Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hyde Newton Overgrown Footpath..Cleared!!

This footpath in Hyde/Newton, that leads to a nice semi-wooded area of common land has, finally, been cut back, meaning a nice walk with no machete required.Credit where it's due, for once, and better late than never. Well done TMBC! (Please note this isn't the abandoned footpath filmed on 26/10/2011 which is now chronically overgrown.)


Manchester facing apocalyptic future, says climate change expert said...

Manchester faces an apocalyptic future of monsoons, deadly heatwaves and mass food shortages within our lifetimes, one of Britain’s leading climate change expert has warned.

Professor Kevin Anderson called on city leaders and residents to ‘bite the bullet’ with a series of dramatic changes including a near-blanket ban on cars in the city centre.

The Manchester University scientist also called for billions of pounds to be invested in new public-transport – before it was too late.

He said that by 2050 temperatures in the city could have soared by up to 10 degrees, generating summer heatwaves of more than 40c.

And thanks to the effects of climate change elsewhere on the globe, he said, Mancunians could eventually end up literally fighting for survival.

He added: “The new president of the World Bank has said he expects to see people fighting for food and water everywhere.

“Hopefully we would be more organised and find a rationing system.

“We are not talking about many many generations away. We are talking about our own lifetimes and the lives of our children.”

"Mancunians could eventually end up literally fighting for survival"
(He's not wrong on that count, but forget the spirit of the blitz. When the SHTF here it will be dog eat dog. Marauding gangs of well established invaders taking everything and leaving nothing for the defenceless minority - us! Imagine the scenes in the Superdome following Hurricane Katrina x 1000, that is what awaits our children and their children)

SerpentSlayer said...

The world bank?

The same world bank that is a puppet organisation of the Rothschilds, I will listen to their prophecies when Father Christmas converts to Islam and takes up rugby.

As much as I would love to see a post-apocalyptic future where my hands more easily find the necks of tyrants, the very notion of man made climate change affecting heatwaves is ludicrous, if anything it is getting colder, our summers milder and our winters returning to how they were decades ago.

The whole thing is another attempt at a power and gold grab by the usual suspects, they really do sicken me with their arrogance, their presumptions that people will accept any attempt to be bullied and stolen from at every opportunity.

Here's hoping the cold lasts for three years straight and heralds the fulfilment of the wise woman's words.

Bill said...

TC, I come across many footpaths that are overgrown and no longer in use. Not only in Tameside but all over the country.

A lot of them would have been shortcuts for traders or workers to reach their place of employment. Nowadays the car is king.


Ohhh, dee Camptown Races nine miles long... said...

40c in Moss Side? Dey'd f***in' luv it man!

Pure coincidence said...

Nothing happened in the Superdome, apart from the fantasies of evil White racists.
There was a thread on here a while ago that linked to the US figures for race and rape. I think the figures were about 30,000 to 40,000 cases a year of White women being raped by Blacks but virtually none of the reverse.

Survivors reveal Superdome horror said...

When even the BBC report it like this, you can only imagine the true horror of the Superdome: He said of his eventual Superdome refuge: "There was a lot of heat from the people in there, people shouting racial abuse about us being white.