Monday, 17 June 2013

Balsam Bashing tomorrow (18th June) between 10am and 3pm

Organised by Tameside Countryside Services. Meet Haughton Dale Local Nature Reserve
Apethorn Lane car park, Gee Cross, Hyde, SK14 5DN at 10am. For more info click here but be careful not to click any of the 'Viagra' spam links in the comments section.

Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) and Japanese Knot-weed is beginning to to take hold in the Haughton Dale area. Both are invasive species and the balsam bashing exercise is aimed at controlling the spread.

If you are at a loose end tomorrow and fancy doing 'your bit' for the local environment why not go along to bash the balsam?

I had the best balsam basher and knot-weed destroyer ever. I taught my baby from puppy-hood to destroy these invasive aliens and it was a job he loved doing. Watch the video below to see him in action.


Anonymous said...

4,000 views great stuff said...


Anonymous said...

What a great dog.

tonydj said...

Surely this is floracism? The persecution of a plant because it is not "native" to the UK?

Our gardens are enriched with the diversity of these new plants.

And to do it on the anniversary of The battle of Waterloo...say no more...FLORAL FASCISM!!

No Nazi extermination of non-native plant species said...

Lol, you rascal Tony but in the topsy-turvy world we live in you may have coined a new phrase"floracism". John Taylor could become a founder member of the new UAF, Unite Against Floracism. He could petition for equality in all matters floral and start the ball rolling in a campaign to bring about equal rights for everything floral including the introduction of a bill paving the way for civil partnerships and eventually marriage between man, woman and the floral arrangement of their choosing.

Bill said...

TC, I have noticed that the sides of some lanes and tracks in Tameside are completely covered with Himalayan Balsam.

They seem to like water as I have noticed they grow near springs, brooks and streams. Perhaps you could set up a dog task force to halt the invasion.


You like my video TC? said...


City Ave M34 said...

I had the odious Dawson Lane at the door a couple of minutes ago trying to sign us up for postal votes. I told him to sling his hook.

Anonymous said...

18/06/2013 18:40 he's got links to uaf, he make tens of thousands with his wife Jackie lane, she mad vast amounts with new charter housing

Anonymous said...

You can call new charter housing, but at least they sacked Jackie Lane.

Anonymous said...

Jackie Lane said "new charter will never sack me" but they did!

Anonymous said...


Complain that Labour have all the postal votes and refuse to get yourself one cause you were asked by a Labour man... just brilliant.

They must cry with laughter

City Ave said...

Postal vote rigging is rife and the Labour postal vote scam is at the heart of the problem. Postal votes should be only be available for those with a valid reason why they cannot vote in person.

Anonymous said...

re Councillor Dawson Lane.
Finding he was posting leaflets I told him to sling his hook seeing he has no living address connection with M34.
He rapidly vamoosed for his age,yet another bloody parasite let loose from Dukinfield

Anonymous said...

Well Labour man, if he was truly one, but tosser lane is uaf.

Anonymous said...

These people are not Labour, look at the vast amounts of money being made by the Lanes. Jackie land as five houses for God's sake

Postal vores introduced by Labour for Labour = fraud said...

Ban em!

Mass immigration? White western countries only said...

Britain's future as a recognisable entity will be decided in the next few years.

Anonymous said...

Because of the large amount of data I located and hold during these past 15 years with copies dutifully secured elsewhere,I often recall instances of my correspondence with the TMBC Chief Executive in year 2000 Mr.M Greenwood.
Having requested and allowed to carefully scrutinise the TMBC Councillors declaration of interests files in year 2000,the following are just "some" of the matters of concern I found
which I then brought to the attention of the TMBC Chief Executive whose duty was the responsibility to ensure all Councillors updated their declaration of interests each year.
I also offered this information direct by E.Mail to Tony Blair the UK Prime Minister because I considered such records indicated a concerning issue.

In year 2000 I found the following Councillors had not updated their declaration of interests since the years denoted below.
R.Oldham 1986 (14 years of no declaration of interests
F.Robinson 1986(14 years of no declaration of interests
J.Taylor 1984 (16 years of no declaration of interests
A.Whitehead 1990 (10 years of no declaration of interests submitted.

These were based on year 2000 documentation.
Other Councillors were lax in submitting annual interests
but for were shorter periods of years than those
The TMBC Chief Executive M.Greenwood acted swiftly with 2 days to ensure "all" declaration of interests files were updated and showed the appropriate information required.
The response from No 10 indicated the matter had been passed to the TMBC Chief Executive M.Greenwood.
Its surprising what information can be made available simply by exerting your rights as a Tameside resident.
Perhaps other interested individuals should examine the TMBC files which are available to them.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of stuff we need Mr Hall keep it coming my good man.

1984 is closer than you think said...

Roy West was interviewed under police caution in relation to the making of this video (see link)
Public order act section 19 yet no further action was taken.
Why do you think no further action was taken?
You can write to
Northhampton Road
M40 4BP.
And ask them why, police resources are being spent persecuting Roy West.

Alan Kibble Verses The Truth (Crowbar Attack) said...

