Wednesday, 23 October 2013

"Anything For A Vote"

So when is TMBC going to stop the fictitious real time pollution monitoring up two trees lane well away from roads, major highways and motorways? For more than twelve years you have accepted this farce where thousands are denied the legislated knowledge of knowing the PM2.5 Particulates and Nitrogen Dioxides levels.

I recall you chose to welcome the Mottram By Pass proposal which would have sent a further 40,000 vehicles mainly HGV`s down the M67 into Junction 24 M60. It seems like either you have changed your opinion completely, or its a future vote collecting scam. 

Your intentions need clarifying because you have slammed my campaigning for cleaner air for Tameside folk and suggested I move away to another locality where pollution is less. What exactly have YOU done during the past 12 years to lessen the air pollution in this AQMA location where a minimum of 47,000 of your constituents live and breathe chronic levels of toxins?

Your local Councillor close friends have pilloried me for my years of constant campaigning for children, babies and foetus to have cleaner air to breath in your constituency and you have been content and silent for years and never ever offered your support.

We are entitled to a full explanation of your years of ignoring this serious problem and why now have you released this cynical article pretending to have a keen interest in such matters. Surely it smacks of blaming the Conservatives and trying to eradicate yourself as being directly complicit in the harming of children`s lungs,and the resultant serious diseases and mortality rates of your own constituents?

You have never whatsoever been critical of your local council for denying numerous thousands of people of the facts of the toxins they ingest daily with a "real time air pollution monitoring station" in the vicinity of the M67/M60/A57 highways. preferring to back TMBC in suggesting the Two Trees monitoring site is representative of the air which 225,000 Tameside folk ingest.

I remain convinced this article is a deceptive and intended to dupe your constituents and create a totally false impression of your actual non action over many years. "Something an imposter would do".

You are again deceiving the electorate again with the 29,000 premature deaths attributed to air pollution linked diseases. The Commons Select Committee on environment issues under the Chairmanship of Tim Yeo MP two years ago released their findings after their investigations were concluded: 50,000 CITIZENS ANNUALLY EACH YEAR IN THE UK WAS THEIR FINDINGS, not your deliberate distorted 29,000. Time to stop peddling lies and tell the public of Tameside the truth.

Just check the truth out, not the spurious lies coming from the CMO Dame Sally Davies,and DEFRA which I can prove.

Why not declare the the facts of the diseases caused by Particulates as proven by Epidemiological highly qualified researchers across the world,such as Cancers, Lung Diseases, Heart Attacks, Strokes,COPD and Bronchitis, Dementia and Alzheimers, plus Kidney and Liver Diseases, Hearing loss in under 18 years,Foetus damage and aborted births caused by pregnant women living with 800 meters of major roads and motorways.

Tell the public that serious organ degeneration is being caused resulting from free radicals created from traffic related air pollution.

Blocking my postings will be made known to Tamesider`s that you prefer to hide the real facts with copies of these postings shown.

J Hall

The text above is from a Denton based community campaigner and environmental activist to his local MP. The article on the MP's website which prompted J Hall to to write can be viewed by clicking here. Tameside Citizen


SerpentSlayer said...

Integrity, Mr.Hall has it but "our" representatives do not it seems.

One only has to breath the air in Tameside or Manchester to realise how polluted we are. Every time I run I notice it.

Gangsters, spivs and cheats said...

Don't be so negative SS, it is a well known fact that we have the best politicians that money money can buy.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to Hall, he is big on bluster but short on facts.

Anonymous said...

Send all your concerns about stray cats to Andrew Gwynne MP.

Roy K West said...
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Anonymous said...

One of the "Worlds" most highly respected Professors
on Air Pollution toxins and Human Health damage.

Lilian Calderón-Garcidueñas, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences Environmental Toxicology.

Dear John: I read your e mail with deep interest and we do share the same concerns. Your hard work is greatly appreciated by people like me because basically share our love for science and truth, a combination not welcome by polticians anywhere. I am in a meeting away from home, to talk about another pathway to damage the brain in young children (paper coming) so there is plenty of evidence of what pollution is doing to people, and plenty of deaf ears. Keep working, we are all on the same boat, you have my full support.My very best,Lilian

I first communicated with Lilian year 2000 and she is well aware of Politicians deliberate avoidance of the many diseases and numerous deaths.
All Gwynne has done is E.Mail his sordid comments to the organisations he refers to in his scam article and get a reply from people who DO NOT KNOW HIM AND HIS DISGUSTING TOTAL AVOIDANCE OF WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN TAMESIDE.
How low can a person get in life,its staggering and vile what these people are capable of.

Roy K West said...
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Anonymous said...

