Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Speed Camera Trashed In Denton

Windmill Lane to be precise. Regular readers of this blog will know that the camera in question is not actually a 'real' speeding camera, it is one of TMBC's Watchman cameras. Evidence gathered from these cameras can not be used to prosecute speeding drivers, but they certainly are a deterrent as the majority of motorists do mistake them for proper Gatso type cameras and as a result they reduce their speed.

I have never been caught by a speed camera to date, maybe it is because I am good at spotting them, or maybe it's because I am get old and drive with more consideration than I did as a boy racer. I did actually have a clean licence for many years until an incident a couple of years ago when in the dead of night I was robbed by a highwayman masquerading as a police officer. He must have been a highwayman because he was guilty of robbery as there is no other word for an individual who would lurk behind a bus shelter with a laser speed detector on a deserted dual carriageway in the middle of the night. His intention was not road safety, it was about taking £60 a time from every passing motorist who he trapped with his device.


Bus driver sacked for being member of the BNP wins legal battle said...

What a disgusting and dishonest article. Reading the article you would think Mr Redfern had been doing this job for just six months, in reality he had been doing it for 25 years until Serco took over due to privatisation of the service. He had an unblemished record and was admired by all sections of the community. Just looking at picture of Gri££in tells you all you need about this article. They do it on purpose to dehumanise people.

Gerry Gable Commie Tosser said...

Civil War at 'Searchlight' magazine

What are ya gonna do about it Whitey? said...

sigaser 859% of Whites voted Romney - evil racist pigs.

93% of Blacks voted Obama - totally impartial and voted entirely on the issues.

Makes you wonder how the unbelievably dumb, naive, masochistic 40% of Whites who voted for Obama feel when they read statistics like the above.
Still Obama's percentage of White votes dropped from last time so at least some 'dumb Whiteys' have woken up.

Fantastic (but only from a distance) said...

70% of Jews voted Obama.
Not too many Obama lookalikes in Israel though are there.

Tracking said...

Tracking cookies may be used to track internet users' web browsing. This can also be done in part by using the IP address of the computer requesting the page or the referrer field of the HTTP request header, but cookies allow for greater precision. This can be demonstrated as follows:

If the user requests a page of the site, but the request contains no cookie, the server presumes that this is the first page visited by the user; the server creates a random string and sends it as a cookie back to the browser together with the requested page;
From this point on, the cookie will be automatically sent by the browser to the server every time a new page from the site is requested; the server sends the page as usual, but also stores the URL of the requested page, the date/time of the request, and the cookie in a log file.

By analyzing the log file collected in the process, it is then possible to find out which pages the user has visited, and in what sequence.

Anonymous said...

By analyzing the log file collected in the process, it is then possible to find out which pages the user has visited, and in what sequence.

Analyzing the log file would only reveal the details of the user's web activity relating to a particular website, not all websites. Is that correct??

The one rule for them said...

Imagine being spied upon by your neighbours house CCTV.
I would never have known they were filming our front garden, pathway, front gate, but for seeing the DVD evidence.
I find the footage creepy, knowing that our days in the front garden with our Grandchild were filmed, by the same CCTV.
But it seems that we do not have any rights to privacy.

Anonymous said...

Mr Paul Wilson (new charter) put this question to me in court "Don't people have the right to have visitors to their house without them being filmed"
So Mr Wilson, we have been filmed by our neighbours CCTV cameras for well over a year now.
Family members, visitors, a child, have all been subjected to being filmed coming up the pathway to my front door.
I guess we don't have those same rights, hey Mr Wilson.?
Ps please give us a transfer it's creepy knowing you are secretly being spied upon.

Anonymous said...

At least you can see this "Speed Camera"
Imagine having neighbours that are using their CCTV cameras to spy on you.?
Filming members of your family and visitors coming and going from your house.?
Now that is creepy.

tonydj said...

It is rumoured that to make their staff feel more keen to work Tameside are to pipe a tape of the sounds of a sea voyage through the sound system in the main building.

Hopes of the restful sounds of the surf, gulls and whale song have been dashed however....

.....instead it will be a tape loop of the drumbeat of a slave galley.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they reveal everything about your online activity and very surprising the results are.

Put your backs...into those oars! said...

Why are their jobs being privatised so they'll actually have to do some work?

Gray Area said...

Smashing a speed camera is about as 'criminal' as drowning a paedophile. Both are technically illegal but entirely justified.

Cromwell would have flogged and scourged the degenerates said...

The apparently shoe-in candidate for new Archbishop of canterbury is Justin Welby, 56.
Currently in the post of Bishop of Durham, a post he has held for only twelve months and his first as a Bishop, the former oil industry executive is favoured for his managerial skills.
He opposes same sex marriage and homosexual Bishops (presumably homosexual vicars is a different matter) - in itself a near miracle for a senior figure in the Church of England.
The negro Archbishop of the wonderful, still English city of York, John Sentamu, is thought to have fallen out of favour with the hierarchy of the church for the top job because of his more overt and abrasive opposition to the homosexual lobby.
Justin Welby sounds vastly preferable to his waffling, ineffectual intellectual predecessor, the Welshman Rowan Williams, but Archbishop Sentamu's adherence to more traditional (i.e actual) Christian principles may have cost him the job.

