Friday, 31 May 2013

Dead Swift

I found this dead swift by the River Tame in Denton. Sadly this is the first time I have ever seen a swift when not in flight. At first I thought it had been attacked by a predatory bird such as kestrel or buzzard, of which there are plenty in this locality, but upon inspection I could see no obvious injuries.

My theory is that it was involved in a mid air collision with another swift because they do fly fast and very close to each other. Or it may have starved to death and literally fallen from the sky because these migratory birds rely on catching flies, but with the recent dreary weather swarming flies have been in short supply and maybe it just could not find enough food to keep going.

It is said that these birds which are fantastically agile fliers due to the shape of their wings gave R J Mitchell inspiration when he was designing the elliptical wings for the Spitfire. Watch out for them next time you are near a river and I will guarantee you will be impressed by their flying skills.

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Anonymous said...

I saw one of these dead in two pieces in my local pub's car park. Quite appropriate as I'd popped down for a swift half.