Sunday, 3 February 2013

Taxi drivers plea for Tameside Council to negotiate rather than dictate

I'm sure many of us sympathise with the plight of the Hackney Cab drivers who stand to lose their investment should the council decide to scrap the current limit of 149 Hackney Carriages which operate throughout the borough. I say give me quality over quantity each day and every day. TMBC would like to hear your opinions in The Big Conversation. You can share your views with the council by clicking here, but do be advised that you do have to supply your name and address before joining the Big Conversation.


France's parliament approve gay marriage said...

Isn't it

Numbers Game said...

Antone who doesn't know why this is being pushed is very ignorant of demographics. The same thing happens regularly in Oldham.

Black cabs to protest over 'no limit' to number of taxi licences said...

A Tameside council spokesman said: “The council is inviting comments on this important issue which forms part of our transport strategy for the future. No decisions have been made. We want to hear taxi-drivers’ opinions every bit as much as those of the general public. We are fully aware of the important role taxis have in getting people around the borough.

SerpentSlayer said...

Either we hire more doctors, build another market or delimit the number of taxicabs. Our own unemployed can rot I suppose, but god forbid if we don't bend over backwards to special interest groups.

Joe Baxi said...

It seems to be a common theme with the council. Just as with the Kenyon Ave passage, they prefer to dictate rather than negotiate. It is a sign they have too much power.

Leigh Griffiths charged over alleged racist tweet said...

Hibernian striker Leigh Griffiths has been charged over an alleged racist comment on networking site Twitter.

It was claimed last month that, in response to a tweet, the Scotland international told user Zak Iqbal to go "back to your own country".

Career destroyed and a jail sentence pending for telling an immigrant to go back to his own country. Where is this insanity leading us to and will it ever end?

Girls in Lancashire take part in World Hijab Day said...

Meanwhile in Lancashire: Muslim and non Muslim wore the hijab all day as a way of increasing understanding and promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural and social awareness of our pupils.”

Forced indoctrination of school children. If you would not allow your White Christian child to participate you would be branded a racist nazi hater. What would happen if Muslim school children were forced to wear a crucifix necklace all day to understand our faith?

SerpentSlayer said...

Such a thing does nothing to promote understanding, in fact I imagine it has the opposite effect.
Those head coverings beloved of Arabs are just cultural daubings, nothing to do with religious observance. An imposition borne of an endemic misogyny hard wired into the sand-dwellers who have propagated Islam since it's birth.

Both the Jewish and Islamic religions insist on some form of head covering for some of it's adherents, as a mark of subservience to their delusional god. Contrast with one of the survivals of our own traditions, where a head-covering in the presence of company is considered rude, as if one has something to hide.

I cannot trust any 'faith' whereby it's followers serve only the narrow minded idea of a god as recorded in an ancient book written in a foreign tongue. If it was up to me such religions would be outlawed as treasonous to the interests of the nation as I'm sure our Teutonic saviour of yore would have had it if he could.

The enemy within said...

Meanwhile in the prisons there's uproar when a few Muslims are accidentally made to eat a few molcules of pork. Whilst millions of law abiding Brits are fed by stealth, vast quantities of the barbarically slaughtered Halal meat, deliberately introduced into the food chain.
The RSPCA and the rest of the animals rights hypocrites and cowards are either turning a blind eye or are too busy spending massive amounts of time and money attacking a few toffs over fox hunting.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Richard III would make of Leicester today?

Man fined £3,165 after racist remark said...

The victim, 32, of Peckham, took a photo of O’Shea on her mobile phone which was used by British Transport Police to identify him on CCTV and track him through the network.

O’Shea, an accounts manager, denied one count of racially aggravated harassment but was found guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday (January 30).

In addition to a £2,000 fine, he was ordered to pay £500 compensation, £650 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Speaking after the sentencing, PC Andy Burns, the investigating officer, said: "This was an intimidating experience that left the victim feeling shocked, humiliated and very upset.

