Monday, 5 November 2012

A message from a Dukinfield resident regarding plans to close a local public footpath

This is one of the busiest Public Footpaths in the area, it is particularly heavily frequented at school times as there are a large number of them in the area.
Tameside Council's approach to this (and an increasing number of other paths and throughways in the borough) is, block it off if there's even a sniff of trouble. Which of course solves nothing as the law abiding are punished by being denied access and the miscreants simply moved down the road.


Anonymous said...

So even muggings, criminal damage and sexual assault are not enough to warrant the closure of this hallowed ground.

Anonymous said...

Shut every footpath in Britain where a crime has been committed then. What a dickhead.

Anonymous said...

I thought obscenities were banned on this blog. Suddenly take up the noble cause of footpath liberation and you're an exception.

Anonymous said...

@anon 23:36

A bit like saying don't ban any dangerous dog breeds because you'll ban them all as soon as one member of each breed has attacked someone. The issue is particularly bad cases, and why the local patron saint of shortcuts doesn't understand that is a mystery.

"council estate" backgrounds???????????????????? said...

Child sexual exploitation is continuing in Rochdale, where there was a major scandal over Asian men grooming young white girls for sex, a health worker who has helped victims of grooming said today.

Sara Rowbotham, the co-ordinator of Rochdale's Crisis Intervention Team, a sexual health advice and support service for young people, told MPs: "In Rochdale, there is still sexual exploitation."

Ms Rowbotham was being questioned by the Home Affairs select committee which is inquiring into localised child grooming

The picture which emerged from the report into the scandal was one of vulnerable young girls, some as young as 10, being targeted for sexual abuse, being written off by those in authority who believed the girls were "making their own choices" and "engaging in consensual sexual activity".

In reality, girls were being raped and often violently beaten.

The judge who sentenced the nine men said they treated their victims "as though they were worthless and beyond any respect".

Police said the victims were from "chaotic", "council estate" backgrounds and as many as 50 girls could have been victims of the gang.

Stalag Dukinfield said...

Anonymous 01:50, you've already comprehensively lost this argument. The dog allegory is another inaccurate and irrelevant tangent.

Mark said...

The children's backgrounds are irrelevant.
Criminal, bigoted child rapists who abuse the hospitality of law abiding countries should be executed after prolonged torture.

Anonymous said...

It's the scumbag owners who want dealing with not the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Read what they have hidden.

Thanks for this link said...

No surprise to see the name Janner in the thick of it. He's been rumoured to have been involved for a long time. The animals should be flailed alive if convicted.

Anonymous said...

If Romney wins I’ll draw pleasure from watching the wailing and gnashing of teeth that will come from the establishment media.

If Obama wins I’ll have some delight knowing that the groveling and apologetic Republicans got what they deserved.

In the end, neither of those two “deserve” to win.

Anonymous said...

Next destination of interest Fishlake, Doncaster.
Videos and pictures. Best to get and see English heritage before the end comes.

Bankrupt USA said...

The carefree WASP's of the USA are now living to regret their idleness during the 1963 to present invasion. I hope they enjoy what their lack of interest and action has created.

................................................ said...

Millwall vow to educate 13-year-old fan after banning him for abusing Bolton's Sordell

By Matt Fortune

Black and White issue said...

In the Us election 75% of unmarried mothers voted for guess who? Well it wasn't the man who wanted to slash welfare spending on the parasites, Mr romney.

Numbers game said...

Obama won by pandering to the exploding population of parasites, perverts and the inferior. None of these groups built America, but together they may well destroy it.

Who's Sorry Now said...

That's the way the Internationalists thanked the USA for winning WWII for them. White America is gone for ever. If only they'd listened to Uncle Adolf. He tried ever so hard to warn them, and us, of the parasites within the establishment who would eventually destroy the White world from within.

Not One Step Back said...

I agree with the jist but it was the Russians who beat Hitler by bleeding the German armed forces dry.

tonydj said...