From what I read your back to your old ways of deception Gwynne.

Its game set and match Gwynne so take yourself off.

During the recent Commons recess for summer holidays did you cease putting your grocery food bills at the supermarket for food whilst you were holiday like you did previously before you were found out by the Expenses fiddle investigation.
We deserve far better than your devious type.

Anonymous said...

Yet another trying to take the credit by Gwynne.

Reddish Vale technology college in my constituency was the first co-operative trust school to be established under the

Education and Inspections Act 2006. The Reddish part of my constituency is a deprived community and it has used the excellence at that school to engage with the wider community and to spread those co-operative values not just within the school community, but to the wider Reddish community. Is that not an example of co-operation in action?

The excellence of Schools comes from its teachers not the the parasitic politicians who cling onto anyone's back for a vote.

How anyone like you gets to be an MP defies all logic with your track record.

Anonymous said...

Hall has no credibility, don't listen to his biased ranting. Hall, cannot even explain why life expectancy in his locality is the highest in the borough despite his ludicrous claims of deadly levels of airborne toxins. What it boils down to is Hall doesn't like living near to a motorway junction. Instead if ranting and raving he should bugger off elsewhere and leave us in peace.

Anonymous said...

Gwynne supports the Greater Israel plan.
Since he was exposed as being the chairman of the Labour friends Israel, he's gone silent on the middle east murder gang.



Well done J Hall said...

It is great people such as J Hall, Curmudgeon and others who prevent these out of touch politicians from doing more damage than they have already done.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Hall has no credibility, don't listen to his biased ranting. Hall

All this from a little snot female who is Gwynne`s spokesperson.
another devious person who was found lying big time
to the world and known by Gwynne at the time.

And of the third who are white, many are Eastern European economic migrants said...

Fewer than a third of Birmingham schoolchildren are white, report finds.

Less than a third of Birmingham school pupils are now white, with Asian students making up more than 40 per cent of the classroom population, figures show.

And a quarter of people in Birmingham as a whole are now born outside the UK, a report into the city’s changing demographics has revealed.

Asian students form the single biggest ethnic group in schools, with 13,248 pupils or 44.3 per cent of the population, according to a report for the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership.

Meanwhile white pupils account for 31.4 per cent of the school-aged population and black students 13 per cent.

Pupils came from a total of 87 distinct ethnic groups and spoke a reported 108 different languages at home.

The study highlighted one school alone in which 31 languages were spoken by students.

Outside of schools, a total of 238,313 of Birmingham’s million-strong population was born outside of the UK, with 45 per cent of foreign nationals having arrived in the last decade, the report said.

"Population estimates put the non-white population at around 451,000. Pakistani was the largest minority group, followed by Indian and Black Caribbean,” the authors wrote.

And the report, which was sent to showed that Birmingham is now among the most youthful cities in Europe.

Around 22 per cent of its population was aged under 15, while almost 46 per cent was under 30 - compared with the national average of 37.6 per cent.

Anonymous said...

Part 1.
How your MP and Local Politicians trawl their nets using a devious fork tongue to get votes from the sick,disabled and dying with outright lies as to their concerns.

BIG COLLECTION at Portwood Tesco for Diabetes UK – local MP Andrew Gwynne joins team

"Regards Health in your Constituency come off it
you welcome the increasing toxins being stuffed into the children and babies lungs,because of your backing for the Mottram ByPass scheme ensuring
thousands more HGV`s onto Denton and Audenshaw roads and motorways,"

Denton and Reddish MP Andrew Gwynne has retained his position as a Shadow Health Minister in the 2013 Labour Opposition Reshuffle.“I am absolutely delighted to have been asked by Ed Miliband to remain in Labour’s Shadow Health team. It’s been great to work alongside Andy Burnham for the past two years.

"Shadow Health Minister" eh what an absolute disgrace to appoint someone whose constitients
who get stuffed daily with huge levels of health destroying toxins because of your past decisions
and gross negligence,and for years and years has turned his back on this scandal.As for A Burnham MP
your close mate, his role in overseeing deaths galore in the NHS shambles under Labour makes him someone who has the normal required attribute for a politician no conscience and incredibly thick skinned.

Andrew recently visited the Dementia Café in Victoria Park. It is a joint initiative with Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Age UK, the Alzheimer’s Society and Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council. Andrew dropped in to meet staff and those who use the Café.

"Did you tell these desperate suffering people what is directly linked to Alzheimers and Dementia
the bloody traffic related air pollution you have ignored for 12 years and even threatened me for continuing my exposures and campaigning, with Legal Action for harrassment,and then stated you no longer would represent me (strange how an honest environmental campaigner should be shunned).someone how wants kids and babies to have cleaner air in your pollution laden constituency,one of the worst regions in the North,which you stated in a letter which was not intended for the public."
for the public."