No doubt about it said...

Archbishop Sentamu would have been the best man for the job.

Alf Garnett said...

West were do you get off you spud ? how can you go on about filming poeple with cameras

It's in the manual said...

'Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor men who practice homosexuality will inherit the kingdom of God.'

1 Corinthians, 6:9.

If the Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't know that then God help the Church of England.

Anonymous said...

These cameras are responsible for many disputes in the workplace. There are many documented cases of people being caught by speeding cameras and losing their jobs. I say ban them.

Some people think claiming insamity is a get out for disgusting behavior. It is no excuse and if sh'e guilty she go to a nut house where nutters belong said...

The trial of former Labour MP Margaret Moran for allegedly fiddling her parliamentary expenses to fix dry rot in her Southampton home will begin in her absence today.

Moran was found unfit to stand trial at Southwark Crown Court due to her mental health and so the three-day trial will take place without her.

The 56-year-old, of Ivy Road, St Denys, is accused of 15 charges of false accounting and six of using a false instrument relating to expense claims totalling around £80,000.

It is alleged that the former MP for Luton South, who stood down at the last election, ''flipped'' her designated second home, making claims for properties in London, Luton and Southampton.

She is also accused of dishonestly claiming £22,500 to repair dry rot at her Southampton home, and £14,805 for boiler repairs and work on her conservatory.

At a hearing in April, Mr Justice Saunders said the 56-year-old would not have to appear in court after hearing evidence from consultant forensic psychiatrist Philip Joseph that Moran, who was described as a ''broken woman'', was suffering from a depressive illness and extreme anxiety and agitation.

He said that both the prosecution and defence were in broad agreement and various medical experts agreed that Moran was unfit to plead.

Anonymous said...

Our neighbours don't believe that we have any rights to privacy, that's why their CCTV cameras are fixed on our pathway, front garden, front door.

see link here said...

TC I know you'll like this

Anonymous said...

The reality is that most people would accept any immigration policy what so ever if they were promised a return to constant growth, it doesn't even matter that that growth would need to advance at a rate sufficient to accommodate the increased population merely to maintain the current "living standards" so long as they don't have to hear economic correspondents tell them "this is a technical recession". Since no party is going to say anything but "we will get you growth" this has no effect on voting patterns.

Meanwhile the changes in demographics mean that colonist voters have reached such numbers as, when added to the indigenous client voter base of Labour or the Democrats, that they now have a natural majority which will deliver them victory under almost any circumstances. The debate had already focused on that fact on the BBC within hours of Obama's victory speech. The only option for those political entities is now a complete surrender on immigration and on public spending. The only option for those not willing to surrender on those issues is a rejection of the state, or of democracy.

Ironically the only thing which will have any effect on this in the UK is Scottish independence which would move Labour's natural majority back 15 years.

Obama's re-election (which I called when he was first elected) is good news for the radical right. This is further evidence for the contention that "right of centre" "mainstream" parties can no longer take power through the "democratic process". If the Republicans or the Tories can not beat their "left of centre" opposites under the circumstances prevailing now then they can't under any circumstances.

This fact means that conventional electoral politics is no more viable for anyone to the "left" of, say, Tony Blair anymore than it is for the BNP. It also means that the "progressive establishment" has the opportunity to take the fast track rather than the slow one, which I have no doubt they will do.

For the foreseeable future then explicit progressives will accelerate their programs which will amplify the negative feedback loops thereby generated more polarization and erode the power of the state at a faster rate. Meanwhile all kinds of dissident will be pressurized into more active opposition and be forced to adopt more radical strategies of opposition.

If Mitt had scraped a win then this process would have been delayed by another decade.

Philip Schofield Accidentally Reveals Tory Paedo List on Screen said...

Very interesting!

Tameside Citizen said...

Great video Mr West, thanks for sharing. By the way, you're being a bit risqué by uploading a video of poppies to commemorate our war dead. If you were spotted on CCTV, albeit in your living room, you may end up back in the nick for upsetting a certain 'you know who' who finds remembrance poppies offensive.

Take It Slow Ray said...


Death to Traitors said...

Anonymous 20: 53, I agree and as I have posted previously, if current demographic trends continue or worsen democracy itself could be the thing that destroys Britain, and indeed the western world.

Victims of spying cameras said...

That's a good point TC.
We are prisoners in our home.
We are all very much aware, that we are NOW under DAILY Surveillance from our neighbours CCTV.
I have already been reported for staring, and having too many plants in my garden.
I've been reported for silent harassment. As for putting poppies on crosses, in my garden that's high risk. I've taken down the poppy sticker from my living room window because it's in line of sight.
If people saw the DVD, they would see the INJUSTICE of it all. We can be filmed and recorded and it's not call harassment, or invasion of privacy.
At the last election when I was out posting leaflets, the police were coming to the house putting pressure on my partner to tell them what was in the leaflets.

