Friday, 24 May 2013

TMBC Plant Sale Saturday 25/5/2013

The plant sale will be held at the TMBC horticultural centre on Cemetery Road in Denton (M34 6ER) tomorrow between 10am and 2pm. I pass this place often while walking and the staff are a credit to Tameside. They grow plants to brighten up the borough on an industrial scale and it is always a hive of activity. If you want to see any of their work just take a look at the wonderful public floral displays around the borough.


In the eyes of God! said...

The persecuted are truly blessed!

green fingers said...

I will give it a go. Do you think they offer planting advice?

The British State comes down hard on extremists following the beheading of a UK soldier by Islamic extremists said...

As soon as the authorities were alerted they sprung into action to detain these two. From complaint to arrests: 8 minutes, a big improvement on the 30 minutes it took them to get to the scene of the British soldier being hacked to death in a London street, but there again, these two were reported for a crime so horrific the authorities had to pull out all the stops to arrest them, yes, they are alleged to have committed the one of the most heinous crimes of our age: 'racist' comments on Twitter. Thank heavens the authorities have their priorities right.

Something must give, it really must said...

Snatch squads sent by the thought police in the early hours of the morning. You couldn't make it up!

It's ****ing SICK, isn't it? A soldier of the realm who had put his life on the line for his country was hacked to pieces in the most utterly grotesque and brutal manner possible as recently as Wednesday by unwanted immigrant scum and yet when our people are justifiably livid about it and let off a few words of steam on Twitter the full weight of the law comes crashing down on them.

And news just in from Gillingham, an 85 year old woman has been arrested for shouting outside a mosque, She remains in custody.

Anonymous said...

I really do think we should all march on Parliament Square and conduct a sit-in until the regime falls. The regime's police can't arrest us all if we gather there in sufficient numbers. This sort of tactic has worked in other totalitarian countries. It has to be worth a try, doesn't it?

Red horizon said...

It's perfectly legal to criticise Islam and say it is a backward, barbaric, fundamentally uncivilised alien cult whose treatment of women is a disgrace and that it's prophet was a paedophile. State facts, don't incite any dangerous 85 year old women to raise their voices or anything.
Join the modern police and assist in the destruction of your own country.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that, new charter housing have a van with blacked out windows so they can film and spy on their tenants?

Anonymous said...

No, prove it.

We're all safe, the police are on the job now said...

Fighting terror on the front line.

Anonymous said...

The local Health Administrators in the PCT/CCG responsible for the health and welfare of ALL Tamesiders have now decided to totally ignore any E.Mails I send exposing their complicity with TMBC in abusing the thousands of children and infants and adults with the deceptions and deceit concerning the monitoring of massive levels of toxic air pollution now being ingested by thousands of families.
Such contempt and avoidance's will be vigorously pursued until the CCG/PCT decide to accept their full responsibilities for all Tameside folk and answering to all the Tameside population of 220,000 people.
If they imagine they can be paid by the public, administrate £millions of pounds,and decide who gets health contracts without scrutiny, they are sadly totally mistaken and the members concerned in this organisation will certainly be exposed for their contempt towards those who pay their salaries and expenses.
They have now removed their E.Mail link from their site
and prefer to use Twitter,thereby hiding and denying the public access to their members.
Be fully aware of this new organisation and the deplorable contempt its already showing.

Munro £200,000 said...

New charter housing use the van to spy on their tenants.
I will get the reg of the van

Anonymous said...

Munro faced a night in the police cells, if new charter housing tried it on with the mother of two from Denton again.
Munro takes in £200,000 a year while you struggle with the bedroom tax.

Anonymous said...

Your environment in tameside is the responsibility largely of
Ian Saxon (large salary)
Councillor Piddingtom (large salary),and Gary Mongan
(salary not quoted)
Their continued utter and total contempt for the Tameside Public and the dangerous toxic air they are forced to ingest is a scandal.
They have no right whatsoever to hold their positions over recent years and should be booted out as not fit for purpose.
E.Mails are now flying everywhere from a variety of sources mentioning these individuals who have been complicit in deceptions linked to the pollution site monitors on two trees Lane which has been churning out for 16 years manipulated air pollution
data for Tamesiders consumption as being what air they are breathing.

Anonymous said...

Jan Crowder (new charter) passed on information passed on to JT

Fire on the horizon said...

Don't worry about the handful of fanatics, worry about the maternity wards in Bradford, Dewsbury, Luton, Slough, Hackney, Brent, Tower Hamlets, Blackburn, Birmingham, High Wycombe, Pendle, Enfield, Oldham, Leicester, Kirklees etc etc.

Anonymous said...

The police are more concerned about this blog, it's one of their top priorities to nail the Tameside Citizen.
New charter housing afford special priority to Ivan Wright to stalk individuals on the internet.

Fess said...

Are you suggesting collusion between New Charter and the police?

Anonymous said...

Well new charter give them money!