Monday, 3 June 2013

Land grab in Hyde Newton?

A concerned local resident thinks so and asks TC readers is this legal. Any help in determining if this road has been lawfully blocked would be appreciated. Tameside Citizen

Louvolite have recently built themselves a brand new factory and have now tarmaced the rough section of Mill St and erected a barrier, blocking any access by vehicles other than delivery trucks. Pedestrians can still get through, but public vehicles cannot!

Apparently, the guy erecting the barrier told staff in a nearby shop "seeing that he tarmacked the road, he has the right to erect the barrier". Perhaps TMBC have given Louvolite permission to do this, or even sold the street to Louvolite. I wonder, is this possible, or even legal?

Concerned of Hyde


Roman York Heritage said...

West Film

SerpentSlayer said...

I will never be a supporter of democracy, it is the cloak that hides the dagger, the mist that covers the secret handshakes. If we are to live in a civilised society, then that society must be run for the good of the people in it, not for business interests or the interests of minority groups.

The working class would form, as they always have the labouring class, the middle class would be the clerks and managers likewise, and we would have a true nobility to act as guardians of the nation, as the house of lords once did.

It is a simple concept, that growing up I assumed would naturally already be in place. The right people do the right job for them and the right thing for the good of others, ultimately placing family and national interests ahead of personal wealth and self-interest. What this means for the millennial generation onwards (along with elements of Gen X) is hard to bare thinking about.

Study the progression of the Major Arcana of the Tarot and you will get an idea (esp. card XV onwards)

Anonymous said...

The problem with your analysis ss is your apparent belief that the working classes should know their place and stay in it.

I don't know if you'd be willing to work yourself into an early grave to make the papmpered lives of your betters cushier, but most of us are not. The conceited rapacious greedy idle classes feathered their own nests first and foremost and national / ethnic considerations were a mere afterhtought. In Russia and France they got what they deserved, but in England they were let off the hook because the average Englishman is too thick and too timid.

No society has ever existed where all work for the greater good. It's a lie repeated over and over so the gullible will stick their necks out and be cannon fodder for any cause which maintains the status quo where the haves gobble everything up and leave the rest with crumbs.

Anonymous said...

Struggle is the father of all things.
When they lock you up and take away your freedom, the mind is not locked up.

Anonymous said...

A new factory in Hyde Newton? It's a miracle it's not another residential development. Perhaps they've finally run out of space.

tonydj said...

I can find no record of a closure notice and there were no notices displayed advertising a closure.

Unless this was already a private road and has been observing the practise of closing one day a year to enforce it's privacy I would say this is not right in law....but that is only my own opinion.