Saturday, 8 June 2013

BNP and EDL not welcome

Not welcome to join the growing ranks of UKIP, or at least that is the message from John Cooke in a letter in this weeks Advertiser.

I do not know if John Cooke speaks as an individual or on behalf of UKIP on this matter, but nevertheless, in these days of tolerance and inclusivity, the statement that the only people UKIP will not accept are ex members of similar patriotic parties to UKIP seems a little strange.

Can one read into that statement that ex members of Sinn Fein, the political wing of the murderous IRA would be welcome to join UKIP? Or even worse, ex New Labour members who are guilty of countless crimes against Britain such as destroying our international standing by plunging Britain into three relatively recent wars of aggression (Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan) as well as destroying our national identity and way of life for ever by a deliberate policy of mass immigration?

Looking at the UKIP policy on immigration and the BNP policy on immigration you will see that they are both pretty much alike so maybe it is for another reason that Mr Cooke makes it clear that ex BNP and EDL members are not welcome. He also mentions the National Front. I have not heard anything of the National Front since their marches back in the 1980's and until I just checked I wasn't even aware they were still a registered political party.

Maybe any UKIP members or supporters looking in could expand on the letter by Mr Cooke and explain why certain patriotic organisations are not accepted by UKIP?


Anonymous said...

One word - race. The issue is sacrosanct, and dissent is the new religious heresy. Dare to suggest that there is a racial component to the plight of Europe and left and right alike will join arms in opposition.

UKIP would kick out the white Europeans and embrace our fellow commonwealth 'Britons' from Africa and Asia who are here to stay, singing along with us all to "who do you think you are kidding mister hitler..."

UKIP? I'd sooner join Labour.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, don't pass on any of your personal details to John Cooke (Tameside "Searchlight" Ukip.

Tommy Gun said...

Considering that Ex-National Front members set up ukip in the first instance, that's a bold statement from Cooke.

Alf Garnett said...


Anonymous said...

Well this is how brain dead edl are.
I was talking to an edl member, "I stand for white English culture" he said, "who are you with" he asked me, "I've stood for the BNP" I said, "bunch of racists and Nazis he said"
Join edl if you've got no brain cells, I said.

Anonymous said...

It has been reported that a male has been arrested for the arson attack by the EDL on the mosque that was destroyed.

It has also been reported that the arrested male is a Moslem!

That's at bit of a Bugger for our media who were so desperate to pin it on the EDL. Oh dear.

Stuck In The Middle With You said...

2 makes 1 makes 3 makes 4 makes 5 and 5 makes Searchlight mole!
Mr Cooke!

tonydj said...

UKIP are probably worried that if the ex-BNP in Tameside joined UKIP they would take over the local UKIP leadership due to their ability and experience gained over many election campaigns.

Also the ex-BNP would recognise a wrong 'un in the leadership.

Anonymous said...

Another top comment from tondj.

John Cooke said...

My original post to the advertiser was around 200 words and pointed out the damage Labour have done with their immigration policies and also the hypocrisy of John Taylor. Not surprisingly the Advertiser censored my letter to one paragraph.
The BNP/NF are proscribed organisations due to the 'Whites only' membership rules that they have/had in place,EDL for it's anti Muslim stand. These are racist/Islamaphobic parties
UKIP are open to membership from all and any race or religion and actively welcome any new members who share our political views. We are fiercely proud of our inclusive membership and will not allow ourselves to be infiltrated by racist elements. We have a blanket ban on 6 political parties,but we do also refuse membership to extremists or other highly disreputable individuals Your point regarding Sinn Fein is well made although it is highly unlikely that a 'Shinner' would join a pro unionist party like ourselves.

Anonymous said...

John you dumb sod, BNP have non white members in it's ranks.
Cooke never campaigns on a personal level in local elections.
Cooke you've stated that you are not a nationalist so how can you be a unionist?

John Cooke said...

"Also the ex-BNP would recognise a wrong 'un in the leadership."
I assume this is another Searchlight/UAF accusation against myself. I am not nor have ever been a member nor associated with UAF/Searchlight. Just to make it clear I am a normal member of my local branch, I am not on the committee.

Anonymous said...

Cooke you've been found out a long time ago.
You were filmed talking friendly to Taylor, so don't come it on here with crap about slagging off Taylor.

Anonymous said...

Cooke how can you be a Unionist and state you are not a Nationalist?

Anonymous said...

Mr Cooke please don't come on here trying to oppose the hypocrisy of John Taylor, when you were filmed up each other at the election count.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrites that talk with fork tongues.

Tameside Citizen said...

Please keep it civil folks.

Credit to Mr Cooke for taking the time to respond. Mr Cooke has never backed down from arguing his case and he deserves to be treated with respect when making his point.

It does not surprise me in the least that the Advertiser condensed his two hundred word letter to the one which was actually published. It is worth remembering that the Advertiser is owned by Trinity Mirror and Trinity Mirror is known for its fiercely unpatriotic publications as well as their unwavering support for New Labour.

UKIP are potentially a genuine threat to the status quo, so is anyone really surprised that the Advertiser published Mr Cooke’s letter the way they did?

I think the Advertiser were working to the assumption that with the BNP largely gone the majority of their voters would switch allegiance to UKIP. If the BNP vote was added to the UKIP vote there could be a real chance of some of the Labour ‘job for life’ councillors losing their seats to UKIP so what better way to deter BNP voters from UKIP than a mischievously edited letter such as the one featured above?

UKIP is the laziest party in Europe - Mirror said...

A typical example of the anti Ukip bile spewed from main publication of the Advertisers parent company.

Bob said...

ukip are paper candidates in Tameside the don't bloody do anything.

tonydj said...

