Monday, 1 April 2013

Is this the worst road in Tameside?

Or maybe even the worst road in Europe? It is sad to watch Britain crumble around us. When I was a lad, back in the days when Bagpuss was king of children's daytime television. Back in the days when dad went to work and mum was the housewife. Back in the days when every locality had immaculately maintained public parks, public toilets and public roads. Back in the days of order and civility. Back in those halcyon days everything seemed so perfect, or am I looking back with nostalgia on times which were not too different than today? I know one thing, the roads certainly were better!


No down side said...

Re the previous post on the violent thug.
The basis of civilisation is order. Order is imposed not by giving people reason to do things, it is imposed by giving people reason NOT to do things detrimental to an orderly, civilised society. The same goes for the maintenance of order once it has been created.
Mandatory punishments of sufficient deterrent value and reflective of the severity of the offence are needed to maintain civilisation.
The mandatory nature is essential, to remove all doubt from a potential offender's mind as to the absolute certainty of what will happen if they transgress and are caught.
For example, Category 1 crimes like murder, child rape etc should carry the death sentence. Gratuitous killings by acid, torture etc punished in a like for like fashion.
Category 2: serious violence offences, mandatory 50 years with hard labour.
Category 3: corruption, fraud, burglary, robbery etc, mandatory 40 years with hard labour.
Simple and MANDATORY, and crime would plummet.
The growing amount of human detritus, home grown and imported, in Britain would look around and realise that, bearing in mind the rapidly increasing number of hellholes in the world, they are extremely lucky to live here, in what is still fundamentally a civilised country, and fulfil their ONLY obligation: don't break the law.

SerpentSlayer said...

The severity of 'murder' is subjective, death for killing a woman in cold blood is fair, but death for lynching a paedophile? or for killing a man you caught in bed with your wife?

I would go for an alternative approach. Allow thefts, murders and such to be solved by the parties involved with the ability to request a trial by the local elderman or similar if they wish.

Police would be drawn on a rota basis from the men of the village/town. Major disturbances could be solved by gathering all the local men (who should be trained in the use of arms)

Much simpler than the convoluted system we have. In extreme cases mob justice would be the norm and the sick fiends would get the painful death they deserve. What we need is for 'the system' to be synonymous with the people and not some separate gravy-train riding entity.

The Pre-Christian Anglo-Saxons and Continental Germanic had the right ideas, and the wisdom they came from still stands. One thing they did not deal with was mass presence of foreigners in their towns, my recommendation would be for them to be classed as outlaws.

Anonymous said...

In essence, you are both calling for Sharia Law, albeit not by name.

SerpentSlayer said...

Sharia law is a completely different system. Not all alternatives to the accepted norm are part of one big group. I suppose you think that Islam is a Fascist creed and that Confucianism and Taoism are the same thing too.

Reimer said...

"Bagpus" = baggy, bit loose at the seams...but Emily loved the way he oozed.

No down side said...

Anonymous @ 02:13, Nonsense. We need a rational, punishment based justice system with mandatory sentencing that reflects the severity of the crime, deters others and PUNISHES wrongdoers. Burning someone with acid for example should warrant the same being done to the perpetrator, as it serves all three of these functions.
Irrational, unsystematic, archaic, mumbo jumbo containg odd grains of common sense has nothing to do with it.