt, Lees and Austerlands. The Audenshaw division included Woodhouses, Waterhouses, Little Moss (sic), Shepley and Hooley Hill. The Hartshead division was the largest in Ashton-under-Lyne. It included Smallshaw, Hurst, Hazelhurst, Limehurst, Ridge Hill, Arlies, Luzley, Mossley and
Stayley Bridge (sic). Micklehurst, now in Mossley was then in the parish of Mottram-longden-dale (sic)

Peat for fuel was obtained from Ashton Moss. Pubs mentioned that are still in business today include the Pitt & Nelson & the Highland Laddie. These were meeting places for the many various societies and public bodies.

The 1823 book mentions a Tythe Stone on 'Twarle-hill' (sic). This where the farmers taxes were paid. The stone can still be seen today on Twirl Hill Lane. It is about 45 metres on the right from Lees Road, Hartshead. Click here to see the stone and click here for a link to the 1823 book.

Book 2

The second book was published in December 1841 and was written by Edwin Butterworth of Busk, Oldham. Edwin Butterworth was the son of James Butterworth. The book is entitled 'An Historical Account Of The Towns Of Ashton-under-Lyne, Stalybridge &Dukinfield'. This second publication gives a lot more detail of the old towns. Both books can be quite heavy going in places, with lots of geneology regarding the nobility and landed gentry of the time, but if you dig into them you will find many fascinating facts. The following are examples of the book's content.

In the afternoon of June 19th 1817 at 4:00 pm "an unusual darkness came on and prevailed about 20 minutes, during which period hailstones fell, or rather prisms of ice, of between four to six inches in diameter.”

The construction of Ashton Market commenced in 1828 and was opened on Saturday 2nd July 1830. Cotton had arrived and cotton spinning and weaving was the principal means of employment in the area. This was initially carried out in people's cottages but in 1839 there were 33 cotton mills "of moderate size" in the borough employing about 7,000 hands.

The canals from Manchester to Ashton-under-Lyne, Fairfield to Fairbottom, Waterhouses to Hollinwood and Clayton to Heaton Norris were built at a cost of £150,000 and were opened in 1797. Coal and lime were the main goods carried. The railway from Manchester to Sheffield, via Ashton-under-Lyne and the Woodhead Tunnel, was commenced in October 1838.

The book states that "the environs of Ashton and Stalybridge are decorated by the elegant mansions of the wealthy manufacturers". In 1775, shortly after the introduction of the cotton trade, there were 2,859 inhabitants in Ashton Town and 15,632 in the entire parish. This increased to 22,686 and 46,343 respectively in 1841. It is mentioned that at the time "the bulk of the population is in a deplorable state of ignorance and much addicted
to intemperance" – pretty similar to today then.

The streets were first lighted by gas in 1826. Dame Elizabeth Booth donated £2 per year "for the mayor, aldermen and common-council for a good-drinking". So the gravy train was in existence even then. A savings bank was formed in 1829. In 1833 £3,994 was deposited and in 1840 £5,355.

"The Ashton and Dukinfield Mechanics Institution" established a library in Warrington Street in 1825, although in 1840 only 153 people became members - 1 in 163 of the population of Ashton and it's surrounding suburbs. The library contained 791 volumes of
"well selected works".

"The district of Stayley, in the parish of Mottram-en-Longdendale, (sic) was formerly and is yet, in some degree, a wild and romantic region, interspersed with bold hills and the moorish gullies separating them. The scenery of the neighbourhood is bold and impressive; but those enemies to the picturesque - pit coal and steam engines, have diminished the natural beauties and substituted in their place employment for the poor and opulence for the wealthy."

"The views from the summit of 'The Wild Bank', elevated as it is are very extensive and though the axe of the woodman has prostrated the stately oaks there is still here much of grandeur and beauty."

"Thompson Cross received it's designation from a plain cross which stood at the junction of several narrow lanes."

In 1814 there were 12 factories in Stalybridge and in 1818 they had increased to 16. The site of the woods of Staley became a flourishing town and in 1841 the number of cotton mills was 32. The hands engaged in the factories were over 9,000. In 1833, the average wage of the hands was 13s 6d (67½p).

The mill owners "have huge factory like houses, dinners of puzzling variety, servants, everything of the costliest and best to administer to their sensuous wants, but where are there any indications of generous liberality? The yearly stagnation of their income generates nothing but a noxious desire to have a higher chimney or a bigger mill than their neighbours." No change here then.

In 1841 the population of Stalybridge was 21,000. this had increased from 5,500 in 1823 and from 140 in 1749. Click here for a link to read the the second buck. Have a read, especially the second book, I am sure you will find it interesting.