I attended the event and was proud to walk alongside doctors, nurses and other front-line NHS March iNHS staff from all parts of the country who had given up their Sunday in the hope of making their voice heard.

"Would you march on TMBC Offices to get their scandalous air pollution monitors off the open field up two trees lane ,away from roads,highways,and motorways where it was put 15 years ago to tell the 225,000 Tameside folk what pollution they were daily ingesting ??.TMBC and its politicians should be charged with complicity to fake the levels of toxins which places thousands at risk of serious diseases and death."

Anonymous said...

Part 2
“This speech by the Labour leader set out many of the common sense policies that people in Tameside and Stockport have been crying out for. It shows that the Labour Party is in touch with the concerns of hardworking families.

"Your and your Labour mates liar Tony Blair and Gordon Brown put the UK into the worst dire financial crisis since the 1930`s and you are in touch with what,?? deceptions,duplicity and negligence."

I am astounded to see such a shift in Councillor Colin White’s beliefs and principles, as stated in the article, and wonder what the residents of Audenshaw will make of that. Councillor Colin White was last elected in 2010 as a Labour Councillor for Audenshaw promoting the Labour Party’s policies and principles. Does he now intend to stand for election in Audenshaw in the 2014 local elections promoting the Conservative Party’s policies? I think the electors of Audenshaw will see through that shallow shift.

"Shallow shift you say,well you could get new years accolades for your shifty methods and complicity in
denying Tamesiders their right to know what toxin levels they ingest."

Andrew Gwynne MP said,
“These events are always fantastic in building up a strong rapport between MPs and young people. I find it fascinating to hear how passionate young people are about their communities and the dynamic ideas that they have.

"How dare you appeal to the scouting movement for your next block of votes,your use of young folk
displays your Anything For A Voter objective has always been obvious.

SPICE INN Highly Commended in 2013 Tiffin Cup
The Spice Inn Indian Restaurant in Haughton Green has been ‘Highly Commended’ in the prestigious Tiffin Cup competition.
The Spice Inn received a special House of Commons certificate and embroidered Tiffin Cup 2013 chef jacket to mark their achievement in this year’s competition from local MP, Andrew Gwynne. Denton South Councillor, Claire Francis also joined the MP at the granting of this special award.

"How many years now have you put your local food eating house forward to the Commons for this award
and what`s the benefit to you more votes or what ???????????" nudge nudge
Andrew Gwynne MP says:
“Every year in the UK around 50,000 women and around 400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. Sadly 12,000 women and 80 men die from this disease. This is why we need to support Breast Cancer Campaign’s fundraising efforts so they can continue to fund research which will one day lead to a cure. So join me, wear something pink and donate £2, it’s really as simple as that.”

"Well well that ironically is the same 50,000 number who die each and every years from air pollution related diseases which also is linked to Cancer,your fork tongued utterances are beyond belief"just tell
the people dying and suffering what causes Cancer its well documented.

Andrew Gwynne MP today joined forces with leading lung cancer experts to call for better care and outcomes for Tameside and Stockport lung cancer patients.
"Have you told these experts that YOU represent thousands and thousands of families who live daily
in one of the most toxin laden area`s in the North,who are deprived of sustainable clean air to live
and those toxins are now linked to serious health diseases and deaths."

The Hague Supreme Court should examine the complicity of Politicians in deliberately ignoring
the 3.5 million people world wide according to the World Health Organisation who annually die
from air pollution toxins they ingest.
My opinion is that a case of genocide should be launched and serious penalties applied to all politicians
involved especially those in Tameside.


Member of the Public said...

Great information on the duplicitous nature of this rogue politician. A real eye opener. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hall has no credibility, don't listen to his biased ranting. Hall, cannot even explain why life expectancy in his locality is the highest in the borough.

This outright lie and fictitious information was produced by who???
Only your sleaze ridden TMBC who know how to lie and distort from their back teeth

Anonymous said...

Hall has no credibility, don't listen to his biased ranting. Hall, cannot even explain why life expectancy in his locality is the highest in the borough.

This outright lie and fictitious information was produced by who???
Only your sleaze ridden TMBC who know how to lie and distort from their back teeth

Anonymous said...

Gwynne supports the Greater Israel plan.
Since he was exposed as being the chairman of the Labour friends Israel, he's gone silent on the middle east murder gang.