"We take reports of racial abuse extremely seriously and the £2,000 fine shows just how seriously the courts take this sort of behaviour too.

"Anyone who has been a victim of this type of crime should report it to police or tube staff immediately so that it can be investigated.

"We will do everything we can to identify and arrest offenders."

(And what words did he use which cost him over £3000 and a criminal record? He said this is my country and if you don't like it leave it in response to verbal abuse from a loud group of immigrants creating havoc on the train)

Anonymous said...

Those that set out to deliberately, maliciously, tell lies about people will get found out in the end.
maliciously reporting someone with-out any evidence is not right.
People will read through the lies in the end.

Anonymous said...

White Britons are now a minority in Leicester - did King Richard 111 develop a more severe spinal curvature by turning in his grave?

tonydj said...

anon @11.22

Brillliant comment, absolutly brilliant.

White English said...

@ man fined £3165 after racist remark, but of course the systematic, pre-planned grooming and rape of White children nationwide, by gangs consisting almost entirely of Asian Muslims, that's been going on unchecked (and deliberately ignored by councllors, MPs, the police, the media and the rest of the establishment) for the last fifteen years minimum, has no racist element. It's merely a coincidence that virtually evry perpetrator is an Asian Muslim and every child victim is White.

Child killer? who went down fighting said...

@ Anonymous 23:49, judging by Richard III's known hot headed Plantagenet nature and combative personality he'd get on a horse, round up an army and try to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Accomplishments of the Plantagenets:

"Now is the time to pause for thought about what a great bunch the Plantagenets were - all the innovations that we consider to be English Common Law came from them - habeas corpus, presumption of innocence, trial by jury, bail (which was Richard III's legacy).
Their successors all tried to undo these things - e.g. in the 18thC they had a go at removing presumption of innocence, and habeas corpus got suspended several times over several centuries. Who knows what Britain would have been like had Richard III lived. His parliaments lifted all bans on publication of books, came up with legal innovations such as the Court of Requests (an early form of Legal Aid) so that poor people who couldn't afford lawyers could still get justice.
He was only king for two years - imagine if he'd continued in that fashion and had been king for twenty. Instead we got the murderous Tudors, self-indulgent Stuarts and dim-witted Hanovarian-Windsors.

R.I.P. the last of the Plantagenets."

Restoration of the House of Plantagenet said...

Time to ditch the current lot and restore the House of Plantagenet.

Edward I (1272 – 1307) The Greatest Plantagenet said...

Ascending the throne of England after the death of his father, this formidable monarch was popularly known as ‘Longshanks’ because of his 6 foot 2 inch frame.

His defeat of Scottish rebellion earned him the nickname ‘Hammer of the Scots’; even his tombstone reads the latin inscription Hic est Edwardvs Primus Scottorum Malleus, which translates as "Here lies Edward I, Hammer of the Scots.”

Edward is primarily remembered as the monarch who conquered Wales and who kept Scotland under English domination during his lifetime. Centuries before Hitler, it was also Edward Longshanks who persecuted Jews living in England, forcing them to wear a yellow Star of David in public. In 1290, he finally banished all Jews from the country.

King of England said...

I saw a cleric from Leicester Cathedral being interviewed on the news about the discovery of the King and the re-interment in the cathedral. Practically ignoring the question he launched into a speel about 'Leicester being a very diverse community...yak yak yak.'
It makes your blood boil to hear such offensive and utterly irrelevant things mentioned in the same breath as the rediscovery and reburial of one of OUR Kings and OUR history.
Representatives of good and common intent with our land and its traditions, customs and values should be invited, those representatives who aren't should be banned from attending.

SerpentSlayer said...

England needs a king, even the alternative successions (i.e the Jacobite line) provide nothing but aristocratic lounge dwellers. What we need is a true English warrior-king, a man whose glory will be borne of the people's yearning and sacrifice.

I will always be a monarchist, a nation of people deserve no less than a King, Cween, Emperor or Empress.