On the 6th of July 2012 Tameside County Court, Mr Alan Kibble (new charter tenancy enforcer) set out in his statement to implicate me with a crowbar attack on a new charter office, the judge stated that this was guilt by association and dismissed Kibble's attempt to frame me for this unsolved crime. It is worrying that this man is prepared to try and implicate me in such an evil way.

Anonymous said...

@20/06/2013 10:03 during the interview under police caution, Roy West was questioned about the Enoch Powell quote.
Why don't people open their eyes to what is going on, do they want their lives to be controlled under a police state?

In this country in 15 or 20 years' time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man." (Enoch Powell)

55,000 new homes needed for Manchester said...

That is to cope with the area's projected population surge by 2027. Of course, we know whence will come our new 'locals' - the third worlders the powers-that-be continue to ship into our once unified and homogenous island nation. Either by way of turning a blind eye to the hordes slipping in via the backdoor, lending a sympathetic ear to supposed 'refugees' or just wilfully inviting them over (Andrew Neather), the destroyers of our foothold on this planet are committing ethnic genocide in the guise of tolerance and enrichment.

The ever increasing number of non-Europeans living locally in Tameside with various exotic accents is becoming noticebale - especially on these steets where New Charter social housing has been recently constructed. Anyone seen some of the new residents at the former site of The Snipe in Dukinfield? New local housing certainly is not exclusively for local people, and never let the locsal authorities tell you otherwise.

Anonymous said...

@20/06/2013 14:30 you will end up getting interviewed under police caution if you talk like that.
Remember what Mr Ivan Wright siad in his police statement against Roy West.
"I regular monitor the Tameside citizen and YouTube videos"

Anonymous said...

Remember if you've got any pressing concerns about housing matters with new charter housing, you'll need to drag Ivan Wright (tenancy enforcer) away from looking at YouTube videos and looking at posts on this blog.

Anonymous said...

If you are a young family trying to get a new charter home, desperate to get a roof over your head.
You've been on the list for years and years.
Remember the fat cat Ian Munro £200,000 a year at the head of a charitable social housing landlord.
Can't be bad.........
Anyone gets out of line or questions his money he sends the police round.

British Homes for British Families said...

For talking like what? By complaining that immigration is too high? By complaining that local resources in Tameside such as social housing are going to immigrants instead of local people? What law says I am not allowed to do that?

If I see / hear people in my area speaking with foreign accents occupying family sized social housing that should be going to local people, I am well within my rights to complain about it. As far as I'm concerned, so long as any kind of 'waiting lists' exist which sees British born locals stuck in queues for somewhere to live behind recently arrived immigrants, then I'll damned well speak out about it. And if the local stasi thought police don't like it, they can come knocking and I'll happily discuss the matter with them. And we'll begin by discussing Labour's Margeret Hodge who made similar remarks about foreigners in the housing queue.

As for me specifying what part of the globe those immigrants are from, well that happens all the time. Ed Miliband and his friend Gillian Duffy have quite publicly condemned immigration - albeit immigration with a white face from Europe. Does that suddenly become illegal when someone specifies the third world instead?

I take exception to any immigrant taking a house in this country when so much as one British person is on the streets, including soldiers who risked life and limb and return home to find the housing needs of the world and his wife well catered for whilst he has to make do with a homelessness hostel.

Anonymous said...

You are not allowed to talk like that in Tameside, Ivan Wright will report you to the police for incitement.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ivan Wright (new charter enforcer)
Is paid to stalk the views of people like you.

One walking, one in the pram, one in the womb said...

Overpopulation and immigration. These are the issues that will dominate in Britain in the coming years.
No matter how many improvements are made to our quality of life, infrastructure, health services, pollution reductions etc, the sheer volume of the coming immigration and immigrant led population explosion, in what is already one of the most overpopulated countries in the world, will come to massively overpower every other issue and destroy and nullify all improvements. We will, in effect, be running faster and faster, not to catch up with solving problems, but simply to slightly slow down the rate at which they become exponentially worse.
Look around you because in ten years these will be looked on as the last of the 'good old days', before hell on earth came to our once fundamentally peaceful, homogenous and united nation.
Other countries with a fraction of our population density will be able to soak up and temporarily deny the reality of the massive effect of these two issues. In Britain, especially England, we will face the full onslaught of this manufactured nightmare much much sooner. The establishment wants to classify as the same, those who wish to destroy our country with those who want to save it even though they are diametric opposites. They are both to be demonised as 'troublemakers' and trouble is the great sin, as it might wake up the pathetic, zombified and dormant masses.
It isn't yet too late to change course, but very soon it will be.

Anonymous said...

I was listening to Tameside Radio the other day, one advert came on for new charter housing "new charter housing not just a landlord."
We know that, they pay Ivan Wright to stalk people's views on this blog and watch YouTube videos.

Anonymous said...

Is there an echo in here?

Tameside Citizen said...

Hey Bill, don’t be putting ideas into my head or I will be dreaming about becoming the Commander in Chief of a task-force of specially trained dogs dedicated to the eradication of invasive plant species.