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EDL protest Ashton under Lyne 15/06/2013

Inter community tension has been the focus of much attention in Ashton under Lyne recently in the wake of an incident posted in an on-line video which shows a group of children at a bus stop being attacked by a gang armed with cricket bats.

As a direct result of the incident supporters of the English Defence League today held a protest in Ashton. This follows complaints that the media and authorities downplayed the serious nature of the incident in which eye witnesses claim a number of people were attacked including a school age girl who was reportedly punched in the face by the armed gang.

Around 250 English defence League supporters attended the town centre protest along with a number of sympathetic locals. There was also a small counter demonstration by the far left Labour Party affiliated street gang Unite Against Fascism who managed to muster less then thirty supporters which included the Deputy Leader of Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council. Recently uncovered footage by ITV news shows one of the Woolwich beheading suspects Michael Adebolajo speaking at a UAF demonstration.

The top video shows the EDL supporters and the bottom video the counter protest by UAF.


Anonymous said...

Are they shouting at roy west there?

Anonymous said...

I spoke to an edl support today he told me, that the deputy leader of Tameside council asked him to beat me up.
Don't delete the comment TC....

SerpentSlayer said...

Reds behind wire fences, I'm no fan of the police generally but I have to applaud them for this one!
I still argue that protests should not have to be run past the police first and I see no reason why the police need to form a wall around protests.
Still, well done all who turned out to protest the injustice against English girls and I hope that the EDL ditches it's backers and leadership soon

Father of serving soldier from Tameside abused by UAF. Click here to watch said...

You can judge a person by the company they keep. What does this tell you about local councillors who spend lots of their time with their 'allies' in the violent UAF organisation?

Anonymous said...

TC I was sat in the Caledonian pub in Ashton, this guy comes up to me and says "your Roy West" "yes I said"
He said, "I live on Thorncliffe Avenue, I'm related to your next door neighbour.
John Taylor asked me to beat you up.

Tameside Citizen said...

How do I know you are who claim to be and not an internet troll intent on harming the reputation of the person you allege tried to incite violence against you?

If you are the person you claim to be, it is a police matter. Go and visit the witness and obtain a signed statement and then have the person who tried to have you beaten up charged with incitement or worse.

Anonymous said...

Well a few edl lads were there, he said Taylor was posting leaflets on Thorncliffe Avenue, Taylor said you know the c.... that lives round the corner from you, do you fancy beating him up, meaning me.
I will stand by what I say.

A Bang or a Whimper said...

Plenty more trouble to come as Chief Stooge Cameron and his Assistant Stooges in all three main parties turn their heads away from the 'too nasty' and 'too difficult' subjects of immigration, overpopulation and the EU.

Vote main party. If you're a moron, a traitor or a c**t. said...

85 million is nowhere near enough for the UK. We NEED millions of lovely Romanians and Bulgarians to come in at the end of the year when they'll be given unfettered right of entry to what is already their destination of choice and all the fee goodies thay can lay their hands on.

SerpentSlayer said...

I like Romanians, not known any Bulgarians but I imagine they are much the same. Now if a handful of normal Romanians/Bulgarians came here with good intentions, nobody would mind.

Instead we get the criminal and parasitic underclass of those societies, most of whom are gypsies and not even ethnically European.

Just like how the third world sends it's deserters, terrorists and scoundrels to Europe, Europe sends it's criminals and troublemakers here. Worse is the fact that our country is already massively overpopulated, even discounting all the non-whites here, this place is bursting!

If the rumoured solar storm does come in two years, perhaps the ensuing chaos will allow nature to redress the balance, I for one don't have the stomach to reduce our population to necessary levels.

I did dream of a small homogenous community that was slowly wiped out over a couple of decades. It was a very very long dream and it seemed to be for a purpose.

Anonymous said...

e.. e.. e..diots.

Anonymous said...

