Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Clear Channel announces UKIP poster "will not be removed"

This is wonderful news and I doubt few would argue with this statement from a local UKIP spokesman who described the decision by Clear Channel as "a rare victory for common sense and freedom of speech".

For far too long these wailing bullies of the far left have had it their own way. Because of their close links with the Establishment in general and the Labour Party in particular they feel that if they scream and threaten loud and long enough they will get their own way, but as this small victory against these rabid opponents of democracy proves; the tide is turning and not in a direction which will necessarily be to their liking.


Anonymous said...

Once Ukip get the ball rolling and votes start getting them elected, the state will destroy them.

Anonymous said...

Just when unity between all whites everywhere is needed the most, along comes good old civic nationalism to save the day. Appealing to non-white voters in Levenshulme to oppose the menace of white immigration into Britain. Yes, take one look at our major towns and cities and we can see straight away what our problems are. Try sticking a poster in Levenshulme calling for an end to ALL immigration incl. from the non-white third world, not quite the soft target that white European immigration is.

Black gang culture and violence continues to plague our streets and muzzie paedo gangs are systematically raping our young girls the length and breadth of the nation as their numbers increase exponentially. Meanwhile the average 'patriotic' Brit is too busy cheering on his African kickyball idols and grumbling about Poles taking jobs to even notice.

He's watched as he's being pushed into minority status in his own land and says / does diddly squat about it. Some sixty years of happily offering his country up for third world colonisation, and he's foaming at the mouth when a minority of whites in Europe suddenly take advantage of lax immigration controls. If that doesn't sum up the average Englishman... he didn't fight to the bitter end, he grumbled his way to the grave.

Anonymous said...

TC Spoke to a lady that works in Stalybridge yesterday.
We got talking about new charter housing. She asked me if I had any dealings with Paul Wilson, I said yes. she said, she took him to court for wrongful eviction and one her case.

Bill said...

It just needs the labour and conservative sheep voters to think for once in their lifetime and maybe this country will see that UKIP are our only hope.

As Sigmund Freud said "What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult."

The sooner we are out of the EU and immigration is halted then perhaps we can at last have a return to proper deterrent sentences and some real justice.


Anonymous said...

The Labour & Tory bounty hunters will be vigorously
searching anything whatsoever to gain a snippet of negative publicity against UKIP.
Yet in both anti UKIP parties there is enough sleaze to sink a battleship but the pathetic public are
guilty of maintaining a blinkered approach to what politics is all about.
greed,dictatorship,moral corruption,financial cover ups,and the shit has now floated to the top of our society at all levels.

Anonymous said...

03/04/2013 10:17 They won't have to search to far. The founding fathers of ukip were ex-National Front and Monday club members.

Fatherland said...

Levenshulme's UKIP support is about double the BNP's, i.e six people.
That poster's on the A6 from what I understand, and as the British drive along this extremely busy road with its wonderful 'enrichment' they may glance up at this large poster and link it to what they see around them, thereby increasing UKIP's support. If so, that's clever tactics from UKIP, i.e targeting people who actually might vote for them. The Tory hierarchy is, apparently, too stupid to do so at the moment.
The only reason the British have woken up to the effects of mass immigration is because it's NOW affecting them.
There's a recession on, money's tight (their own and the goverment's coffers are nearly empty), benefits are being restricted, jobs are scarce and it's obvious what will happen if even more are let in.
All the evidence for the destruction of our identity and massive overpopulation by mass immigration was there years ago, but back then, they were doing alright: easy credit, wages and benefits were better etc etc.
Many British people have no concept of national loyalty or patriotism, it's just words, many are ignorant with the values of pigs at the trough.
Time is rapidly running out for Britain.

Reimer said...

"Many British people have no concept of national loyalty or patriotism, it's just words, many are ignorant with the values of pigs at the trough."

Bit harsh - Joss Stone has had locks fitted to her doors since the incident.


Saudi Arabian paralysis sentence 'grotesque' said...

I told you it was Sharia that you wanted. Your calls for a return to medievial barbarism is no better than what they practice under Sharia.

Equal under the law said...

Inflicted paralysis for stabbing someone in the spine and leaving them paralysed is justice. At 14 he knew what he was doing when he stabbed his victim. Think of that poor innocent victim stuck in a wheelchair.
In Britain, if you incinerate six young children - think of the terror they must have gone through - you get a pathetic fifteen years or two and a half years per child. Or an even more disgusting 17 years, in reality eight and a half each, for the accomplices.
All three should be very slowly spit roasted to death.
The eye for an eye part of some religious justice systems is correct as part of a rational, punishment, retribution and deterrent based one.

SerpentSlayer said...

Hear, hear that man. The world is a brutal place, best we make sure we direct brutality towards those who deserve it.