Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Hideous Savages On The Loose

Sick thieves cut the legs off 10 sheep while they were still alive in a series of raids on a farm.
Farmer William Perkins, 65, found his butchered animals – including several pregnant ewes – dead with their back legs removed at the hip.

He says the limbs were taken off with great skill and thinks they have been sold for meat.
Mr Perkins and wife Joan have been left devastated by the four night-time attacks on their Stockport farm in the last fortnight – and police are warning other farmers to be vigilant. Read more: Manchester Evening News

The savages responsible for this are evil beyond belief. This latest attack was in Stockport, but sheep thefts have recently happened in Tameside too. The article below is from the Advertiser on 25th Oct 2012 and concerns lambs being stolen in Stalybridge. I have a good idea what type of people have a preference for lamb and who are evil enough to perpetrate such savage acts. Maybe the police ought to look in the Rusholme direction for clues?  Tameside Citizen


Anonymous said...

Pray for the persecuted people of Gaza who are currently under bombardment from the Zionist terror state.

Boom. Problem solved. said...

Can't stand either side. Let's hope Israel's entire nuclear arsenal explodes and wipes this region off the face of the earth.

Anonymous said...

The sooner man finds an alternative to oil the sooner we can wash our hands of the whole lot of them and leave them to their fate. Apart from oil, the entire middle east exports the same amount of goods as Switzerland.

Just deserts said...

Without oil they would have been reduced to the backward rubbish they are, fighting amongst themselves and going nowhere.