Saturday, 20 July 2013

Robbers tackled by community-minded traders and shoppers in Ashton

A terrifying smash-and-grab robbery at a jeweller’s shop sparked a remarkable community chase as the masked robbers made their getaway. When two thugs stole vintage watches worth £5,000 from a family business in Ashton-under-Lyne town centre, more than 10 traders and shoppers sprung into action.

One robber was held in a citizen’s arrest thanks to an unlikely superhero squad including a greengrocer, a cobbler armed with a broom, and a toy seller - who is also a professional wrestler. The other thug was caught later by police. Read more: Manchester Evening News

Great work and well done to all involved. Tameside Citizen


God bless America said...

Well done to all concerned.
In America such robbers are regularly shot through vital organs and killed by armed law abiding citizens. The police turn up and shake their hands. A .45 bullet right through the liver tends to act as a fairly conclusive form of deterrent and/or citizens arrest.

Anonymous said...

Do American livers stop a .45?

Must be all the burgers.

In the real world: both criminals arrested with help of local community.

In your fantasy world: how many shoppers hit with stray bullets after they pass through 'vital organs'?

SerpentSlayer said...

I hope the robber was white otherwise these brave souls will probably do ten years each.

God bless America said...

No, that's why I said THROUGH the liver.
I don't know how many shoppers are hit with stray bullets but I know zero muggers/robbers and associated scum get killed by law abiding citizens in Britain which is why millions of (particularly vulnerable) unarmed law abiding people are afraid to walk the streets in many areas especially after dark. You should be able to walk where you want when you want in a civilised country.
Most Americans are clued up on guns and use ammo that fragments inside the body and such ammunition could easily be made mandatory by law in any country, preventing the innocent being hurt.
If one of the market traders had been stabbed by the robbers no doubt you'd have been comforted by the fact that at least these law abiding citizens aren't allowed to arm themselves.
Write to the government and thank them for taking away your basic right to defend yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'd make them eat what they stolen.

Bill said...

Good for the 'have a go' traders. The problem is the scum will probably get away with a slap on the wrist or a suspended sentence at most.