There are several worrying things here;The Police say they were told this was cancelled and yet managed to turn up with experienced riot officers in huge numbers given the size of the demo. It appears to have been a deliberately guided (by the Police) demo which was nowhere near any flashpoint, other than possibly Whiteacre Rd., and whilst I find the EDL an odious bunch the fact of this is that the Police are not treating the incident which was the catalyst for this as a racist incident. We all know the area it happened in, and only a fool would claim it is anything but racist. Racism cuts several ways.

Anonymous said...

If those targeted by JT for
retribution by whatever method, placed a complaint with the TMBC Standards Committee then it would be extremely interesting to see what protection JT has.
This out of control loose cannon is a blot on the Tameside landscape.

Anonymous said...

I wish the EDL and their supporters would be careful with their 'left wing'/Labour/socialist/communist abuse. I live in Ashton, very close to the bus stop incident, and am aware of dozens of similar incidents over recent years. I'm tired of it. I've warned people of no-go areas, threats, violence and sexual assaults etc in Ashton for years but have either been ignored, queried with suspicion or ridiculed.

However, my views on the economy/privatisation/benefits &c are stridently left wing. I'm a 'red', a 'commie', a 'socialist'. I genuinely believe that it's right wing economic policies that have shafted the working class in Britain, Europe and America. So, for that, EDL-related blogs and threads in various places make people like 'me' the enemy as much as numbskull Asian thugs. I don't want to see any thugs where I live whatever their colour, religion or place of birth. I was furious when I saw that the initial events played-down by the police, to the extent that they'd denied they had happened.

The EDL and their ilk call for unity amongst white working classes etc but play as big a role in dividing communities as anyone by making this particular issue, about no go areas, violence etc, a 'right vs left' issue.

Also, was very suspicious about the nature of the alleged cancellation of the march and the reporting of the turnout. Which, at one time, the police had down as being as low as 50. Which contradicts the estimation of the policeman I spoke to who thought it was about 300. Whilst I'm used suspiciously low estimates for all kinds of demonstration numbers in the past, I genuinely wonder how often these 'it's been cancelled, nothing to see' tactics hav

patriotic tamesider with socialist ideals said...

Thanks for the local info@14.40. I too class myself as left wing and socialist but I am opposed to the current policy of the free movement of labour and capital around the globe as it benefits the elite to the detriment of workers. What we need is a political party or movement which embraces the philosophy of the early 20th century Labour movement.

Anonymous said...

I believe it was canceled by the EDL due to a speaker deciding not to attend. Also had someone else tell me they had received reliable communication to say it was not happening.

The fact that some people still turned out and the police were ready for them is no surprise after all the all the tension this week.

If it wasn't cancelled i suspect there would of been a lot more than the 250-300 people attending.

I hope now we can all get on with our lives as normal rather than all the local pubs being forced to close.

The real faces of hate said...

TC check out the video link to the uaf cowards shouting at Roy West at the edl demo.
The one in the white is Jodie Blinston the one in the blue is going onto Glenmore Grove, it's worrying for Roy West and his family that the one's shouting this vile abuse are only two doors away from Roy's home.

Anonymous said...

@patriotic tamesider with socialist ideals said...

Agree completely, the globalist politics that we're all suffering with are anything but left wing. You only have to see who benefits from globalism to appreciate the reality of it.

Regarding recent events, the police and the council aren't helping by whitewashing these kinds of events out of existence.

Also, to be objective as possible, the UAF aren't helping either. It's ridiculous painting this as a racism vs anti-racism issue. I abhor racism and, being in my 40s, I've probably been on more A-N-L demos than most of the AUF who demonstrated. It doesn't help anyone to deny that there is a real problem in our communities no matter how uncomfortable it is for some to admit. When people on all sides (EDL, UAF etc, police, council) are being dishonest, the rest of us lose out.

Faces Of Real uaf Hate said...

Sorry about the link to the faces of real hate, I've put this short collection of the days events on video. Look out for the woman in the white jumping up and down shouting.
She is called Jodie Blinston.
These are the vile bunch of filth that go around with John Taylor posting smear leaflets.
EXPOSED Jodie! No more posts about horses please! Jodie in your desire to oppose hate in others, you show the bile from your own mouth.

