Thursday, 23 May 2013

1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment 'Homecoming Parade' Ashton-under-Lyne (22/05/2013)

Thank you to Roy West for filming the parade and sharing the footage with us.


tonydj said...

Careful you don't get accused of "harassing" the 1st Battalion Roy! LOL

tonydj said...

meanwhile on his blog, Cllr Taylor seems to believe a Spanish Regiment (The Murcian) will soon visit Tameside.

Oh, hold on, perhaps he means the MERCIAN regiment, named after the Old English Kingdom?

SerpentSlayer said...

I had my chance to enlist, but chose not to. I don't regret it, I couldn't fight for the British army in the politically correct world of women soldiers and foreign mercenaries, but every once in a while, when I see our heroic lads, in their berets marching in perfect columns I get a flash of 'if only'.
Perhaps that is why I am so infuriated by yesterdays happenings, moreso than if it was a civvy who was killed, the fought of the best of us being slain with impunity makes me truly angry.
May many of these men one day truly fight for Britain, for us as a nation.

Anonymous said...

sNever forget who were the abused ???????????????????
Not that long ago on TC

Victims of child abuse at three children's homes in Manchester will receive compensation from the city council, it has confirmed.

Manchester City Council is to settle the claims of 163 people who were sexually and physically abused at three homes from the 1950s to the 1990s.

It comes after 168 other victims were awarded a total of £2.26m in 2007.

Police investigated 66 children's homes in Greater Manchester from 1997 to 2002, and prosecuted several people.

The victims say they were abused at Rosehill in Northenden, Broome House in Didsbury, and Mobberley Boys School in Knutsford, run by the council's social services department.

The settlement means the victims will not have to give evidence in court, but will have to accept a reduced amount in compensation, solicitors Abney Garsden McDonald said.

Continue reading the main story

Start Quote

Manchester City Council is genuinely committed to settling legitimate claims as quickly and fairly as possible, recognising that no amount of money can compensate individuals who have suffered abuse whilst in our care”

Manchester City Council spokesman
Solicitor Peter Garsden said: "The decision by Manchester City Council to avoid the costs and the time involved in contested litigation is very welcome indeed.

Trust me, I'm a doctor! said...

I see that Britain's regression is still in full swing. Every facet, every institution heading in a downward spiral towards Third World status.

Of course the NHS would collapse without people like him.

A bit miffed the tax payer has to keep this degenerate for 12 years though.

Very Rich, Socialists! Tameside Council The Faces Of Pure Evil said...

Sorry wrong link above

The Deputy Leader Exposed said...

Pause, enlarge and check out the ACAB (All Coppers Are Bastards) tattoo on his hand. Unbelievable that a person of such low calibre can hold such a senior position in the council.

Golden Dawn Official English Website said...

Hail Golden Dawn, Hail Free Greece, Hail The European Fightback

White journalists' pathetic put down of EDL said...

While many people in the country even if not that patriotic where voting is concerned have expressed outrage over the Woolwich atrocity, an attractive white female journalist for The Independent called Emily Jupp is aghast at the EDL making a noise in her Woolwich Road. She refers to her own racial kin as aliens apparently.

She has the audacity to call Woolwich a great place to live even though whites must surely be a minority there. And of course whites continue to decline there, much as elsewhere in London. And the 2011 riots ... well she said the anger was directed at police and property, so it wasn't that scary.

This deranged woman represents the worst type of selfish liberal individualism I can think of. Absolutely no concern for her own people, or even any attempt to understand how the EDL might be angry that an innocent white man was murdered not far from where she lives.

All I can say is that people such as herself can no longer be considered English. Although citizenship should be naturally inherited and in general permanent, in the case of traitors such as this journalist, we have to say to them you are NO LONGER ENGLISH. You can't be a member of a natural nation but not be concerned about the welfare of that nation.

Blood payback said...

Posting reams of analysis about the shortcomings of our national political leaders would undoubtedly 'add to the debate' and in some ways mimic the cowardly talking shop the British establishment has become, but it's truer to simply say, they are a bunch of gutless cunts and traitors.

Bruce said...

Journalist like this are so poisoned and bigoted that they actually believe the EDL are as bad as the monsters who killed the young soldier, and they then spread that lie. It is people like Jupp who have protected multiculturalism and covered up the truth, whilst condemning those who speak against it, who have a young man's blood on their hands today.

Desperate Times said...

Dear Mr Camoron,

Now do you see what you & your classmates have brought to my country? Not only that, you have left it to us to live with the nightmare!