Many thanks to Bill for writing this truly fascinating article. Bill has a brilliant called Walks in Tameside. Be warned, if you are into walking and exploring Tameside and the wider area his website can become addictive as it is full of great information about exploring the great outdoors on our doorstep. The Tameside Walks website can be viewed by clicking here. Tameside Citizen


Anonymous said...

Well done Bill on this article.
Tameside Citizen is looking for independent contributions for more of these kind of articles.
Articles can range from political to Eco matters, housing matters.
Citizen has become a community blog so use it.

Alf Garnett said...

Hi Bill i told you it was a good book ? IT took me 4 years to find that book as i needed the info out of it and just to let you know we own the only TITHE BARN left in audenshaw ? and its a lovely building

Anonymous said...

What is a tithe barn?

Anonymous said...

How can you wown such a rare building Alf, what do you work as?

Alf Garnett said...

Im a hit man for mi5

Alf Garnett said...

sorry its called a threshing barn

Anonymous said...

And what do you thresh in it?

Identity said...

We should understand our roots, both local and national.

Londendale Lass said...

What a great read. I love local history.

tonydj said...

Excellent article Bill! As a history buff myself I heartily approve of any article, book, magazine etc which furthers knowledge of our past. Well done.

SerpentSlayer said...

Very interesting to hear of little moss and Audy as part of Ashton, it is my opinion that the constant boundary meddling is detrimental to peoples pride in their towns.
Droylsden too was once larger, encompassing Clayton also and as we know, along with Denton it was considered part of Manchester till the seventies. I still see it as a Mancunian town,though the history of Ashton and Dukinfield interests me more.
The surnames of the local nobility especially, makes me wonder if my partrilineal line is some kind of offshoot of nobility, strokes my ego no end.
Great article Bil, will have to visit the website more.

Curmudgeon said...

Well done Bill!

Great read.

Anonymous said...

Extremely interesting subject,and its amazing what comes out in the realms of history.
Having traced all lines of my ancestors over a 400 year period with occupations,addresses,
17th century wills where bequests of a pillow and bee hive were passed down,my list is now more than 350 individuals,which
really amplifies your respect for those down the coal mines,in the cotton mills,and those hardly able to eat who died young.
A 30 year old pastime throws out amazing tales of real hardships,deprivation and poverty including an documented ancestor who lived in 3 centuries 17th,18th and 19th born 1698 died aged 110 years.
Masses of information easily available and its like doing a large jigsaw,but well worthwhile.
John Hall
Thanks for this refreshing item Bill

Christina Edkins killing: said...

''He was mentally ill'', "a random attack" ''an unprovoked attack'', ''a motiveless crime'' , the usual ''explanations'' when confronted by a familiar pattern of terrible crimes against white folk in their homelands.

Why did he slaughter a white girl ? To the lie machine of Zion, this is too uncomfortable a truth...neither can it serve any purpose in the reinforcement of white guilt and shame.

So, another name to be forgotten, along with all the others.

Anonymous said...

Dukinfield In The News Again.
Murray's Funeral Directors in Tameside, Greater Manchester searched
Human remains have now been taken to a nearby creamatorium
Tameside Council officials also seized documents and other property
Probe was triggered by numerous complaints from the public

Anonymous said...

I don't follow what the story is about with the ashes in Dukinfield.Whats the allegation?

Human remains seized in Dukinfield raid said...

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: 'Police are carrying out enquiries at an address on Cheetham Hill Road, Dukinfield.

'This relates to an ongoing fraud investigation.

'Greater Manchester Police is working closely with Tameside Council in relation to this matter.'

Anonymous said...

The part I don't follow is what are the complains that have been made. Funeral directors generally deal with ashes. Whats the fraud thing about and what been said by numerous people.

I first heard about it this afternoon at on my lunch break at work. If a number of people have concerns why is that not in the news what they are concerned about?

anatomical institutes said...

I heard a rumour but the sake of living relatives I will not repeat it until I have more information.

What they could not lock up said...


Death To traitors said...