Anonymous said...

People would also see on the dvd that I'm already in the garden filming the garden, then the person comes out. I would not be seen on their house CCTV if they were not filming my front garden, pathway up to the front door, front gate, in the first place.
God it's so unjust.....

Anonymous said...

We took on a driver who was caught speeding by a camera in one of our vehicles. He refused to accept responsibility despite photographic evidence so we had to let him go. He caused us loads of problems after he left and it is another reason why I hate sneaky speed cameras.

Anonymous said...

Cross-border cooperation in the European Union to prevent sex offenders from working with children. Read the briefing from the NSPCC, February 2007

Research shows that children are more likely to be sexually abused by someone they know including relatives, family friends and people in positions of trust than by a stranger. Children do not always tell about abuse and abuse can continue for years. Read the NSPCC Sexual Abuse Briefing, 2006

Downing Street says there are "genuine difficulties" in allowing the public to have more information about the whereabouts of paedophiles.
Read More
YOU CANNOT READ MORE TAMESIDERS The Issues are repeatedly blocked.
Who are the defenders of Child Sex
Molesters ???
Those Freemasons who are in the Police,the Churches,the Judges,Royalty,and Top Business Moguls and Politicians.
Seek out the Freemasons remove them from our Country and then see the positive changes for all the Gt Britain residents.

Try The Ale Trail said...

Have a look on the link.

93% ethnic school "rated best in country for English" said...

An excellent lesson in enemy propaganda techniques. Look at the strategically placed White pupils at the front of the picture. I know this school very well and there are very few White pupils in the school. In fact, the three in the picture probably account for half the total number of indigenous in the entire school.

This school is notorious for trouble from unruly pupils. Many of the busses used to ferry the wealth creators, rocket scientists and saviours of humanity of the future back to Longsight have to have police officers on board to keep order.

Best of all, ignoring the propaganda of the main article, read the Pavlovian responses in the comments section, all from White traitors, freaks and misfits who understand nothing and care even less about the plight of the WWC people displaced and terrorised by the very people they are lauding.

Meanwhile in the real world said...

This is the true face of what the future holds.

Anonymous said...

If everyone got reported for staring, the police stations would be full of people.
At one of the court hearings last April. The district Judge asked the CPS: "I believe Mr West's neighbours have complained about being stared at"
The Judge was amazed and said "That could never be policed" And removed that bail condition.

Why are we paying to educate the rest of the world? said...

About three quarters of pupils at Burnage Media Arts College in Manchester speak English as their second language...The majority of pupils at the boys-only school are from Asian backgrounds, with half from Pakistan and others coming from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Bangladesh.

Anonymous said...

Dear Northern voices!
What do you make of the following.?
4 CID officers came to my house during the deputy leader matter.
Two CID officers interviewed me at Ashton police station after they took my DNA.
"Did you call him a nasty violent man on the blog."
"Do you go to the places he goes to."
"Did you sign the code of conduct for the election."
But they showed me the wrong code of conduct form. It was the new form to do with the police, that we all got last election.

Anonymous said...

They sent two female officers to investigate that burglary that cost them their lives.
They sent six male officers to my house over an argument over flags and poppies, three officers came into the house to arrest me.

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something here? This is a secondary school? Where the pupils are all above the age of 11 and 75% have English as their second language? So either;

1, 75% of the parents are immigrants who came here aged approximately 30 or above.

2, These kids grew up here not learning English at home or at Primary School.

Whatever it is, it is a sorry state of affairs and the phrase 'targeted learning' just means throwing money at these invaders to the detriment of the indigenous that have the misfortune to go there.

Englander said...

There are large numbers of schools, particularly in the inner cities where the massive number of immigrants has destroyed educational standards. The controlled media choose to focus on the few like this, which does seem well led.
65% of pupils passing at English grades A to C is exactly the national average. To pass, i.e get a C grade, you needed a paltry 43%, this is now under review.
That's 43%, in an extremely easy exam, with a ludicrously high coursework element (coursework will hopefully soon be banned), plus in many schools some extremely 'helpful' teachers and examination boards. The GCSE itself is now so devalued that many scools are turning to the International GCSE instead.
The pupils in this particular school have achieved a minimum standard in an easy exam within a devalued and dumbed down education system. I wonder how many will go on to degree standard. Minicabs, corner shops, kebab houses and car washes are far more likely.

Reimer said...

The majority of commenters on that MEN story about the third world school just fulfil the same role as those writing to the letters page of the Morning Star. Does anyone regard that paper as anything more than a provincial arm of the Guardian, rather as BBC North West does for its parent propaganda engine in London?

SerpentSlayer said...

I passed all but one of my GCSEs without any revision or indeed and of the "help" that I've heard about. I spent the entire two week revision period pratting around with my friends, who likewise passed most of their tests.

I think it is more than just a case of the tests being easy, I think most of what is taught does little to grab the imagination of anyone who isn't a dullard or a tool.

Reading third world poetry and rubbish about fleshy lampshades isn't likely to inspire either enthusiasm or be of any use.

Anonymous said...