Friday, 19 July 2013

Pictures from the Peak District

Crowden to be precise. I took these today, not with a 'proper' camera but on a mobile phone. In my opinion, and I never thought I would say this, the camera on this phone (I cannot mention the make or model or I will get accused of working for or promoting Nokia) is as good or better than a standalone point and shoot camera, and in low light situations it can capture decent images which could never be achieved when using my Canon SLR without a tripod.

I think these pictures are great considering the device I took them on is not a dedicated camera. If you have any mobile phone pictures which you believe are of similar or better quality do feel free to email them and I will upload them as a comparison.


SerpentSlayer said...

You had to mention Nokia didn't you? Haha
It looks lovely this time of year, still the winter has it's own harsh beauty.

Anonymous said...

How refreshing TC to start the day with these glorious shots.
Thanks for a definite uplift,just a pity the mafia
crowd do not have the slightest interest in OUR

Anonymous said...

The two of the church are impressive.

Alf Garnett said...

I was wrong about roy west he may be a prat but at lest he has the balls to stand up for whats right and he should.nt be in the nick ? so sorry roy

Anonymous said...

@Alf... Roy is a kind heated generous person in my experience. He cares a lot about what is happening around him. IMHO only reason he got sent down is because he never defended himself in court. In past convictions he relied on solicitors who had no interest in defending him. Im my experience of being in court is judges listen more to people who defend themselves. Specially if you sound educated (even if your not).

Nice pics btw sorry for the off topic but Alf started it.

Tameside Citizen said...

Well said Alf, it takes a man to admit when he's wrong.

The tragedy of this case is that he was the perfect victim who fell into a carefully prepared trap - time after time.

I have followed this case from day dot and while he's not without blame, he is at most only as guilty as his tormentors. Whereas most people would have desisted once they realised they were being set up by dupes working in cahoots with an unintelligent but cunning local thug who happens to be a councillor, he could not and he stood his ground despite the futility of the situation and as a result he now languishes in jail.

I am hoping to publish a full chronological account of events which lead to this with supporting evidence which should prove that he has been unjustly persecuted and those who (metaphorically speaking) pulled the trigger may have been the executioners, but it's the ones who issued the orders who bear the real guilt.

Rudolf Hoess said...

Correct. Zee uzzers verr chust obeying orders!

NCB said...

Let's not forget that the original prosecution of Roy West was based on a lie and a fraudulent allegation; namely, that he was guilty of "racially aggravated harassment". This, of course, was completely ridiculous as the complainant was a fellow white European just like Roy West, and Roy didn't even mention anything to do with race during the now infamous argument.

However, it has to be said that Roy hasn't helped himself, especially in the way he has set out to make enemies of certain police officers (always a stupid thing to do). Other people have made the same mistake.

Although at times Roy can be a bit daft, I must admit, I did admire the way he turned up at District Assemblies wearing a t-shirt on which were printed various Labour councillors' names next to the amount of money they had claimed in expenses. That was a classic and quite amusing.

Click the blue link above. I think this famous song by the Clash perfectly summarizes Roy's predicament.

Nigel Byrne

Reimer said...

Lovely pics. That's some phone you have.


Bill said...

Great images TC, you seem to have some talent with a camera, mobile or SLR.


Tameside Citizen said...

Thanks Bill. Most phones have pretty poor cameras due to size constraints but that particular model which I used has a Zeiss lens and a pretty large sensor so the nice images are more down to the manufacturers boffinery rather than great skill on my behalf.

I went up onto Black Hill when I took those images but the heat was repressive. The temperature reading in the car which had been parked in the sun was 31c.

I personally prefer it up there with snow on the ground a wind-chill of -10.

What do you prefer for walking Bill, baking summer heat or freezing winter chill?

Bill said...

I remember Black Hill before it was paved - a nightmare of a place, especially after prolonged wet weather.

I have to admit to preferring dry warm weather when I am walking. Getting soft in my old age!

Anonymous said...

Anything but rain.