Anonymous said...
the Government has axed the Audit Commission, the independent body originally set up to ensure public money is spent wisely by local authorities.Instead, councils will be allowed to appoint their own auditors and police themselves.
Dispatches 'How Councils Waste Your Money' will be shown on Channel 4 tommorrow at 8pm.
The Tories are handing even more of your money over and further decisions to the bloody despots of Tameside.
Anyone voting for a politician is an absolute headbanger.

Councillor Brian Wild said...

@16/06/2013 16:38
Look at this victory speech by Councillor Brian Wild at the last elections, he's uses his victory speech to bitch at his rival candidate.
These people are bent, bent, bent.
Money and power matters more to them.
This is not a right-wing concern, but a people's concern for true representation.

Anonymous said...

16/06/2013 17:20 you should show concern about the Labour Cllrs using uaf to spread filth in their third party leaflets.

Anonymous said...

Justice and Freedom matters, it's not a right-wing or left-wing concept.
It's exposing the vile Mafia that runs Tameside Council.

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of telling people, that Mr Ian Munro is on £200,000 a year to head a charitable social housing landlord.
When young people can't get a house from new charter housing.
Yet the money continues roll into Ian Munro's bank account.

Anonymous said...

Its very odd that you keep publishing videos and claim they show something that when you watch them, they plainly dont.

Where is Taylor in the video of the UAF, you claim he was with them so why isnt he in the video?

In the bus stop video, where was the girl punched, I cant see it. If it was immediately before, isnt it odd there is no footage of this child.

Lastly, isnt it odd that the only person seen threatening with a cricket bat in his hands is a white kid.

There are 2 explanations. You are very unlucky with the video's or the facts are different than the claims.

Taylor, stood at front right at the start with arms folded wearing a Man City top and a cardigan said...

You should have gone to spec savers

Cricket bat used as weapon said...

I never realised that cricket bats were used so often as weapons usually be members of 'the community'

piss on the uaf said...

Our visit to Southport England

Anonymous said...

Now I'm not going to pretend that it is the politicians who call the shots. We all know the power rests with corporations and banking institutions of various descriptions. And that the free market is simply an elaborate justification for politicians to wash their hands of responsibility. So in accepting that we need to ask ourselves who benefits from this continued instability. And as always it is those very powers.

Without a doubt this world is being manipulated. The unintended and all too clear consequences there for all to see. In the past the answer was revolution and assasination. But these days we have neither the means or the will to carry out such acts. And the consequences would after all be too dire to be considered by anybody of sound intellect.

Though I'm not totally convinced corporations and bankers are the real powers behind the scenes. That's principally because the mainstream media promotes anti-capitalist ideas, both subtly and overtly. Just look at Michael Moore, for example.

What definitely is happening though, and cannot be by accident, is that borders and national cultures are gradually being eroded. Mass-immigration, globalist culture, supranational entities and the maligning of nationalist politics, are paving the way, ultimately, for a global state. Increasingly we're hearing politicians speak about 'international law', a 'new world order', economic cooperation and other international treaties, for example the control of carbon emissions.

In the upcoming G8 summit, there's talk of international cooperation to prevent companies from exploiting tax loopholes, and the media's consistently exposed and attacked corporations, like Google, for tax avoidance:

It strikes me that's hinting at an international tax framework to shut down loopholes. Just another example of the relentless march towards the globalist's agenda.

More frightening though, is the parallel globalist surveillance network that's also being created. The most recent example is the cooperation between multinational firms (Google, Microsoft, etc), the NSA and their European counterparts. Of course all of this is necessary to defeat global terrorists, apparently!

It's not hard to see how mass-immigration can destabilise a once homogenous country and create division and distrust, and thus the need for government surveillance and control. This is especially true when it comes to a religion like Islam, whose adherents' high fecundity rate coupled with their conservative principles and usually zealous devotion, will quickly lead to the emergence of ghettos and a rift between themselves and the increasingly secular and hedonistic European natives.

