Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Jobs axed as Renold confirms closure of chains factory

Over 200 jobs will go after industrial chain manufacturer Renold confirmed it is closing its plant in Stockport.

In a statement the group said: “A project will now commence to close the majority of the facility with a small configured chain cell to be retained to service local market needs. “The project is expected to complete in the first quarter of the next financial year and further details will be included in the group's interim results statement on November 19.”

Dave Gorton of Unite Union said employees were devastated over the news. He said: “The staff have been working hard to keep the plant open since consultation began. “Many of the employees have been working at the plant for 30 to 40 years, and there are are generations of families who are now losing their jobs.
“This is devastating news for Renold staff. Read more: Manchester Evening News

It truly is devastating news for the staff and it is also another devastating blow to our once thriving manufacturing base. This country has been steadily de-industrialised over the last four decades. With this closure over 200 skilled workers will find themselves on the scrapheap with little prospect for well paid future employment. Their manufacturing know-how and skill will count for nothing in the cheap labour dog eat dog sweatshop economy our successive 'glorious' political leaders have created for us.

Important manufacturing skills and know-how is of vital importance for the future of this nation. Time after time we have witnessed closures such as this and barely a whimper is heard as our workers are condemned to the scrapheap as their jobs are exported overseas. This is the true essence of the evil brought about by unrestrained free market Capitalism. The wealth controllers have no concern for the well-being of loyal workers or strategic national interests, their only concern is personal gain and wealth accumulation - pretty much like your average politician! I will tell you one thing, no wartime enemy action could have ever brought about the level of devastation to our industrial base as uncontrolled free market Capitalism. Tameside Citizen


Leaves That Are Green said...

When will you ever learn?

Capitalism increasingly exists simply to feed itself said...

Remember the advice of senior politicians and gas company executives.
If your heating's too expensive you can:
1) Turn it off.
2) Wear a jumper.
3) Freeze to death.
Remember none of this applies to rich, greedy bastards like us but we still see fit to comment on it. Now stop bothering us when we're busy feeding at the trough like the subhuman pig t***s we are.

The Foreign Legion said...

Remember that you need to men of steel

'For the love of money is the root of all evil.' said...

Then, our industry was attacked by Fokkers. Nothing's changed much.

Anonymous said...

The trough pigs are laughing
at our feeble attempts to dislodge them.
How many countries have seen marches of demonstrators against political thugs (plenty across Europe)
When was the last time for instance did you see a non political march against the despotic TMBC and its deviants.

Lessons to learn said...

I watched a documentary on the backward totalitarian state of North Korea recently. What they do have however is an intense patriotism and sense of national unity.
They revere their culture, history, ancestors and unique Korean identity. They also venerate the traditional family as the building block of their nation and society (something strongly supported and backed by the state, what a contrast to the increasingly depraved west.)
The most noticeable thing in the entire two hours however was that despite the French documentary crew having extensive and reasonably unfettered access to normal, everyday events, activities and conversations etc, money was virtually never mentioned and is clearly simply a means of buying day to day goods and essentials, not the all powerful god it is increasingly regarded as in the west.

have a read of this said...


SerpentSlayer said...

If we had a reasonably intelligent population would we need to ban half of the things on that list?
Alcohol is wonderful, especially beers and meads, but people drink way too much and in inappropriate places. Drinking late around a campfire, swapping stories is an excellent way for people to bond, but getting drunk amongst crowds of strangers while electronic noise pounds at you? I don't see how any reasonably intelligent being could enjoy it. I tried it once and it bored and annoyed me while my idiot friends danced badly in a confined space surrounded by strangers too scared to have a fight (there was nothing else to do so I tried to encourage a few of the middle class types, are they all wusses?)

Anonymous said...

Just cop for this lot TC readers.

They are winning money from the mugs who contribute.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise
These bloody parasites know how to put your money into their own pockets

Anonymous said...

Leading GP attacks 'xenophobic' curb on health tourism after it is revealed that foreigners cost the NHS £2billion per year
Dr Clare Gerada, 51, chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners
Dr Clare Gerada of the Royal College of General Practitioners insisted doctors would not act as ‘a new border agency’.

Watch the build up of Doctors with family immigrant backgrounds who are taking over the BMA,searches on the BMA sites show an out of step proportion who are rising in administration positions
who are fighting the case for immigrants as this Doctor proves.

War or oblivion said...

The medical establishment is under the power of the government and will broadly have to do what they're told. However, as the government is too spineless to do anything meaningful about ANY immigration related issue there almost certainly isn't going to be much conflict between the two.
Wait until the upper echelons of the government itself are infested with aliens (the powers that be either think this will never happen or have turned a blind eye because they haven't got the guts to deal with the problem). Then it will literally be do or die for the British.

SerpentSlayer said...

I just wish I could see their faces when they realise they aren't going to get to the nearest helicopter in time.

Numbers Game said...

I see the number of employed people in the UK is at record levels. The unemployment rate is 7.6%.
'British' Muslims unemployment rate is 53% for men and 76% for women.
Good job they don't have big families as well isn't it and also make such stringent efforts to integrate, assimilate and learn about our culture isn't it.
No doubt it's really down to White racism. Any 'community' problems and failings are never their fault.

Numbers Game said...

That should be economic inactivity rate of 21% for the UK and 53% and 76% respectively for Muslim men and women. Not much better is it.

Anonymous said...

Hold on a minute SS, you went out with your mates, they had a dance and you just tried to start fights with strangers just because 'there was nothing else to do'?

More the actions of a pitiful sociopath than a 'reasonably intelligent being'.

SerpentSlayer said...

Dunno about being a sociopath, I'm guided by morals. I am some form of nutter, not sure which but the world would be rubbish without the mildly mad.
I was annoyed in a place I didn't like and there was plenty of posh types about, it was either that or chat up girls and I'm far better at fighting than all that pollava.