Well said:
When Gwynne was pack leader of the Labour Friends of Israel Commons group (before the next Israel LFI top dog local MP Jonny Reynolds MP was linked)
Who in the Labour Friends of Israel invited selected Tameside Councillors to a free lunch in a smart spot in Manchester.
Always remember there is nothing free about a very nice lunch its has objectives and plans and wants you on side.

How many TMBC Councillors are members of the Friends of Palestine group ???

I believe the infamous Dukinfield Councillor for one enjoys displaying the Israeli flag on his web-site.
Now that really is a case of deliberate incitement to those who have deep concerns for the loss of Palestinian land and homes
and futures by the invasion and occupation by Israel.

Anonymous said...

The NHS trust running Tameside Hospital was named by health care regulators today as one of 24 in the country identified as 'high risk'.

While its close links with TMBC and the cronies and misfit Councillors TMBC placed within its administration for years created a cesspit
of administrators and the local PCT and CCG must share this diabolical disgrace.
Remove all TMBC links from the Health Authorities NOW

B said...

It is about time Hall provided some facts rather than just opinions.

Easy Targets Only said...

Gwynne used to like broadcasting his opposition to experimentation on animals. He recently backed the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) campaign to reduce animal usage in scientific research, you know the sort of thing, it leads to cures for trivial things like cancer. For some strange reason he's rather more circumspect regarding the atrocities of Kosher and Halal slaughter where hundreds of thousands of fully conscious animals have their throats cut for the 'cause' of appeasing barbaric alien cults. But hey there's 'community' votes and all sorts of other goodies in keeping your mouth firmly shut on that one.

Anonymous said...

Well done John Hall for his continued campaign on air pollution which is now recognised by The Intl Agency for the research on cancer as causing cancer. This is from the worlds leading scientists not John Hall..
Those who deny this scientific evidence and are intent to vilify John must fear the truth for reasons only they know. But we can guess it to be on the lines that they have failed to protect their constituents fom harmful emissions.
Science has no sell by date, the truth will out . In fact it's already happening, and John Hall has known the truth ahead of the game of most of us. Only a fool would choose to ignore the emerging truth that is happening on an almost daily basis, and any idiot can google air pollution and read the latest scientific information.

Anonymous said...

So I have just done what anonymous suggested and looked up air pollution and international cancer agency and there it is, everything you need to know. Why is it still happening then ? Or does that make me an idiot to even ask?
God help my kids and grand kids , it is probably too late for me but something must be done to protect the next generations.
John Hall might not have credibility but surely the leading scientists do and they are saying what he has always said on here, so perhaps he is not a ranting raving lunatic after all as some would have us believe on TC.

Anonymous said...

B said...
It is about time Hall provided some facts rather than just opinions.

This thick idiot in denial must be Councillor Brenda Warrington a throw back to the Labour rabble class with simply a big mouth but devoid of brains.
If so she is Gwynne`s chosen resident pit bull shown as his assistant on the House of Commons registers and leader of the local Labour Party.
Female motherly instincts
and protecting children and babies do not exist when such people enjoy seeing children and babies stuffed with toxins.
Warrington ?last years Lord Mayor tells you everything about the TMBC labour dross.
If this is Gwynne`s No1 mouthpiece and No1 Assistant that tells you all you need to know about
Gwynne,both are completely unfit for purpose without any doubt,and threaten the health of thousands of Tameside folk every day.
Both complete imposters when it comes to using every stunt and deception in the book.
What has TMBC become ? simply a hideout for the greed ridden semi literate
cartel of people with bully type gobs with Gwynne their
two faced leader of the pack.
Deaths and Diseases will be your epitaph already, so go now, and let us protect our children,and grandchildren
and elderly from your types.
Your posts are a lousy insult to all the intelligent in Tameside who can read and understand
100% facts.

Anonymous said...

B said...
It is about time Hall provided some facts rather than just opinions.

Obviously Councillor Brenda Warrington Gwynne`s No1 chosen assistant and pit bull type who is totally incapable of reading and digesting 100% facts.
What have we spawned in Tameside when these two people obviously enjoy seeing thousands of folk suffering identified serious diseases from force fed toxins,and childrens lives threatened.
Its unreal that these people have the absolute audacity to even walk around in Tameside

Anonymous said...

Gwynne is not concerned about the human rights of Palestinians in their own home land.
He never speaks out for Palestinian children being shot to death in their beds by Israeli murder gangs (IDF)
He never speaks out against the forced removal of Palestinians from their homes.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now Hall has once again been comprehensively beaten by providing no facts, who is next?

Anonymous said...

Mr Andrew Gwynne MP
When you were the Chairman of the Labour friends of Israel, did you not concern yourself with the Zionist war crimes against the Palestinians? why not?