Just look at the 7/7 bombing, the Woolwich beheading, the Oldham and Bradford Riots, the Salmon Rushdie affair, and surely it doesn't take much prescience to see where this is going?

Anonymous said...

According to Wikipedia, in 1961 there were just 7 mosques and Muslims numbered just 50,000 people in England and Wales or 0.11% of the population! By 1981 there were 149 mosques and 553,000 Muslims, and in 2011 the figures were 1,500 mosques and 2,869,000 Muslims or 4.8% of the population.

As the tensions inevitably escalate over the coming decades, the establishment's response will be greater censorship. They will blame the unrest on 'extremists' and seek ever greater control over what people can say and write, and justify their Big Brother state apparatus as an attempt to keep the population safe in a volatile society. They will be able to intern political dissidents, randomly stop and search motorists and individuals at checkpoints and justify their attempts at social engineering and indoctrination.

Poor white children are the worst achievers said...

What hope do our working class male children have when born into this society? Where are their role models? What is their motivation to progress and learn? They have no hope. No prospects. No support. And now they have no country nor future either. The establishment/immigrants/leftists response is to just laugh at them. Job done. The despised, evil white English working class has now been all but destroyed, lololololol. Except they haven't been have they. They are still here with us, in their millions. Burning with righteous anger and resentment over the way they have been treated. The Guardian is correct in its assessment, they will be drawn to extremes. They will react in an extreme way, what choice do they have? Desperate men will react in a desperate manner, rising up in a tempest of pent up aggression, lashing out at those who seek to dispossess them. The enemies of the English working class have declared victory too soon, merely identifying themselves and their true agenda in the process. They are now exposed.

Anti-fascists fuel the fire of hate (warning to John, if you sleep with dogs, don't complain if you catch fleas) said...

Last weekend, Tony Brett, a Liberal Democrat councillor in Oxford and the city’s deputy lord mayor, found what he called a “disgraceful rabble” of people climbing on the city’s main war memorial — squashing, he said, the flowers that mourners had placed there, then trying to remove half of them altogether and “jeering” other visitors as they paid their respects.

That day, the memorial was supposed to be the scene of a wreath-laying by the far-Right, English Defence League. But none of the people laying flowers and being jeered bore any kind of EDL insignia and none of the wreaths had any kind of card or message from the group.

Neither Mr Brett, nor a local newspaper reporter on the scene, saw any sign of any EDL presence.

All the aggro, Mr Brett said — he called it the “hate” — came from the self-appointed opponents of bigotry, a group called Unite Against Fascism (UAF). UAF’s response was to start an online petition saying that merely by criticising them Mr Brett had proved himself an EDL patsy, “not a fit representative for Oxford’s wonderful and multi-ethnic community”, and must resign immediately.

“It seemed to me they were doing exactly the kind of thing they were supposed to be protesting against,” said Mr Brett. “I will absolutely not support any hint of racism, Islamophobia or any other form of hate, be it from the EDL or any other group. That day I saw it from another group.”

Since the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby last month, there have reportedly been at least 107 arrests during BNP, EDL and UAF demonstrations. At least 69 of those arrested, just under two thirds, were anti-fascist demonstrators, at least 58 of them UAF.

Weyman Bennett, UAF’s secretary, said none of the 58, all arrested on an anti-BNP counter-demo in Westminster two weeks ago, had so far been charged. “They haven’t done anything,” he said.

The arrests came after UAF demonstrators tried to prevent BNP supporters from reaching the Cenotaph and refused to stay in their allocated protest space. Video footage showed a BNP supporter being attacked by some UAF demonstrators, suffering cuts to his face.

Reimer said...

I recall watching fascinatedly and exhilaratedly as the Soviet Union's buffer-states underwent a sudden marked shudder circa 1989-90 attributed (by the court historians) to their peoples' desire for freedom.

I don't recall imagining swapping places with them in some sort of dialectic triangle whose apex wasn't up for discussion. Talk of Political Correctness as a policing ideology on US college campuses began very soon after that IIRC, somewhat akin to the excited "coming here soon" media-trails that attend the cargo cult of US culture (like 'Star Wars').