The government's going to deal with immigration by ensuring 'net migration' is reduced...maybe...perhaps.
Net migration simply means the rate at which the British poulation is replaced will be marginally slowed.
In other words, every year as a few hundred thousand Brits leave the Third World hellhole Britain is becoming they are replaced by fast breeding, cheap alien labour which suits the globalist parasites down to the ground. I mean, fancy expecting absurd and unreasonable things like a living wage and decent working conditions.
In any case the government cannot enforce this policy because under EU law in particular all citizens have free access to go where they want and if you lived in some of the cess pits of Europe, soft touch Britain which has manifestly lost all control of its own borders and population levels (so if you're a criminal it's very easy to disappear) would be extremely high on your list of desirable destinations.
Population in England, already virtually the most overcrowded country in the world, is becoming one of the most significant issues as our social, education, health, transport infratructure etc is put under massive and exponentially growing strain.
Class sizes for example were a massive issue a few years back when Blairites persistently hammered the Conservatives on the issue in the mid 90s. It was apparently 'vital' to get class sizes reduced. Now, as we learn that an extra 260,000 primary school places are going to be needed because of the exploding immigrant birthrate, the class size issue is added to the list of 'unmentionable' subjects. As is the real reason for the massive strains being put on the NHS and the transport network.
It's incomprehensible that anyone who cares about the survival of our country is STILL stupid or deluded enough to vote for the mainstream parties.

Grooming victim jailed for race abuse said...

This young woman should be getting help; not prison. The Establishment and the political elite destroyed her they can at least try and help her to get herself back together.

“She describes horrendous situations where as many as four men got in a car with her and abused her simply because they have provided her with drink,” said Mr Church-Taylor. “The ethnicity of these men isn't important.

Ethnicity might not be important to him but it is to this young woman and to anyone else with even the smallest inkling as to what is really happening to this country. It wasn't young White lads gang raping her it was Asians and this crime is predominately committed by Asians right across the country. And their victims are all very young White girls.

So yes Mr Church-Taylor ethnicity does matter and it is people like you who refuse to see reality that have allowed these crimes to multiply and spread right across Britain like a plague.

If ever there were mitigating circumstances, and remember that no one was hurt or property damaged. This is it.

This poor young woman has suffered trauma at the hands of Asian rapists, and when she has a relapse, instead of counselling she is imprisoned.

My God how far into the pits of despair is Britain going to fall?
Being jailed for 32 months for speech or saying something someone else does not like? She said the asian male made derogatory remarks to her first, or does that not count?

After what she went through I would expect her to feel that way. Ethnicity does play a role whether the judge agrees or not. Asians are the ones who repeatedly raped and assaulted her and Asians is who she fears and is angry towards. It is really pretty simple.

But now the victim IS jailed for saying something unpleasant.

White british said...

'What we need is a great big melting pot...'
And if you disagree with that you're evil (apparently).

SerpentSlayer said...

These sentences are on public record and retroactive legislation is not something I disagree with in relation to our present times.
Even my relatives, once ardent Labour supporters now think a revolution is not only likely but desirable. Bear in mind I'm talking about old ladies here as well as young men.
People are waiting, it seems to me, for some kind of step too far from the authorities combined with someone to lead them.
People want action but people also care more for their own safety, therefore unless an obviously tyrannical act is waged against innocents in full view (as a great local man once predicted, I won't name him, but he is sadly keeping out of politics presently) then people will be unwilling to act.
As we all know, most people are followers not leaders, and only vocal and heroic leadership will get them out of the trenches and into no-mans land.
It will take a leader of legendary magnitude to translate anger and will for self-determination into positive action and eventually a free England, but that man is destined to lead us.
Hitler knew that he preceded a man even greater (in his opinion, someone almost as great would be amazing) and I believe that man will be an Englishman.
I am convinced that a hero is being prepared for us, as only an Odinsman can be. Odin will be cultivating him even as I type.

Anonymous said...

Good post SS and I pray to God that you are right.

Games Without Frontiers said...

Great article Bill have you got anymore with the flavor of walls without Frontiers?

Bill said...

Good comment SS, let us hope that leader does emerge. I reluctantly have to agree that a revolution now seems the only way to save this country. If things do not alter quickly, then I fear for what the future holds for my grandchildren.

To keep voting in the 2 main parties is absolute madness. At the moment only UKIP appear to be the nearest to a viable electable alternative.

I confess to being a non voter in the past few elections but again apathy isn't the answer. If the 70% that don't or won't vote actually spoilt their votes, then maybe the powers that be might ask why.

All spoilt votes have to be counted so why not add another box 'None Of These' and tick that? That is what I intend to do at future elections if UKIP or any real alternative do not put forward a candidate.

Anonymous said...

When the Great battles of our fathers are played out once again, the stage will be set for Revolution.

The Greatest days of our lives said...


The Greatest player in the world scores said...


Anonymous said...

Bill tell us about building on greenbelt areas.

Death to Traitors said...