@John Cooke 18:29

I was not implying anything against you Mr Cooke, I was referring to possible "wrong 'uns" at National or Regional Level. We had them in the BNP (Andy Sykes in Bradford). We even had a couple of Daily Mirror Journos trying to get into M/cr (Zoe Neuman and Grant Hodgeson) but my wife and I sussed the pair of them.

Expediency first, Principles a distant last. said...

If UKIP don't want 'racist' BNP members in their party then no doubt they won't want the votes from the 1 million 'racists' who voted BNP at the last European elections either. 'Oh but these voters have changed their minds', well no doubt some former members of the BNP have as well, but of course this is all about UKIP's horror of being 'tainted' by association with 'racists', as they suck up to the media/establishment for respectability.

SerpentSlayer said...

If you are in the enemies shieldwall you can wave our flag all you like, it matters nt. Once sword meets meat, do you think we will care that you kind of looked like one of us once?
Do you think, 200 yards away a moving figure will appear to us as anything but a man on the otherwise.
UKIP can take any side they please but once the blood flows, a part of the system who agrees with us on a few thing mean nothing.
The Brutish Tommies gunned down by our brave SS may well have been patriots and against the Jews, but they still wore enemy uniforms.
You either come out on the side of your folk or you will be taken as enemy when the war comes, you all know it. Man up and stand for your people, we are dying in our own lands for crying out loud, we need heroes, not appeasers!

Attila said...

Serpent Slayer, you have a brutal way of using words. "Once sword meets meat" is a classic. It creates an image in my mind of medieval war.

Lucy In The Sky said...

SS has been taking magic mushrooms again. Sort your head out SS.

SerpentSlayer said...

Just good English Ale and plenty of it.

I'm just waiting for everyone else's heads to catch up with mine and stop living in loony-softy-fantasy-everything-is-kisses-and-cuddles-land.

It amazes me that people thing we can meet genocidal lunacy with placard waving and grumbling, even if we win electorally we all know what it will come down to. Look what happened when the German tried to save their homelands.

I'm amazed I'm still awake and sobering even but I will say this, Hail Odinn!

Anonymous said...

There are some very evil people at work in this borough of Tameside, more than just traitors.
But deeply malicious individuals.

Anonymous said...

If you occupy the world of blood sports and hunting with dogs, yet you don't want the the public to know what you do, So pray tell me, why on God's green earth would you advertise on the world wide web that you occupy this world of blood sports.

Rose yellow said...

I had a cat and loved him, but can some give me advice to stop them shitting in my garden?

Britain may be an Islamic nation within 20 years said...

It's a pity most of the traitors who created this nightmare be dead or senile by the time it happens.

Anonymous said...

Zionists are always upto something

Anonymous said...

4 CID officers from Ashton investigated this blog

Anonymous said...

I was reading how powerful the Dukinfield Rev E W T was, a very high ranking Freemason in the North with top ranking links with the UK`s leading Masonic figures,and seeing he has for years been a leading figure on the TMBC Standards Committee which has private meetings to discuss anyone employed by TMBC who has been deemed to have have acted improperly.
So because the Masonic oath stipulates you have to protect all other Freemasons is that an inbuilt safeguard in the Standards Committee for any TMBC employed Mason.
The Rev E.W.T. was in charge of 40 masonic lodges across the region which included the Tameside Police Lodge,so can that be justified in that a secret society has substantial influence in the TMBC set up.
Another aspect which I am interested in is what is the percentage of Freemasons are Asians,West Indian,Chinese,
or any other individuals who have colored profiles.
Is Freemasonry a blatant discriminatory organisations who prefers to have only a large white
membership ?.
Should this be the case then is Freemasonry operating in the same manner as the EDL.BNP,but not letting on.
Not long ago Policemen who were not Masons had little chance of climbing the Ranks whereas the senior police officers consisted of large non proportionate members of their local Masonic Lodges.
Should anyone be angered by Freemasonry in Tameside being discussed on TC such anger needs to be openly discussed because Freemasonry is an important component of life in the UK yet remains guardians of its declared rules,regulations,aspirations and intentions which can definitely affect and involve all UK citizens.
So does Freemasonry have a non democratic role and influence on non Masonic Tamesiders.
I am entitled to ask such questions because surely all Tamesiders need to know who can influence our lives without being democratic.

All of our business said...

If people in positions of high power and influence are meeting in private behind the scenes as part of ANY organisation we have an absolute right to know about it.

Edelwulf's Vengeance said...

How can any secret organisation go unchallenged? I believe the reason for that is a several thousand year history lesson I have no will to lecture you all on.
Power corrupts, but it only corrupts the corruptible. Anyone who wants power for powers sake should be identified by psychological testing and barred from high office at the age of 21.
Power should go to those who truly mean to serve, leaders should share the same deprivations as their followers, not have special priveleges (think of Churchill in his bomb proof office, stuffing his fat face while others ate scraps and were blown to pieces by his war mongering)
Leaders should fundamentally care about their people and/or their comrades above themselves, always.

Would Cameron risk his life for Britain? Would Clegg? Miliband? Griffin? Farage?

At most I reckon one of those five would and another one of them would lose a sausage from his sunday lunch and claim he was a great British hero because of it.

Rest assured that competent, self-sacrificing leaders or not, it will be young English men who will pull us through and young English women who will urge them on.

Reimer said...

Nice to see TC mentioning the shameful war on Serbia along with Iraq. The West's elites use vast military force against a sovereign nation just on the other side of Europe to degrade its ability to plot & follow its own course, as well as to facilitate their carving out a new Muslim state within Europe's borders, and it's all but disappeared down the memory-hole (unlike Iraq).