Perhaps the West's high-level Trotskyite tendency was able to drop the mask once its Stalinist rival had been seen off.

Anonymous said...

Plain English would be better.

You can run... said...

The people opposing organisations like the EDL (who are at least trying to DO something about the destruction of our nation) are either: traitors; morons; White hating bigots; or peace at any price (including letting their country be destroyed) merchants.

Patronising, traitorous pussy whipped said...

Cameron's off swanning about on the international doing his masters' bidding on Syria. He assumes he can carry on ignoring the exponentially growing public clamour to do something about immigration, the EU and overpopulation in Britain and that there are still enough cretins, traitors and cowards to vote for him in two years.

Anonymous said...

So the claim that Wag was with the UAF is just another tall tale then. Shame you fella's cant be honest, it really harms your cause when your dishonesty is exposed in your own video.

5 minutes earlier, Westy was stood around there. was he "with the uaf" as well. What about 20 minutes later when wag was close to the EDL pen. was he "with the edl" then.

In fact, on that basis Westy was with the edl lads for quite a while, he was just filming them but I guess one tall tale deserves another.


you should have gone to spec savers said...

No, he was with the UAF. Now UAF have been exposed for being the thugs they are he's trying to distance himself from them.

Anonymous said...

Tameside Metropolitan Council signed 1,344, costing £16.6million. Many of these highest paying councils say they have signed compromise agreements in equal pay deals or voluntary redundancy packages involving large groups of staff.

They also argue that cuts to council budgets have led to more redundancies and that compromise agreements
can protect the council from future, potentially costly, employment disputes.

However, compromise agreements have been used in a number of situations to allow for quick exits, and to prevent legal action against the employer.

Turn your anger onto Tameside Council and its squad of absolute dictators.
This latest information should be made known across the width and breadth of Tameside

Anonymous said...

During the days events, one thing that will stick in my mind. The guy that told me about Taylor asking him to beat me up.
This guy had no reason to tell lies.

Anonymous said...

And Jodie shouting vile hate at me, then, when I got home she tried to add me on facebook.

Anonymous said...

What do uaf think of Israel?

SerpentSlayer said...

Against I think but only because they see them as racists and other nonsense.
They are very pally with Jihadists.
The UAF are far from understanding that the evil behind the Zionist state is far deeper than commonly thought and while against Israel they are perfectly happy with having the world enslaved by debt to a sinister cult.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 23:33, Taylor is the self confessed local bigwig linked to the 'anti-fascist' movement and has said so repeatedly over many years.

The Patriot and The Appeaser said...

Putin made micemeat out of Mr Jelly our Prime Minister yesterday.
If Cameron was confronted with a Chechnya (Muslim rebel area) in the UK he'd try talking them to death and end up ceding a large part of the UK to them. Putin knows the only way to deal with troublesome Muslims when they're the enemy within: overwhelming and determined force prepared to do what's necessary for the good of the nation.

Islamic Republic of Moscow said...

Any one who thinks Putin is any kind of bulwark against islamisation and multiculturalism had better think again. He's a self serving kosher crook who stands for little, not some fuhrer out to save the white slav from the same kind of slow creeping demographic death afflicting western Europe.

Anonymous said...

European man spent the 20th century engaged in wholesale fratricide. In the 21st century we find him everywhere united in his new cause of ethnic / racial suicide. If any one white group is still around to tell the tale at the dawn of the 22nd century, only extremists of the most fanatical kind will have saved us from going over the cliff every last one.

Hell is Ours said...

Don't think all of Europe will roll on over and accept the inevitable. We're a big place, and still big enough in number to raise hell when push comes to shove. China will keep the muzzies in their place on one side. On this side, the middle east and north Africa will most assuredly assimilate some of us, but those more eperienced with the Turks and their muzzie compatriots know the other side of enrichment only too well. In the more isolated regions of northern / western Europe, history didn't teach us the unfortunate lessons that some haven't forgotten.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 23:33, when Taylor saw West approaching filming uaf, he turned round and shouted he's BNP.