Bill, a spoilt ballot is virtually pointless. If you hate the establishment parties and there's no-one suitable on the paper then, a)Vote for the party you hate least or preferably,
b)Vote for the party that will do the most damage to the party you hate most.
Mass voter apathy and dumbing down have enabled the Lib/Lab/Con status quo that is destroying Britain to perpetuate.

I'm with Bill said...

But what about when you have only got the choice of Lib/Lab//Con? A vote for any of them just helps legitimise them and when faced with such a dilemma I always deface my ballot with something which I know will upset them at the count. The fact that people are so uninterested in voting for Establishment parties just reinforces the belief that they are a criminal cartel acting without the backing of the majority of people.

Death to Traitors said...

A massive vote for a NON-establishment party or parties would send out an extremely strong message about how sick people are of the status quo.
Spoiling the ballot paper as a tactic has virtually zero effect and such methods will not motivate people to vote - in this case for the least s**t option - as a protest against the mainstream. By voting for the party that will do the most damage to the main party/parties (even if it's just the ruling clique in your local area) people are actually taking part in the system BY THE RULES and defeating it the same way. Illegal spoiling tactics are very easy to dismiss and criticise by the establishment, legitimate votes are not.

Anonymous said...

So if you went to vote and the only parties on the ballot were Lib/Lab/Con who would you vote for? Which ever one you chose you would be voting and therefore legitimising a party which has done more to harm British interests than any foreign power has ever done.

Anonymous said...

Labour have had it too easy for too long around here. I'd vote Conservative just to give them a kick up the backside.

Lack of opposition has allowed them to take for granted they will always get in. We might as well have a bunch of dictators running the borough.

I don't know the answer but ts time for a big change how we vote. Mostly I blame party politics all they do is discredit the opponents instead of creating worthwhile policies. I'd like to see more independent MP's.

Anonymous said...

This debate is non sensible
just do what Politicians have told me is their greatest fear.
Don`t Vote and that should be canvassed.

Anonymous said...

Bill how can we stop them building on all the greenbelt now?

Nationalist and Socialist said...

Youth unemployment is at a record high. Jobs are scarce and I love the English countryside and do not wish it to be destroyed.

I do not want England swamped with Romanians and Albanians whose standard of living is far lower than ours. The free movement of labour without controls will not work. Then there are the gypsies.

But Ukip is a far right party that does not oppose the real cause of all this which is free market economics, the exploitation of cheap imported labour in order to keep costs down in unhealthy global competition. Neither Ukip nor any other party offers an economic solution to this. All they say is let us trade with whoever we choose. It doesn't work like that. We get goods from large low wage economies dumped on us. That is not "trade" ... it is economic suicide.

Ukip exploits nationalistic feeling but they are still the same old Tory capitalists. They exploit workers for profits ... wherever they come from.

19 months for a democratic solution. After that... said...

Good point. Theresa May was squirming like a pinned rat on Andrew Marr yesterday when he asked her about Nigel Farage's previous point about the deluge of Roamanians and Bulgarians we can expect AND CANNOT STOP, in a few weeks. Her reply was totally pathetic, neither she nor any member of the government has any intention of doing anything about it. So if you're on a housing, school or hospital waiting list or just sat in traffic expect the queues to start getting EVEN LONGER very very soon.

SerpentSlayer said...

Nationalist and Socialist, spot on. UKIP can only be used much like the local Tories, as an electoral battering ram against an entrenched establishment.
UKIP are pro-globalisation but they will claw back national sovereignty, which will help nurture patriotic sentiment and prevent EU mercenaries being deployed when mass protests and rioting break out.
I wish there was a political party we could vote for. The only groups I presently have any faith in are the movement for national salvation and national action, and both of the are in the 'we will see' stage.

radioman said...

I went to see the Tythe Stone recently as I was going up Lees Road and remembered it was there. I remember seeing it years ago when I was walking with my Dad.
It occurred to me how vulnerable it was to being stolen so I wrote to Tameside council asking if it was secure or should it be moved perhaps into the entrance of Ashton library.
I never did get the courtesy of a reply.

radioman said...

I went to see the Tythe Stone recently as I remembered it when I was going up Lees Road.
I first saw it years ago walking with my Dad when I was about 8 or 10 years old.
I wrote to Tameside council asking if it was secure or should it be moved to somewhere safer perhaps inside the entrance to Ashton library.
I never did get the courtesy of a reply.

radioman said...

I went to see the Tythe Stone recently as I remembered it when I was going up Lees Road.
I first saw it years ago walking with my Dad when I was about 8 or 10 years old.
I wrote to Tameside council asking if it was secure or should it be moved to somewhere safer perhaps inside the entrance to Ashton library.
I never did get the courtesy of a reply.