Yours bloodily,

Tommy Atkins XXX

Camoron is calling for "unity", the others are drowning on their snuff..... When you fight you must go straight for the throat - the 'throat' is both National & Local Govt! Marching and protesting against immigrants is futile - there are too many invaders from too many countries and they have our own guardians with them: March on Government in the streets; show the world what feckless tramps 'run' Britain and thereby show them that the British may be down but not Out and that the only thing left to us is to throw out the Govt, then the Invaders!

Not sticks & stones, nor calling names, but the steady, heavy steps of Britons marching on the Westminster Variety Club with an angered pride. Show them what British Unity is - with a scowl, an almighty howl, and the regenerated spirit of Jarrow!

Tameside Council The Faces Of Pure Evil said...

Can you spot the wife beater?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the wife beater was there alright. It is an insult to the hero British soldiers who have just returned from war to have this treacherous bunch of degenerates in their presence.

Anonymous said...

TMBC Daily Confirmed Liars for years and you pay their wages in Council Taxes.
TMBC should be charged for issuing deliberate and knowingly false information which is seriously detrimental to the public`s
And the Councillors and MP`s should be also charged for aiding and abetting TMBC for its gross lies.
How to lie and deceive daily for years and get paid for doing it by Tameside Council Tax payers..
Today's Thursday 23rd May Pollution Index reading is 1
Tameside Two Trees School
Latest data
pollutant date time band index measurement unit
CO 31/07/2009 14:00 Low 3 9.60 mg/m3
NO2 23/05/2013 18:00 Low 1 13.00 µg/m3
O3 05/10/2012 11:00 Low 1 2.00 µg/m3
PM10 23/05/2013 18:00 Low 1 5.00 µg/m3
SO2 09/09/2009 11:00 Low 1 3.00 µg/m3
So in the greenfields site off Two Trees Lane where the TMBC Pollution is monitored where no main roads,major highways and Motorways exist with constant vehicles go, shows for Tameside "LOW POLLUTION" today,( yippee thats amazing ?????)

Come on and contradict those facts Gwynne and your gobby employed sycophants

Your all a public disgrace being directly complicit in the lies,deceptions,
manipulations,and deliberate false information issued to thousands of Tamesiders.
who have a legistlated Right to be told the pollution they are daily
TMBC and its Councillors,
Officials and MP`s have been seriously and knowingly duping the families of Tameside for years,and should be ousted or resign from public office right now.
You are in breach of the Codes of Conduct for Members of Parliament and which also applies to holders of public office.
Read the UK Parliament Code of Conduct Resolution which you have been and knowingly ignoring for years and your
detestable lies about Air Pollution should now be exposed yet again seeing your constant lies affect all children,adults,and the elderly in Tameside.
Maybe the Advertiser will do their duty towards Tamesiders and print these facts

Tameside Council And The Faces Of Evil said...

Who sold her Tory principles in order to save her own skin?

The vile, bad, and the ugly said...

The FUTURE and the nightmare!

Anonymous said...

The shit who become Councillors and MP`s mimic the reality of what scum does,"it rises to the top" and administrates our lives.

When you see a Councillor its time to tell them what you think of these deceivers and if a few thousand start doing that they will run for cover because they have no defense after years of
deliberate contempt for Tamesiders.
The police should abide by free speech in a democracy and not interfere in the law which tells the public they are allowed to express their views to those who abuse "their rights" to know what pollution they are having stuffed into their families lungs.
The police are not there to protect Councillors or MP`s who are definitely abusing citizens rights.
Yet more proof from MrHall

Hally for leader said...

Mr Hall has totally destroyed the credibility of the local political charlatans. He is a formidable character and they are petrified of him.

London, home of self-seekers, traitors, scum and enemies said...

Horror in Woolwich: There was a horrific incident in Woolwich the day before yeasterday, when BBC correspondent Nick Robinson described the attackers as 'of Muslim appearance'. Robinson has since issued a grovelling apology for this 'dreadful offence' after complaints.
It shows how far this country has sunk when a senior TV journalist apologises for accurately reporting the appearance of the brute savages, presumably them walking up and down the street gloatingly shouting 'Allahu Akbar' had something do with the Muslim reference.
The complaints about Robinson's remark would of course have been treated with the utmost gravity as they were linked to the 'R' word. In reality the complainants should have had it pointed out to them that a slightly more serious incident had taken place in that street and told to FUCK OFF.

Anonymous said...

tonydj thicko took your comment of his blog