Sunday, 9 June 2013

Horror in Hyde

Walking through Hyde I happened to glance into a shop window and to my 'horror' I found myself looking face to face with a figure of supposed true evil. Upon realising what I was looking at I began to feel nauseous and weak at the knees. Yes, in the year 2013 in the multicultural utopia of Britain I found myself staring into the face of a golly. Then I snapped out of my Pavlovian reaction and began to think what kind of deranged PC zealots really would find these once popular kids toys offensive? The answer is none of course but their feigned shock and outrage does get them publicity and PC brownie points.

Don't be surprised if a certain Dukinfield councillor who also happens to be Tameside's No 1 publicity hound is scouring the shops of Hyde tomorrow accompanied by a reporter from the Advertiser trying to find this 'offensive' golly. He could get a fair bit of mileage out of it I suspect. He might bring along a Holocaust survivor who could explain it was things like golly's which led to the gas chambers and maybe a descendant of slave owners in chains and yokes for added effect.

A golly is of course a completely harmless toy but would you believe that there has already been a 'golly related police incident' in Tameside? Yes, back in 2007 a Stalybridge shop owner was visited by Britain's finest - the boys in blue and told to remove golliwogs from her shop window or face arrest for breaching race hate laws. Read about it here and ask yourself what has happened to our once great and sensible country.


Tamesider said...

Unfortunately racism in this country is a one way system. Anyone ever heard of the National White Police Association?

traditional values said...

I've got a golly and no jobsworth will make me get rid of it.

Golden Shred said...

Not too long ago there used to be a stall holder in Ashton indoor market who sold them. Don't know if they're still there, but it wasn't that long since I last saw them in there on sale.