Anonymous said...

I respect all Posters but the EDL.UAF,BNP perpetual
slagging off each other is killing this blog site.
Muslims are a threat yes to our standards,immigrants will keep coming and we cannot stop them under present leading political party`s,but it seems that JT the obnoxious scruffy little man is a bogey man to some,whereas he`s a nothing in this world.
Blinkers need to be taken off sometimes and start campaigning against this rotten corrupt Council in its entirety.
I sometimes wonder how much patience the WebMaster has considering he tries to broaden the subjects on his blog.
Be obsessive yes on the demise of good old England but the anti fascists or EDL groups are pi-----in the wind of change,and although some have been victimised and treated like dirt in Tameside banging on thick skinned corrupt Councillors heads cannot succeed,other consolidated
general methods of attack are much needed to rid ourselves of the shite.
March simply against TMBC would be far more powerful
and productive without targeting immigrants,
asians,and that immature illiterate little man from Dukinfield.
Slagging this comment off only indicates you are not recognising the bigger picture and who we need to dislodge.
Every TMBC Councillor and Executive should be your targets for getting rid and the Borough will then after almost 30 years remove a load of the devious,deceptive,corrupt methods used by Quinn and his brainless idiot classes.
Ex Labour Voter

Anonymous said...

Mr hall comments are not killing this blog at all. The views on this blog are going through the roof.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall your comments are vital to the life of this blog

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Mr Hall do not worry about the life of this blog, it stands the test of time. With a faith of hearts that can never be broken.
A life of courage, it will last the test of time because of folk like you.

Right to life said...

Getting rid of the local Labour clique (however desirable that might be) will have zero effect on the massively bigger and absolutely crucial issue of the ongoing ethnic genocide of the British indigenous population.
People who don't want to confront or even mention the racial issue are simply ploughing their own same old rut and living in fantasy land.

Anonymous said...

Time we moved on from the neanderthal idea of who belongs here and worked out where this country is heading.

Globalisation was invented in the last century. All this hate is a waste of time. You can't beat it so why not join in. You only loose if you don't.

Many immigrants to the UK are decent people. Unlike certain people protesting with the EDL and UAF last weekend.

Your either with us (the majority) or against us.

SerpentSlayer said...

Neanderthal ideas are exactly the sort we need to embrace. The Neanderthals as we call them were the last humans truly capable of intelligent thought and of fulfilling their role as the guardians of wisdom.
Ever since Neanderthal mixed with southern upright apes we have been in the thrall of Prometheus, ever looking for wealth and comfort, overlooking spiritual needs.
There are still Europeans who manifest more as Neanderthal than the weak willed and subhuman alternative (though Denisovan descendents are capable of similar) and those Neanderthal, true Europeans are willing to fight for our preservation as the true manifestations of all that is good.
While a rare amount of us hold on to the knowledge of the ancient mysteries, regardless of our opposition (not as big as you claim believe it or not) cannot be beaten.

UKIP gets the BNP treatment in Aberdeen said...

How familiar it all is to us evil ex BNPers!

The "left", very much a shrunken and long since tamed force, are as confounded as anybody else by this UKIP surge. Beyond Scotland there has been little if any aggressive opposition to UKIP, and few signs of such opposition developing. There appears to be a tacit acceptance that UKIP must be opposed in the course of "normal" politics, but little idea of how it is to be done. The entirely unexpected election of so many paper UKIP candidates in divisions well-canvassed and campaigned in by the mainstream parties in May has concentrated minds wonderfully - but upon what they have been concentrated is another matter.

What is being forgotten is that the recent UKIP success comes about as much from the continuing "disconnect" between the major parties and their core voters as from any other discernible source. Those voters have not been radicalised (and there is little about UKIP that may be accounted radical): they remain what they always have been, but frustrated and vengeful. Nor are they even, coming from the two wings of politics, natural allies.