"The Russians beat Hitler"

This is a complex subject. The Russians made a massive contribution to victory over the Germans. But could they have done it without the support of the Western allies?

I mention in passing;

The Enigma encrypts passed to the Soviets either officiallly or via the Cambridge spies (esp Cairncross) which warned them of the Kursk offensive of July 1943

The massive RAF / USAAF air offensive on Germany which caused the Germans to keep large nuumbers of men, aircraft and flak guns in Germany to defend the Reich. Think of all those 88mm Flak guns shipped to the Eastern Front to defend against the T34s and KV1s.

The bulk of the Panzer V (Panther) force was in Normandy in 1944 and unavailable for the Soviet "Operation Bagration" of June 1944.

The T34 was built with "Christie Suspension" an American invention.

Massive ammounts of aid was sent via the Arctic convoys to Russia, including food, uniforms Canadian C19 radios for the tanks, Studebaker lorries, M3 Lee tanks, Shermans, Churchills, Valentines and aircraft including Aercobra and Hurricane.

In 1995 I visited Moscow and spoke to a curator of the thennew Victory Museum. Colonel Vinogradoff commented that the extent of Western aid to the USSR had been deliberately hidden by Stalin and his henchmen.

May I make plain that though I have scant regard for Stalin and his minions I have immense respect and admiration for the sacrifices and heroism of the Ordinary Russian people.

Not One Step back said...

@ tonydj, an excellent and informative post as usual.
The Russians significantly delayed the Wehrmacht by their fanatical fighting spirit during the first six months of the invasion, especially during the German's vast encirclement victories where huge numbers of Russians fought fanatically, long past the point when other nation's troops may well have surrendered, as they had clearly lost. The Russian winter was waiting at the end of the delay and played its own crucial part.

Wilhelm Kment said...

What about Germanys forays into Greece and the Balkans? Despite being successful, these side shows were a strategic disaster from the German perspective. They diverted resources away from Barbarossa which almost certainly would have led to the capture of Moscow in 1941 and thus altered the entire outcome of the war in the east.

Not One Step back said...

Interesting point.
Tonydj, what do you think would have been the long term consequences if the Germans HAD taken Moscow, or would the Russians have turned it into another Stalingrad.
Do such men, who could endure such hell, exist these days?

tonydj said...

Wilhelm Kment, you make a valid point indeed. It has been pointed out by a number of writers on military matters, not least being Capt Sir Basil Liddle-Hart, that althought it takes a lot to DEFEAT the Blitzkreig it is not so difficult (relatively) to BLUNT THE ATTACK. This is what happened (as you correctly said) with the Balkan campaign. The invasion of Greece (to rescue the Italians) and of Jugoslavia (in retaliation for going back on promises to Hitler). The delay thus forced on Operation Barbarossa meant that the Germans were caught by the winter before they captured Moscow.

Not a Step Back. I can't fault your comments.

It is worth while remembering how many West Europeans volunteered for service in the East, eventually all were grouped together in the Waffen-SS. Some 40 to 50,000 from Holland alone. Per head of population this is a higher proportion than the number of UK citizens in the current British REGULAR army.

The Red International Brigades of the Spanish Civil War were miniscule by camparison!

Anonymous said...

Q: What is the thinnest book in the world?

A: The Italian Book of War Heroes

tonydj said...

Not one step back.

Moscow taken....interesting question. Stalin by all accounts had packed his bags and was ready to flee despite the "light in the Kremlin window" propaganda where he was allegedly working all night long.

Hitler's policy of harshness towards the Russian population ensured widespread resistance to the invasion. Even so there was widespread support for the Germans especially in areas which did not consider themselves "Russian" (Ukraine, The Baltic States).

A German Army sitting in Moscow (The Communications hub of the USSR) would have survived the winter better than on the open steppes. But the war could have continued.

I personally think the Russians would have ditched Stalin and made terms with the Germans. With Moscow in German hands Stalin's powerbase was gone and the Red Army was no friend of his following the purges.