If you are expecting some sort of revolutionary or even radical force to arise from such material then you will be waiting for a very long time. Did we lose London or Leicester to the foreigner following upon some long series of battles, physical or political? We did not. Our people moved out, or retreated into enclaves. They surrendered, just as all over the country they continue to surrender their jobs and their prospects. Have the agricultural workers of southern, western and eastern England risen in righteous anger against their wholesale replacement by the low-paid foreigner? They have not. Have the workers in any factory anywhere taken to the picket lines in protest at the foreign agency labour brought in to undermine and eventually replace them? Save for the well-publicised protests at Grimsby four years ago, nothing of the sort has happened. Which neighbourhoods have got up angry protests that hard to find social housing is apportioned on a basis of "need" and not length of residence, so admitting the foreigner on equal terms? Where are the protests that the health services, educational provision and such like are sorely overburdened and in decay? The whole sorry tale is one of continuing surrender and acceptance, accompanied by much grumbling, to be sure, and voting for UKIP - a party most would ordinarily steer clear of - amounts to little more than political grumbling by a minority (as should also be remembered) of the electorate.

No forces are being unleashed. They are being contained in a political sandbox, as I believe the powers within the mainstream parties are aware, even if their frustrated local councillors, failed candidates and ordinary members are not. They expect that on current trends next year's dual elections will be a disaster for them, all of them, but also know that in the subsequent general election things will be very different, even if a substantive 12% (the current stable polling of voting intentions) do as they say they will and vote for UKIP.

That will be the end, or the beginning of the end of the UKIP game, when the realisation sets in that UKIP never can nor will be capable of forming a government. But will it leave a radicalised people in its wake - will there be riots, protest and mayhem? What do you think, given the "form" of the British, and especially the English people?

You know, from the content of my past missives, that I believe no British nationalists of any stripe have any business in participating in any elections for the next few years. For us these years must be spent in re-grouping, re-orientating, re-building and husbanding resources. Then it will be a matter of assessing the political landscape of the time and the possibilities that are open to us. We can do no more than that (quite enough on its own) and it would be a foolish man indeed who made any prediction beyond that.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I was a little unfair with the neanderthal comment. I should of said subhuman.

The only way will ever change anything is if a credible opposition to the current political parties steps forward. Protesting is useless and brings out the worst parts of our society to ruin the cause. We need something to vote for that agrees with what you want.

I don't disagree with your views about whats wrong with this country and neither do probably most people in this country even non-whites. Its how some protesters go about it is the problem.

Thank god they will never run this country.

Anonymous said...

never say never!

The Road said...

It isn't the self-seeking, traitorous politicians' fault. Until the indigenous people wake up and rise up, Britain will continue on the path to destruction.

Defence is no offence said...

It's not globalisation, it's the planned destruction of the heritage, history and culture of White western countries by social manipulation and demonisation of thinking dissenters. Accompanied by mass importation of highly reproductive alien hordes.

Anonymous said...

@20/06/2013 14:13 you'll get interviewed under police caution for having a few like that.

Anonymous said...

The term "Cultural Marxism" has a modern day application best personified by Harriet Harman. A recommended read on this topic is Unarmed Invasion by Lord Elton 1965. You could describe it as a blueprint for the masterplan.

Anonymous said...

I looked at a poll of 'gay marriage' support, and it was divided into age groups. The older the age the less popular it was, but the age group of 18-24 showed a huge jump, with a far greater difference here than between any of the other differences in adjacent age ranges. It tends to imply the schools are now highly efficient in their programme of indoctrination. This is extremely worrying indeed. Another point that is worth taking into account is the Tories have seen a rise here, but a drop in support in all other age groups. I would describe this as the "new normal". The UKIP have their work cut out for them to save these souls from the clutches of depraved system administrators.

Sick is as sick does said...

Cameron was talking about gay schoolboys in love a few weeks ago. That's our Prime Minister.

SerpentSlayer said...

I imagine he was drawing on personal experiences.
If anyone really dislikes homosexuality, it must be a godsend having people like Cameron on their side. Cameron could make any group hated by association, if he was clever he would back Nationalism and see us finished.

Anonymous said...

English disco league

Anonymous said...

Oi the guy who did the flying kick is my cousin ��������